Monday, 1 November 2004


Does anyone know how to change the keyboard settings?  I've looked under control panel and can't see anything in there and it's doing my head in when I type @ and I have to hit the " button grrrr............ Help!!

Friday night was booze night with my old colleagues and it was a good laugh but it was sad saying goodbye to everyone :-(  I ended up staying at a mates house, but I didn't have that much to drink although I did need the walls to guide me to the loos in the pub ha ha ha.... ;-) It's so weird that I shall never see those people again and it does scare me, but after 5 years it's the least I can expect.  I think I learnt quite a bit staying at my friend's house as she and another woman (who was there) and they are both older than me! 

Today I've not done much, I went for a bike ride which woke me up and went for a meal this evening with my mate (even though we should've been at the gym ha ha ....)  Posted off another application.  Closing date to one of them was today so hopefully I shall hear something soon (fingers crossed).

I was gonna put up a message on Saturday about this comment that was made to me on Friday.  I was quite upset about it and there was really nothing I could do about it, but with my best mates help I did eventually get over it.  But it hurt at the time.  Don't you hate it sometimes when people pass judgement on you before knowing the full facts?

Well I hope you're all ok! Happy writing's everyone :-)

P.S The Live at the Bowl DVD is absolutely fantastic much better than Live At Wembley in my eyes - go and buy it!


timeddnew said...

Is this the real life ? or is this just fantasy.  Ed

irisclyde said...

Hope you get a positive reply from a job soon! Don't know about the keyboard, but I bet someone will..........

timeddnew said...

On the Desktop Settingsm -  Check if the keyboard/language is set to American if it is  change to English - if it isn't I don't know then. _ Ed.