Sunday, 25 November 2007

No Regrets!!!!! (and quietly dying)

Hi Everyone :)

Now if you have read my 'All about me' section you would see that I have a new obsession..........I'm not going to reveal too much at the moment but Trina, Wayne and myself went to see them in concert last night and it was flippin' awesome.............We are SO going to go and see them again :)

Have you ever had one of those moments though that you wished you could've done more?  But you don't really think about it until the moment has passed?  Or do you think that we do things at the moment coz that's how it was meant to be??  I'm currently going through a phase like this (as well as quietly dying ~ I have a sore throat/cough :( )  and I just wish I could stop thinking about it!!  More will become clear to you guys at a later date I promise :)  Let's just say I did something completely out of character for me last night!!  Lookin' back on it I don't regret it.............I just wish I had done things a little differently!!

Anyway back to the Germany write up :)  As I was not in on Wednesday I missed posting the entry so here it is:  Part two.................(if you remember we had just taken off :)

Not long after take off the flight attendant came up to us and asked if we spoke German, we said no, so she asked us in English if we mind moving seats as the ceiling is a little loose where we were seated. This didn't really help my nerves but it was fine, so Trina and I moved to the back of the plane. Once we had sat down and belted ourselves in, we could actually see the loose ceiling, and couldn't believe it!! I started reading my book to take my mind off of the flight which wasn't too hard, but I was instantly reminded of where i was when the pilot would speed up or turn!! I hate turning!! The stewardesses came round offering refreshments and a sandwhich of either ham or cheese. I just had a cup of tea and some water, the tea was disgusting!! We soon were flying over Germany and Trina couldn't stop looking out the window and was mentioning how the fields looked so much different to England. There were no bushes and it was all in strips or something like that!! The flight only took about an hour or so and as we were coming into land, Trina mentioned for the first time how she didn't like landings. Great something else for me to panic about. I was feeling freaked but didn't really notice it, it was a good landing, even Trina said so!! So we had made it, we were in Germany and more important we were in Stuttgart.

We got off the plane and onto a bus which took us to the airport terminal. Once inside we had to go through security which didn't take too long, although the guy checking the passports took a while studying Trina's. Then we had to go and wait for our bags. This part I was a bit nervous about as I wasn't sure if my bag would arrive or not!! Through the glass we could see someone who looked liked Sandra but we were both feeling too shy to go and find out!! Once our bags had been off loaded we went through 'nothing to declare' and realised it had been Sandra after all. After the hello's and hugs, we made our way out of the airport to Sandra's car. I couldn't get over how hot it was, it was very stifleing!! When she parked up, Trina and I argued who was gonna sit in the front and I was given the duty. So I went to get in, only to realise how stupid I was, I am in a foreign country trying to get in, on the english side - doh!! Much amusement for Sandra and Trina!! I got in on the right side and buckled myself in. Sandra said that Tobi, her son, had wanted to come and meet us, but because she had told his teacher the english were coming, she couldn't keep him off school unfortunately!! As she drove us to her house she pointed out places of interest, which was cool. It was amazing how different it actually seemed, like the houses all have character and look really pretty, unlike here where you get streets all looking the same etc. Although I talk to Sandra everyday via the internet in some form or another, I felt like I couldn't think of what to say, but then the radio station was playing some pretty good tunes, so I was quite happy to sit and listen to it. It was quite a long drive to her house, which is outside of Stuttgart!!

When we got there she pointed out the poster thingy on the door and how it hadn't been there when she left. She also warned us about the dog Davie. He was prone to bark very loudly at you and you had to ignore him until he became used to you and then he was fine!! The thingy on the door was like a flyer welcoming Trina and I to Germany ~ apparently Tobi had made it. Him and Jurgen came out to meet us along with Tobi's friend, (I can't remember his name!!) We took our bags inside and were given the grand tour of the house by Tobi. Davie did bark quite a bit, but he appeared to be a lovely dog. The ground floor was their main living space, with an open plan kitchen/living room, although there was a wall seperating them it was still kind of open plan!! A small bathroom and the main bathroom, Tobi's bedroom, Sandra and Jurgen's bedroom and Sandra's office. Then we were shown the basement. More rooms that were fairly big in size, they just aren't sure what they are doing with them yet. The whole place was nicely decorated and felt very homely. Our room was down in the basement and there was some beds, some mattresses on the floor and a camp bed. We also saw Tobi's drumkit and were told that he would play it for us when the rest of the girls arrived. For now though we decided to sit outside. Their garden is also a good size and the decking area where we sat had some garden seats and a garden swing. I have never had the opportunity to actually sit on a garden swing before so Trina and I made ourselves VERY comfortable there. We vowed not to move EVER!! It was really stuffy and we didn't really feel like doing much anyway!! We both felt quite tired, it had been a long morning and now we were an hour ahead ~ very odd!!

The next to arrive was Tina, she had taken the train. It was so good to see her again!! To say hello, meant having to leave the garden swing but it was a small price to pay. After the initial hellos we went back to sit outside. We talked and talked and probably threw Davies ball a couple of times. He was a great dog, he would drop his blue thingy at your feet and move away a little bit just watching it and waiting patiently for you to throw it. So you would and he'd bring it back and drop it again only this time it was covered in his slobber, so it would be quite disgusting to pick it up but you would anyway coz you just can't resist him. He would be happy to do this all day. Brigitte turned up next and she was the last one for the day, she had also taken the train, but it had been delayed. Once we were all together we just sat in the back garden chatting away and not really doing anything else. Jurgen was a sweatheart and kept fetching us drinks and things. Sandra made some tea for me and the boys coz I'm the only one who drinks tea. Apparently Jurgen had been on a bike trip recently and had come back withall these Twinings teas in boxes, just for me ~ bless him!! They also put out some pretzels and marg which was very nice. Trina fell in love with Pretzels at this point!! Eventually Tobi reminded us that he wanted to show off his drumming with his friend on guitar in their little musical room. The room is great and they have even sound proofed it with egg boxes like Roger Taylor did when he was little. Tobi is an excellant drummer and his friend was great too, they certainly have what it takes to become big. At least I'll be able to say I knew them, if albeit briefly before they were famous.

The rest of the afternoon soon metamorphasized into the evening and it got dark. Jurgen and Tobi started up the barbeque and we all sat outside and had some lovely meat from the barbe. They did so much, beef, chicken, pork etc. I started off with some beef and it was gorgeous. It wasn't just normal meaty taste it tasted kinda spicy. There was also salad and lots of sauces etc. Trina and I were also introduced to 'girly beer' which is Becks ~ Green Lemon (You can get it over here I've seen it in Sainsbugs and it's now on offer woohoo!!) which was really nice and far too easy to drink!! I had pork next which was quite nice, but not as nice as the beef. I wasn't hungry enough to try one of their sausages!! Most of the meal the guys talked in German which was quite strange for Trina and I but after a while we could pick up the general gist of what was being said ~ in a strange way!! Bless them though they would translate for us!! Sandra was becoming quite surprised at how much English Tobi actually knows. He has just started learning it at school.

After the meal we made our way back to the decking area (or did we go inside??) as we were starting to be quite loud and it was a work day for the people around us. We kept forgetting that!! As Trina and I were getting quite tired we eventually made our way to bed. We slept on the mattresses on the floor.


That's all for now folks........................

I have tomorrow off work WOOHOO............

Laters xx


jeadie05 said...

I have really enjoyed reading this entry Jen ,the loose ceiling sounds abit disturbing ,Im pleased you got there ok and obviously returned safely ,Sandra certainly made you all very comfortable and gave you a lovely welcome ,so nice to meet her family .dying to know what/who your new obbsession is lol Jan xx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

cant wait til you spill the bens jen.

louiseb411 said...

Some mysterys in this entry! Germany sounds fab and your friends sound like great hosts. Louise xx

coopscruiser said...

Oh, I´m sooo curious now what your new obsession is... how yould you leave such a cliffhanger??? ;))

On our way back from the airport I I didn´t know what to talk about, too. I was so excited about you and Trina, wanted to say so much but I seemed that I lost my English completely. But it got better during the day :))

Tobi´s friend is called Marc, btw. :)

Please, make an undate asap, I need to know about your obsession, I´m dying of curiosity!  Love, coops

oddb0dkins said...

Come on, spill the beans, we're all wondering what the mystery is.
B. x

jaymact1 said...

That was some plane you were on I too would have been scared not the best flyer in the world. Love Joan.

gazker said...

Seems like you had a good time, even if it was a little too hot.
Gaz x