Tuesday, 25 January 2005


Hiya everyone :-)

As Jeanette requested baby photos I thought mmm.....I could take part in that.  I don't have any baby photos (my mum does though ;-) So attached is the next best thing.  Young me!!  (You have been warned LOL)!!  The first one was taken at a primary school sports day.  The second one was taken at my nan and grandad's house.  Although the fashion isn't up to much and you can tell Nan has brushed my hair. But the cheeky grin is the best so I thought I'd share it with you all - aren't I nice :-) LOL

So an update.  Dear lord I have a feeling things are taking a turn!!  Yesterday wasn't so bad (at work I mean) but as it was just R and me with sarcastic woman of course you knew she was gonna point out a mistake.  But she was in one of her moods and I know it's not just my imagination coz after she left one of the girls asked 'what's up with her?' Anyway today our team leader was called into our boss's office.  I had a feeling it was something about me and I wasn't just being paranoid.  At lunchtime when sarcastic woman went for a walk, the TL came round to see me and explained that the boss wanted to know what was wrong coz apparently I looked upset yesterday.  I denied everything but I have wondered all afternoon whether she mentioned it to sarcastic woman.  She wasn't as bad today, when she did point things out she did it in a jokey manner which is what I remember from when I started and that's not so bad coz you can laugh it off and put it down to other things.  Apparently she has the afternoon off tomorrow perhaps I might ask if anythings been mentioned to her!!

No news on the lottery front - but then again no news is good news!!  Not necessarily so in our case.  Trina and I are divided over this - if we win I think we should go but Trina doesn't!  Thing is though we can't afford to go to that as well as the whole tour so decisions to be made if we hear anything.  I had a missed call on my phone yesterday and suddenly started thinking maybe it was them, I soon told myself not to be silly but no-ones called back!!  Whilst I'm talking about the tour it's sold out.  How good is that, bless 'em!  I managed to buy a Bad Company cd on Saturday (well I need to familiarise myself with these Paul Rodger songs)!!  I surprised myself by knowing an extra one woohoo :-)

Once again can I just tell you that Stuart is a genius!!  I was concerned about my friends DVD's that I got for xmas but he's sorted it for me - thanks mate!! :-)

Don't know what else to tell ya!!  So I shall leave it here for now until inspiration hits me again.

Take care everyone


sdrogerson said...

How kind of you to mention me¬!

kingofankh said...

I must admit, you were a very cute child, wait til you see mine...lol
I have had to ask my mum to send me one down as I don't have a picture of myself at that age.

shadp said...

Very sweet pics - and what an impish grin, lol! Love it. I don't have any baby pics either - probably because they didn't have cameras in those days ;-)


quartrlyfecrysis said...

What an adorable smile!  
wish you luck on the lottery :)

irisclyde said...

Sweet photos! I remember Bad Company, but don't have any of their music. Paul sang with Free too.


sarajanesmiles said...

What a little cutie :o)
Glad things are a little better at work, hopefully sarcastic woman will be a bit nicer.  That's all you ask for isn't it, a bit of niceness in the workplace!!!
It's OK, I'm not going to rant again ;o)
Hope today was a good day too.
Sara   x