Sunday, 7 November 2004

Ahhhh...the un-employment life!

Well what a great day I had on Friday!  I tell you this unemployed lark is turning out to be good fun ha ha ha....... One of my ex-colleagues decided we should have a day out.  She took Friday off and we trundled off for the day.  (She's still working at the old place at the mo!  She's telling us some horrific stories, actually they're really funny and I'm soooooo relieved that I don't work there no more lol)

When we got there she decided she wanted breakfast so we sit outside one of the cafes by the harbour.  The weather wasn't bad, but not as nice as Thursday.....Then after brekkies we went for a walk by the marina and decided which boats we wanted with our non-existant lottery win.

J had to do some shopping so we moved into town and she brought a few bits and pieces (including underwear lol)  We had then agreed to meet up with another ex-colleague who hadn't made it to the friday night celebrations as he was on hols at the time.  Anyway met up with S in the pub and he decided a while later that as he hadn't come out with us on Friday he was gonna treat me & J to lunch, fair enough who am I to complain ha ha ha......  So we move to another pub.

It was a nice lunch and afterwards S decides to have a look at what J's been spending her money on.  He pulls this red thong out of her bag, held it up in the middle of the pub.  I was laughing so much, J was rather embarrassed.  Luckily we were in a gay pub so none of the other punters seemed to mind.  Later S rung his partner and he was apparently on his way home and S agreed to meet him in another pub.  He asked us if we wanted to join him - why not I have no commitments to get home for :-) - so we did!

G turned up and we all had another drink and a good gossip session, then he asked to see what J had brought.  She said no trying to snatch the bag from him, but I managed to get it and passed it over to him (god I'm evil muha ha ha)  He also took out one of the thongs and held it up for everyone to see.  J was mortified especially when G put it on his head.  Damn I wish I had a camera lol..............Turns out G has a camera phone but he doesn't know how to use it, so he passes it over to me!  Anyway more gossiping followed when eventually G & S decide it's time to go home.  J decides she must visit the toilet again so off she trundles.  G & S decide to get J's bag again and both of them put a thong on each of their heads.  I'm laughing so much but managed to capture photos of this.  One each of them on their own and then together (the latter I saved as the wallpaper on his phone lol)  The other punters turn round, laughing as much themselves and said 'suits you sir'.  J comes back out and is once again mortified.  It's such a laugh!

J suddenly spots G's car keys on the table and sticks 'em down her shirt.  Once we get outside, we realise he's left his lights on the muppet.  Anyway J turns to him and says 'Haven't you forgotten something?' his reply was 'no'.  So she asks if he's got his car keys.  Of course he hasn't and S suddenly realises J's got them.  J says to G if he wanted them he had to get them out with his teeth.  G is so embarrased there was no way he was gonna get them.  S dived in and was there for at least 5 minutes in this quiet back street with me and G in fits of laughter.  Apparently this woman came to look what was going on out her window, I'm really not surprised it was quiet before we came out lol. 

It was a good laugh and I know it was one of those situations where you had to be there, but I really wanted to share that.  Imagine they hadn't had much to drink then and that's what they got up to, what would they do if they were drunk - the mind boggles.  J said we must do it again but if we do we'll catch the train or the bus cause then she can have a drink.  Sounds like a blimin' good idea to me........


sdrogerson said...

<koff> a bit of an old good time!

dhcelt said...

Rofl - sounds like a great day! Especially liked the sound of breakfast in a cafe by the harbour... mmmm