Monday, 22 November 2004

Starting to feel Nervous


Hello peeps, well after yesterdays rather annoying little incident I thought I would try again!!  I'm feeling rather nervous today as I start my new employment tomorrow, I wouldn't say I was worried but I'm getting there lol....eeek!!  I'm sure I'll be fine, as long as I feel confident I'm sure I'll pull it off, and anyway how bad can it be on the first day? God knows, but I'll let you know hopefully tomorrow :-)  Plus I think I'm getting a sore throat not a good way to start!

Anyway the pics.  Thought I would share some with you :-)  That way you can a little more about the person who tries to write this thing!

Pets  I've recently put a few pics on a messageboard of pets so I thought why not add them here too

1) Sooty - our first pet.  Bless him, all I can remember about him though is when he used to scratch me!!  And when he died :-(

2) Sweep the Yorkshire Terrior - It was up to me to name him so you can blame me lol He's alive and kicking and lives with mum.

3) When I lived with my mate we decided to get a pet.  In a house of 7 cats, we had to be careful what we chose.  So we can home with a hamster and we called him Spike.  Bless him, I miss him too :-(  He often went down the stairs in his ball and ran into the cats whilst he was in it, but he didn't care.  He had a good temper and never bit anyone!

4) Fat cat.  He was my mates dads cat.  When I moved in he would often come and sit on my lap and kinda adopted me.  He would often be found on my bed.  R.I.P to him too :-(

5) They don't allow animals where I live at the mo, but I saved enough to get Sylvester yay lol he's made himself at home on the sofa :-)

6 & 7) Well someone left a comment saying it was about time you saw my ugly mug so there you go twice :-)  Hope you haven't fainted with shock!  In pic 6 that's not a spot by the way lol It had to happen to me didn't it lol

Well I won't post the joke coz this is probably turning into a long entry.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting (ooo that was close I thought it had frozen again arrrrrggghhhh........)


sdrogerson said...

Nice all of it.
Hi Jenny!
Now I know what you look like!

ghwt9996 said...

Top pics Jen, nice to see the face behind the words.  Don't know what you was so worried about lol.

irisclyde said...

Ah, nice to see you! And your pets! Natural to be nervous about your job, but I'm sure you'll be fine. "Feel the fear and do it anyway".......the only self-help book that I've actually read, though I can't remember it in detail, I like the phrase. (Must remember to say to myself now & then!)