Tuesday, 9 November 2004

Damn Yahoo!!

Well here I am two weeks into unemployment.  I've sent off 9 applications now and am waiting to hear back from these lovely people.  (Flattery - wonder where it'll get me lol)

My mate came down on Saturday and she brought two of the dustbin liners that are holding some of my stuff in her attic.  Now I have the room to store it we figured it was about time to go through it.  Wow, talk about memories in there.  I've been reading through my old diaries.  The best one has to be from 1988.  Let me give you an example of an entry:

(Picked a page at random) Thursday 14 January 1988.  Amie asked if I could go to her house but I couldn't.

Talk about riveting stuff lol Trust me it doesn't get much better than that.  It's also been great to see all my other stuff.  Still no sign of the blasted drumstick.  (Don't get me started on that thing!)

Well not much else has happened in my humdrum existence.  Something embarrassing happened to me yesterday.  My mate rung and told me the gym was closed coz some poor bloke died there about 2 weeks ago and it was his funeral yesterday.  So we decided that we'd get some booze (on a monday how shocking!) and have some food until her bloke decided he wanted to leave work and would come and pick her up.  So off I trundle to the Spar shop (we'd finished all the booze I had in on Saturday).  Picked up some bottles and queued at the till, needless to say I was stuck behind the person who holds the queue up.  Suddenly it strikes me that if he asked for ID I haven't got any.  So what did he do when I got to the till?  Asked for ID.  I told him I'm 27.  He said I don't look it and wouldn't serve me without ID. 

I couldn't believe it.  I knew I was in a no win situation and left the shop to meet my mate.  But I still can't believe it now.  From now on I shall buy booze with my weekly shop.  How do you make yourself look 27?  Am I really supposed to carry one of those godforsaken ID cards with me for the rest of my life?

Anyway enough of my moaning ..........nope hang on there is something else!  What is up with Yahoo Mail it keeps chucking me out?  Blasted thing I wanted to read some jokes.  Ooooh just tried it and it worked - there's a miracle lol (easily pleased ha ha ha.......)

Hope your all ok!  :-)


sdrogerson said...

Happened last week to my daugher....................
(same age)
Happened many years ago to my sister in law I think she was 31


jeanno43 said...

When you are much older you will bless your youthful looks. Good luck with the applications.  As for the diary entry, you probably thought it was great at the time you wrote it *rofl*

ghwt9996 said...

I had that trouble when I was about 25, girl thought I was about 17.  Wish I could get the same thing now lol.  Hope your yahoo gets sorted out ;-)

irisclyde said...

Had to prove I was old enough for years! Ah, those were the days! Cherish the years I'd say :) Bit of Madonna thrown in there!