Wednesday, 10 November 2004

oh woh is me!

Last night for the first time since I moved in by myself I cooked Chilli Con Carne.  It didn't turn out too badly (apart from the fact most of it stuck to my pan grrrr.....) but I wasn't all that hungry by the time it was done so that wasn't very good.  I've finished it off tonight and it was rather nice   :-)  Not sure if I'll do it again though.

Today I've had an interview.  It didn't go to badly and the people who interviewed me seem very nice and quite funny.  The job didn't sound all that great though, a bit like an office scivvy but at the end of the day do I really get much choice?  They said they would let me know by the end of the week.  The only thing it's got going for it, is that it's not far from home which means I could continue cycling to work :-)  As I was coming back home on the bus it hit me (again) how I wouldn't be working with my colleagues EVER again.  That saddened me!!  I still feel quite sad now and can't think of a way to cheer myself up.  I have more applications that need to be completed.  Grrr.....

My ex rung a few minutes ago.  I don't wanna talk to him, yet I always feel bad when he rings and I don't sound all chirpy!  Why should I?  I'm so much better without him, even if sometimes I don't think I am!!  Ugh - Life!!

I'm gonna go and meet one of my ex-colleagues for lunch tomorrow! Perhaps I shall have to partake in an alcoholic drink and some chips with mayonaise - I hope she doesn't pull out on me.  I noticed that the company are advertising!!  Anybody going to reply to the ads I have one thing to say DON'T DO IT!! muha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)

I've just had one of those pleasure deserts from Danone (I think!) and eugh it's left a rather nasty after taste in my mouth.  There's a good advert for them (yes I am being sarcastic ha ha ha........)

Did anyone see Teachers on Channel 4 last night? It was really funny lol Here's what happened:  They were having a gay/lesbian awareness week in the school and one of the boy students told one of the blokes that he fancied him.  So to get this boy of the sent he first said there was no way in hell he would have sex with him.  This didn't work coz the teacher started to feel guilty.  So the next day he went up to the kid and told him to think of someone famous that he could model himself on.  So the kid thought of Ian Mcellan and Will Young.

  Next day he turns up wearing a yellow jacket, tracksuit trousers and a moustache.  ie Freddie LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I don't know why I found this soooooooo funny.  I guess it was coz it was the last thing I was expecting.  For the rest of the episode he walked around school dressed as Freddie.  Sorry had to share that with you.   Well I hope your all ok?!  I'm off to try and find something that'll cheer me up :-)


jeanno43 said...

I like Chilli Con Carne.  You could cook me some!  Shame you are going to miss your work mates, at least the job is not far from home.  No, did not see the channel 4 programme, wish I had now.  When I need cheering up I always go to Pogo and play a few games xxxxx

ghwt9996 said...

Was he singing I want to break free?  Hope you get the job Jen.

irisclyde said...

I can recommend a cup of Horlicks......though my son suggested a wee measure of Cointreau in it!! Good luck with the job :)