Monday, 29 November 2004

Nothing Really Matters

Hello everyone - hope your ok??

I found out today that woman who snapped at me on Friday does pantomines.  This year she's playing a housekeeper but usually she's casted as the bad guy (can't think why??  ) LOL so from now on if I refer to her I'm gonna call her the Wicked Witch from the North (or if I'm feeling rather lazy just Wicked Witch *cackle cackle*

It wasn't such a great day today!!  The secret santa thingy's were handed round.  There was some confusion as to whether my name was in the hat or not.  I started thinking I shouldn't really take part as I've only been there for 5 days how can I get someone a funny present as I don't even know them.  Before I could protest though it was too late and I had to pick a name.  So I did and it's a bloke that I'm not even sure if I've met.........arrrrggghhhh!!!!!! So now I'm trying to keep an eye on the security tags that everyone has to wear.  They have your name and a photo on them!  (That photo in all about me comes from mine)  Still most of the blokes in that office seem to be into football (they're all doing the fantasy football thing) and drink (the alcoholic kind).  I'm sure I'll come up with something

The land lady came round, she looked in each of the rooms, explained how the heaters worked (last time she told me was in August and how am I supposed to remember now!) and then left!!  All that cleaning for nothing!!

My best mate (whom I shall refer to as T from now on) started her new job today.  I sat there thinking about how she was getting on and felt jealous.  I don't know why, I just figured she would be getting on better than me and probably made friends already!  Still why should I care?  I'm only there for 6 months if they don't like me - tough coz the manager does   (Thanks for the messages Brett and Cal I know your right there is someone like that in every office - I always seem to learn the hard way).  I think T got on alright though!!  Bless her!

Well I shall leave you here!!  Did any of you read Ghwt9996 (otherwise known as Gary) bizarre story yesterday?  LOL it was cool!  I would say that coz it featured me ha ha.......Funny thing was I couldn't remember playing santa's slingshot doh!!

Bye for now peeps


sdrogerson said...

Secret Santa stuff...................glad I never worked in an office......

irisclyde said...

Don't let the Wicked Witch upset you! Unfortunately there's always someone like that at work. Look for a Good Fairy or maybe even a Prince Charming??......I bet there's lots of Frogs! :) :)

ghwt9996 said...

You sure that aint the she-bitch from hell who works at Del's office?