Saturday, 27 November 2004

A plain ol' update from little ol' me!!

Hiya everyone how's ya doin'?

There ain't much to tell you!  Today I've been to see mum and my sister Megan.  It's her birthday this week and she'll be 7!  I can still remember my brother telling me mum had, had her!  I was working at a supermarket at the time on the checkouts and I had a telephone call.  I cried lol - (I can't believe I'm telling you this!)  See the thing was though, that apparently my brother had tried to contact me the previous night, but had received no response!  I can remember that was because my best mate and I were arguing :-(!!  The next day I went to see mum in hospital, and we were taken into the maternity ward and all the mum's had gone for lunch.  All the babies were by the beds and I walked past my little sis!  My best mate found her......awwww she was so cute! I can't believe she's 7 this week.  I love spending time with her now she's older, I can have a right laugh with her and a proper conversation.  It's great fun going to visit them!  During the summer we were playing games like piggy in the middle and hide and seek!  It was a good laugh!

I had a good time today.  As soon as Meggy saw me she ran up and gave me a hug.  When she was little she used to shy away so you can see the transformation!  We went shopping  had something to eat  Meggy visited father xmas then we went home and played some games (they weren't really computer games but you get my jist right lol)

I've noticed my cold feels a bit better, I can actually breath through my nose   Touch wood!!

Did anybody see the X-factor?  I can't actually beleive I watch it but that's a whole different subject altogether!!  What about G4's take on Queen's Somebody to Love?  I rang my bestmate coz I had a feelin' she was gonna agree with Simon Cowell and say it was crap (she usually does), but her first word was awesome!!  (oooo Roger's bit on the cd I'm listening too.....if you watch the video they show a shot of me and my best mate as he comes onto the stage lol)!!  Anyway I thought it was quite good!!  Also has anyone seen Electric Six's version of Radio Ga Ga?  The song doesn't sound that bad, I just don't know what to make of the video!! 

On another note, yesterday at work I had to ask this lady something and so I did and she said, 'did you check the view and vary?' and I was like, 'no' and she replied 'well if you did you would've noticed it was fine.'  The way she said that was quite cutting, I mean give me some slack I've only been there for four days!  Later my boss came over and asked how I thought I was doing, I said that I thought I was doing ok, and she replied saying I was brilliant - not bad huh??

God these entries are getting longer!!  Sorry folks.  Oh!  One last thing, apparently my ex-line manager rung my mate the other day to find out if I'd got the job he'd had to write the reference for.  When she told him I had, he was apparently very pleased for me!!  Bless him!

Anyway I shall leave you here for now, I have to clean the flat properly tomorrow as the landlady is coming round on Monday arrrrrgggghhhhhhh......Bye 4 now......... 


irisclyde said...

Sounds like you had a good day. Good to hear that your cold is getting better. Nothing wrong with long entries, good to have a ramble!

calwatson said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better, don't worry about the cow at work who was sharp with you. Every workplace has one of those.
Cal xx

watsbre said...

Yeah, i have a bloke like that at work and he's a t**t. I feel like punching him sometimes.

ghwt9996 said...

Haven't seen Electric 6's radio gaga but they do some mad videos.  Gay bar and high voltage are hilarious.