Sunday, 14 November 2004


Oh dear lord!!  Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions on Friday.  I think I better update!  I had two interviews so I had to get up early and caught the GMTV news at around 8am.  Of course the UK Music Hall of Fame thingy happened the night before so they showed clips of that.  There was Brian with his other half, and he was interviewed, then the reporter annnounced who the winners were.  Yes they did it - Queen are in WOOHOO...........(my voting helped lol) so I started thinking what a good way to start off the day!

My first interview was for a finance post, which I didn't really like the sound of but my best mates bloke had worked with the team and had raved about how lovely they are!  First thing a test.  arrrrrggggghhhhhhh...........I'm crap with numbers at the best of times!  Anyway 15 minutes that, missed one question out and didn't finish it, but then the interview.  Wasn't too bad, I fluffed it a couple of times and had no idea what they were talking about the other times lol.  So I came away thinking nah there's no way they'd take me on, but they told me they'd let me know by the end of the day. 

After that interview went to town, wanting to spend money but my conscience came into play and wouldn't let me.  This goes back to the day of living with my ex.  He always lectured me about spending money and how we didn't need any more CD's coz we've got enough and we don't need any more videos coz we don't watch the ones we've got.  After he did that I had it in my head that if I brought anything I would get a lecture when I got home, so now I just don't buy anything unless I am desperate!!

Eventually went on to my next interview.  I was quite interested in this one, till I found the office.  They are based on one of the industrial estates and down one of those lanes that you think is leading no where.  Not very practical for me considering I can't drive!  Went inside got shown what they do and the system, then had my interview.  Wasn't bad, quite relaxed, did a silly thing by mentioning I was a Queen fan.  (Why? I hear you ask.  They wanted to know if I have any hobbies - *shakes head* never mind!)

Came out of the interview and went to see my best mate as she works about 2 minutes up the road.  Her office is cool and the people seem ok.  She's only got another 2 more weeks and then she's moving on to her new job.  Anyway whilst I was in there I felt really emotional.  I haven't gotten over Wednesday and how I won't see the gang again, and I was feeling torn about what to do if these jobs get offered to me.  I still hadn't heard about the one I went for on Wednesday.  Eventually calmed down (that makes me sound like I was hysterical but I wasn't ;-) ) and went to catch the bus home.

Looked at my mobile and I'd missed a call, do I ring them back? nah let them call me!  On the bus just pulling out, my mobile goes and it's a lady from the first interview.  She asks if the other lady had contacted me and I said no.  She said apparently this other lady had asked her to call me to let me know the job's mine if I want it and to put me out of my misery for the weekend.  Stunned is not the word for it!!  I accepted and they said they'd ring back Monday for full details.

The other place rang back and although I interviewed well I didn't get it.  *phew* lol.........Get home and I have 3 letters and my Walkers walk-o-meter waiting for me.  1 letter was from the place on Wednesday I didn't get it.  1 was from the Uni saying I was a reserve candidate for interview and they were taking up refs.  The other letter had offered me an interview for next week. Arrrrrggghhhhh.........  My best mate and her bloke arrived then to take me out for a meal.  It was nice but I paid for it lol

Later my nan rings.  Apparently my Great Uncle died and his funeral took place this week.  I couldn't believe it - what a way to end a day.  My thoughts are with my aunty but I know at least this ended his suffering as he had parkinsons.  It really makes me think about my Nan though and how I must go and see her before it's too late.  I managed to get my aunty a lovely card yesterday with the words Special people become a part of who we are and our lives are richer for it.

So there you go!  On Saturday I had another job interview come through the post.  So out of eight applications I had 5 interview offers.  Not bad huh?  But I've got a job now, working where I wanted woohoo.......Back to where it all started which is quite freaky, same corridor and everything!  I can't believe it's finance though.  I must have bluffed my way through that interview coz they've taken a chance.  I'll try and find out what my test score was I think.  I can only guess that the other person must have done really badly.  Either that or because the post is temporary they didn't wanna know.  But I'll be working for the next 6 months so that can't be bad can it?


sdrogerson said...

I'm exhuasted just reading about it.
Sorry about your loss - great news about the job!!

ghwt9996 said...

Don't worry about the Queen thing at interviews...I'm sure I did the same thing when I applied to join HMV all those years ago, 1987 to be exact!  Still it was a music place I guess hehe!

irisclyde said...

Great news about the job! I saw Queen on the awards, I always want to wince when someone takes the place of Freddie, but in this case it was Paul Rogers, who was the lead singer in Free, still looking rather tasty, well, for an 'old rocker'  :) :) :)