Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Day One

Thanks for the messages again guys :-)

Well today was day one in my new post.  I decided to walk to work as it was such a nice day and I still got there early   First thing I had to do was be given my pass for the building.  Last time I worked there, there were keypads on the doors, but ever since apparently someone stole something they've now got these stupid little cards that you flash against the door and hope that it beeps.  It seems I have done that twice but yet the door may have already been opened - marvellous.  I'll learn I hope!

The people seem friendly.  I was introduced to the whole room.  It took me nearly all day just to learn who was sitting on the table opposite me .  The team leader took me through the systems and showed me how to do certain jobs, which didn't seem too bad.  A lot to learn for one day though.  Names of people, names of systems and which ones they use, names of stuff they do!  Eeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

Lunchtime came and nobody went anywhere.  Well from the group I'm with anyway!  I didn't know what to do so I went for a walk and ate my lunch whilst I walked.  Perhaps tomorrow I may just eat my lunch at my desk as that seems to be what everyone else does.  Especially if is   Don't you just love these smileys :-)

This afternoon I did a LOT of filing.  My back was killing me by the end of the day.  Their filing system has no system to it whatsoever!  Hopefully tomorrow I may do something a bit more interesting but I know I have filing waiting for me in the morning.

My shyness has come on board though.  I'm finding it hard to start a conversation.  I should cut myself some slack though as I went with a sore throat, it was my first day and I ended up with toothache.  Plus I didn't have any tea during the day arrrrrrgggghhhhhh............. I can't say I feel estactic about going back, but at least it's a job.  I'll just have to find my feet and hopefully I'll get on ok.  Apparently the departmental manager hasn't been there for very long either.  Nor has the bloke sitting opposite me!

Ooooo that reminds me I asked them (with all my cheek) why they decided to offer me the job.  At the time I didn't think it was that bad, and that I had a right to know, but now I'm a bit embarrassed about it to be honest.  What a way to make an impression, you berk!!  Anyway the lady I asked said that they liked me and that was why!  According to her my test score was ok, I got a few right and a few wrong.  I got the impression I didn't do very well on the percentages as she went on about them for the next few mins........lol

Well I think that's it for today!  I'm feeling tired so I think I should go to bed early this evening!  Speak to you all soon, hope you had a good day by the way :-)


sdrogerson said...

oH YOU DID................Well done!

sdrogerson said...

Sounds  like not a bad day,if I read it right.
Not managed to get your phot up yet?


watsbre said...

I wish i had your job!


irisclyde said...

Yes I do love the smileys & I might have to get some myself! Well done for surviving the first day. I'm sure it will get better! :) x

ghwt9996 said...

You'll settle in fine Jen.  Nice to see you smiling at us in the top corner at us all, good picture.

rogsmistress said...

Congratulations again to your new job and then to your first day. Don't you just hate those? I hope the next ones are better and you feel a bit more at home....