Wednesday, 17 November 2004


Hi again guys.  Well as you may have guessed yep the bed turned up.  I figured as this journal was started about my new life coping with things on my own, i thought I would photograph my progress and show you :-)

1) there's the two bases - yep I had to put them together. At least I had managed to get the covers off.

2) The mattress - it was blocking my window something had to be done about that.

3) The two bases again just to prove that I did have to put them together.

4) Arrrrghhhhh screws, wheels and bracket thingys with no instructions.  I know what I had to do with the wheels but how do the bases fix together.

5) Aaaaaahhhhh like that!  Figured it out :-)

6) Got the mattress away from the window. Looks quite big.

7) The end product.  I'm so proud that not only did I manage to put it together myself, I also got the single bed I had been sleeping on into the living room on my own.  When I moved in it took two people to get that single bed into the bedroom lol *smug grin*

Also I had another reason to feel good about myself today.  I was cancelling some interviews that I'd been offered and one of the places asked me that if I ever see them advertise again to apply.  They were very impressed with my application - wow *smugger grin*

Looking forward to tomorrow I'm going to lunch with J :-)

For tea this evening I cooked myself Shepherds Pie.  Actually for all you cooks out there I have a question for you.  If I was to reheat it tomorrow and there was some left, would it be ok to keep it in the fridge and reheat it again on Friday or what?  Please let me know I'm useless when it comes to this kinda thing.

Computer just chucked me off when I was chatting to someone don't you just hate it when that happens!

Oh and I've also learnt what a CHAV is (;-) thanks stu)!!

Lets see is there anything else to tell ya - nope don't think so!!


sdrogerson said...

Well done you!!
Spot the Chav journallers would be a good game~!

calwatson said...

Whats a chav? Great about the bed, bet you'll sleep wekk.
Cal xx

calwatson said...

Thanks stu, now i know what a chav is.
Cal xx

irisclyde said...

Did you feel like a lie down when you finished the bed??? Job well done. I think it will be ok to reheat the pie, but only once really, so divide it into 2 portions if you want it for 2 nights. You are good to save it, I would probbly eat the whole thing!

ghwt9996 said...

Good to see things are going well.  Top job with the bed and the pics by the way.  Maybe now it's time to show us all what you look like.  (I'm sure your picture can't be as scary as mine lol)

mandy11xx said...

Hope you dont mind me reading what uv been up too.What a lovely person you are. Denise xx