Sunday, 30 January 2005

More Photos

Hi peeps - so another weekend has come and nearly gone!!  Has anyone done anything fab?  Nah me neither!!  I attempted to fix my puncture yesterday (you may recall the puncture to my back tyre), well I couldn't even get the flippin' nuts off the tyre!!  So in the end I sent a text to Trina shouting help and (bless him) her fella Wayne is coming round to sort it out after work - woohoo :-)  Can't wait to get cycling again!  I'm not gonna start cycling to work (well not yet anyway)!  Just in my own time!!

I did manage to get my printer working again.  I showed it the screwdriver and it allowed me to change the ink cartridges :-)  You just gotta know how to talk their language ha ha ha.......

So the mob has spoken!  The title of the journal stays the same (for now anyway :-P) Thanks for your kind comments about that!!

The photos!!  Well I read Jeannettes entry about posting our fave photos.  I thought I have to take part in this coz I love photos.  I figured when I took up the challenge it would be quite difficult so challenged myself to find 5 and I've ended up with 8!!  So bear with me while I explain them:

1) Camal - This was taken in January last year when I went to the zoo with my ex.  I had taken his pic and he was about to take mine when I looked over the fence and saw this.  I was glad we'd captured it on camera it was so funny.  One minute he wasn't there and the next he was.  Bless him!!

2) Tintern Abbey - (technically this is a postcard but still...)  My most favourite place in the whole of britian.  Set in the beautiful Wye valley it really is picturesque!!  When I visited Nan and Grandad who lived in New Radnor we drove past this.  I always asked Grandad to tell me how it'd lost it's roof.

3) Nan & Grandad's house - This is New Radnor from the top of the castle mound.  The white arrow shows nan and grandads house.  I loved visting them and going on walks with Grandad.  Unfortunately when grandad passed away Nan left this house.  I only think that whoever lives there now is very lucky!!

4) Grandad & Uncle - That's me in the middle.  On the left is gramps and the right is my great uncle.  Both have passed away so this photo will hold many memories now!!  Another of our trips walking through the Welsh valleys :-)

5) Megs - More family this time my sister and a rather happy mum in the corner.  I love the smile on my mums face in this pic.  I am 20 years older than Megan, but I love her to bits.  I remember my brother ringing me at work to tell me mum had, had her!!  Mum thought she was going through the change when she found out she was pregnant.  I remember going to the scan with her.  Fab times :-)  Trina and I went up to see mum the next day and this is when the pic was taken!!

6) Trina - So there she is my best mate!!  This was taken at the Queen convention!  She is such a fab person and I don't know sometimes where I would be without her.  We've been friends for over 10 years.  I think our shared passion for Queen keeps us going but we have so much fun when we are together.  I hope we will continue to be friends forever!

7) Trina again!! - I don't think she'd appreciate me putting this pic up but every time I see this I burst out laughing.  What a fab pic and a fab face LOL ...........

8) Roger Taylor (1999)- I can't talk about fave pics and not mention this one!  I have a smaller version of this which is laminated and carried around in my wallet.  If ever i feel miserable I look at it and remember the feelings I had when it was taken.  I had taken a pic for some bloke and asked him to do the same for me.  Roger bent down slightly and the pic was taken.  I was gonna run back in and tell Trina but I managed to take one more pic.  It was a tough decision to make to go and get Trina or have my pic taken.  She has forgiven me but it was her own fault for not answering the mobile.....long story ;-)

So there you have it my fave pics.  All the rest are in one of those multiple picture frames!  Hope you've enjoyed this!

Before I go I wanted to share this smiley with you (I love this)  LOL

Take care everyone xx


jeanno43 said...

Great pictures and a great choice. Thank you for taking part Amy.  I love the "waving the screwdriver at the printer" that sounds about right for me as well lolol xxxxx

ghwt9996 said...

Top pics Jen.  Nice family and friends you have shown to us all.  Friends will be friends eh?

irisclyde said...

Loved seeing the photos & I love the smiley & the cat. (Must get some animation for mine!) Good luck with the cycling. My son cycles part of the way to work & takes the bike on the train for the rest!

jules19642001 said...

I love the pics :)............Jules xxxxxxxxx

shadp said...

Ah yes - just show it the screwdriver, always works! Bit like garden shrubs that refuse to flower. Just threaten them the fork - they soon change their minds! Great photos by the way.


sarajanesmiles said...

Great photo's :o)
I spent a while trying to figure out how you sent a taxi to your friend with a shout for help, and why - if you sent a taxi - was her other half not coming round until after work.  Then I read it a third time and realised you said text, not taxi!!!  Duh, Sara needs to borrow hubby's new reading glasses!!!
Sara   x