Friday, 7 January 2005

The Show

Wow what a week - I better explain!!  Wednesday night I went to bed feeling quite miserable for reasons I can't quite explain.  I just felt VERY lonely and in turn that made me miserable.  So I prayed that something good would happen on Thursday.  Just something that would get me out of misery, you know something to boost my confidence perhaps that would make me feel a lot better about myself.

By 6.30pm Thursday nothing happened.  Then I logged onto and read their news.  (Still looking for those tour dates :-P) Instead I read how Wednesday 12th January marks the 1000th performance of WWRY at the dominion and to mark this special occasion all proceeds shall go to the tsuanmi appeal.  That sounds pretty cool I thought, until I read on and found out that Roger and Brian are going to perform.  I didn't feel excited, I just felt very downhearted.  I can't afford to go that and no doubt all the tickets had sold out.  According to the website they hadn't so I debated about ringing T and telling her.  I decided against it!!

So instead I went onto the message board and someone had posted some info about the tour, they'd found out from the Fan club.  So I rung T and told her this info.  I also found myself telling her about next Wednesday.  That way it was up to her!!  She decided we should ring.  It brought back memories of when Roger was on TFI Friday just before his tour and we didn't go to that and we were gutted.  So she said she'd ring for tickets.  About 10/15 mins later she rung back doing that 'oh we didn't any, won't it be so terrible to see Brian and Roger perform.' LOL So that was it we had tickets (really crappy ones apparently but I don't care :-)

The next question was time off work.  It means having to take off Wed/Thur next week and that's short notice plus the accounts were due today which means we would be busy.  My team leader was off sick so I asked P.  She acted like it was a big deal and gave me a disappointing sign that it probably wouldn't happen.  She went and asked the boss.  She okayed it WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Tix are booked, so is the train and now I have to find a cheap B&B near the dominion which is not proving very easy.  There is a lovely place in Paddington (they send us xmas cards EVERY year!!) but it's too far really.  I sooooooooooo can't wait!!  I feel like I'm on a high!  I probably won't see a thing or even get to see them outside but at least I can say I was there.  Plus it combines two great things seeing Rog and Bri perform and seeing WWRY which we haven't seen since January last year.

Yippee!!  :-)  Hope your all okay by the way :-)


jeanno43 said...

Glad it all turned out so well.  I am sure you will find a place to stay xxx

ghwt9996 said...

Sounds like a great couple of nights Jen.  Wednesday/Thursday why can't they make it Friday/Saturday & I might have popped along to say hi, then again maybe Wednesday/Thursday aint such a bad idea lol?  How can I cure your feelings of misery when they strike?  Why play something daft my dear, Millionaires waltz or Lazing on a Sunday afternoon should do the trick :-)
Seriously though have a great time and well done for seeing BR (not, British Rail)!


kingofankh said...

How lucky are you?  I'm soooooo jealous.

sarajanesmiles said...

Sorry you felt miserable and lonely my dear, we all get that at times don't we.  Next time you feel that way, just think of this time, and how something fantastic happened the next day :o)  Ups and downs, swings and roundabouts, that's what it's all about, and we wouldn't appreciate the good times if we didn't have some bad ones would we.  Take care, and have fun!
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

glad you got your tickets and hope you have a brilliant time.............Jules xxx