Saturday, 4 December 2004

Xmas tree lights and me don't mix

Hiya everyone!!  So another week has flown past - where did it go?  Do we care??  Who knows!!

Anyway lets see what's happened?  Work is going ok!!  I actually answered the phone for the first time yesterday and afterwards I asked P who sits next to me how I did?  She reckons I was quite good coz I took all the relevant information for them to deal with it - yay me lol   The accounts turned up yesterday so that's keeping us busy which is great!  I prefer to be kept busy coz the time goes quicker!  I'm getting the impression that M and P in our team don't like the guy who sits opposite me!  Which is fair enough coz neither do I really - he's obnoxious and really sarcastic yet didn't get it when I tried sarcasm yesterday - what a muppet!  I'm quite looking forward to monday coz they are gonna give me the task of trying to get the spreadsheet to balance sounds to me like an important job!!

I went to the doctors yesterday for my repeat prescription and apparently I'm not allowed to have it coz of my weight which is fair enough, but she decided to weigh me (which was a good thing coz I don't own any scales)!!  She said I'd lost about 3 or 4 kg as this didn't sound very impressive to me I asked her what it was in pounds.  She said I'd lost about 10 pounds which equals to 1/2 a stone YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was in such a good mood after hearing that!!  Not bad going since August huh??  I'll just keep going the way I am and doing me exercise   I'm dead chuffed with myself!!

Tomorrow (I'm really excited about this) I'm going to see Derek Acorah :-)  We went to see him last year, and I tried to have my piccie taken with him but it didn't work (my camera that is grrr....) His show had finished and we went to the backstage door and when he came out I asked if I could have a photo taken with him.  He said yes and I gave the camera to me mate.  The blasted camera wouldn't work.  I thought maybe it was the battery but as soon as he walked away it worked again - spooky or what??  (For those of you who don't know Derek is the resident medium on Most Haunted Living TV check it out it's good )  So this year I've changed my camera and will hope for better results - wish me luck!  Me and me mate both got a kiss last year though heh heh heh heh heh heh............

For those of you who like Queen check out BBC 3 tomorrow - The Story of the Rhapsody at 7pm.  (I've been really cheeky and asked my ex to tape it lol - well he's the only one I know with BBC3).  I've not seen it but apparently they take them back to the studio where it was recorded and stuff!!  Should be good - there is a small version of interviews on Greatest Hits 1 on DVD but hopefully this'll be different.

(Sorry for the long entry again - should update more often) On a slightly different note I've put my xmas tree up (hence the subject title) it looks really pathetic so that's why I've not put a piccie up here!!  You can have that one instead lol :-(  It's quite depressing coz I was really looking forward to putting it up and it is terrible!!

Well that's it for now


sdrogerson said...

10lbs is brilliant! And nore than half a stone. Only 14lbs in a stone!

irisclyde said...

Balancing the spreadsheet...oooo.....good luck! Well done on the weight loss, now the trick will be not to eat too many chocs at Christmas! I'm sure your tree is nice :)