Sunday, 16 December 2007

Money for presents ~ not me!!!

Hewooooooooooooooooooo :-) 

So I better write a proper entry as I promised one lol..........It was really late when I added those pics, plus you have to wait for them to load and then add a caption, etc......*yawn* ;)

Have you all had a good weekend?  Here's a rundown of what I've been up too!!

Saturday - I got up early (8.30am, that's early for me ;-), and left the flat at 9am.  I went to the hairdressers, jeez it was chilly outside!!  Got into the hairdressers and they were very busy!!  I had to stand up for a few minutes until a bloke moved from the waiting area.  One of the hairdressers asked what I wanted but she didn't give me a time of how long I had to wait.  Hey-ho, I had all day ;-)  Well technically I did but officially I didn't!!  Eventually just as I was giving up and succumbing to deleting my text messages so I wouldn't look.....well I don't know, one of the 'cutters' (can't be bothered to keep typing hairdressers) came up and asked what I wanted done etc and that I had to go to the basin for the wash.  As I was being dealt with though, this woman and her daughter came into the shop and asked specifically for the lady who I had been given.  She didn't want to cut my hair and let's face it I didn't want her to cut my hair lol..........She was the nasty woman I had, had before.  I think I spoke about her on here somewhere!!  Anyway I got another woman, who was very nice and didn't stop talking :o)  Well if she's babbling then I don't have too lol....................

So once I was done in there I walked into town (yep up that hill again, what am I a glutton for punishment??  Nope just don't trust those buses!!)  and made my way to the parcel collection place.  This is the one thing wrong with ordering all your presents online.  I had only been there on Thursday and here I was again!!  Shall go there again before the weeks out I bet ya ;-)

I spent the morning going round town and trying to find something extra for Megs and mum.  Everyone else had been relatively easy but not these two *groan*  I popped into New Look in the new development in town.  It's a larger store than it had been before and they do clothes in my size and I want a new top for New Years :o)  Found a couple I like but not having any money decided I would wait.  Also need to get a second opinion lol

Went into Evans (big mistake!!)  Found a top I like, not to go out in, well I could but not dressy evening stuff.  It's a hooded top which is pinky in colour with white markings of flowers and (this is the best bit) skulls and crossbones :o)  Had to get it, even with no money!!  I tell you I think I've brought more things for me than anyone else this december lol...........

Managed to get something else for mum, but I give up on Megs!!  Mum has asked for a no-toy ban this year and that limits what I can get, but I do have an idea.  I am not posting that idea cos as you know mum and megs read my journal ;-)  They will find out soon enough.

Got home about 1pm, sat down had something to eat then cleaned the flat (very quickly, couldn't be bothered).  Then dyed my hair, same colour as before just needed doing can't stand seeing those grey hairs grrrrrr.........  Spent the rest of the afternoon reading journals, sorting out photobucket, typing up memories etc.

Today as usual I had a lie-in :-)  Got up lazily, had a shower, then went for a walk.  Stopped off at the Range to see if they have inspiration for Megs pressie but nope, so idea to be put into place.  Went to Scumerfield for food items and walked home, very cold out there.  Prefer it to be cold then raining to be honest with you!

When home I chopped my onion for the cottage pie I was gonna cook and then wrapped my pressies.  Luckily there was just enough wrapping paper.  The award for most annoying pressie to wrap goes to Trina and Greg this year ~ grrrrrrrrrrrrr at the pair of them!!

I've written some more xmas cards and watched the last Cranford (I cried, everyone was so happy :-)  I love those period dramas.  I'm now gonna go and watch some of my beloved Roger on youtube.  I have a craving for him lol

Hope you have a good week xx

p.s glad you liked the piccies :-)  Barry ~ yes they really did have a bike in their living room.  Joan ~ I can't remember what type of car it was..........I shall find out for Stuart ;)


peccarylover said...

I so hate having my hair cut! It's so boring and irritating and never ends up how I want it anyway *tut* I need mine done...think I'll just have a trim and grow it....

Thanks for the christmas card :D It arrived last week...yay! It was my 3rd one I think....I only have 4...Mark has loads cos all his old biddy passengers love him :)

Take care!

Amy ~X~

jaymact1 said...

There is nothing worse than someone you don't like doing your hair I just hate that.  You have had a productive weekend.  Hope all the rest of your online pruchases arrive together.

ally123130585918 said...

Jenny I wouldn't let anyone I didn't like cut my hair ~ glad you got someone else ~ glad you found something extra for Mum ~ hope you eventually find something good for Meg ~ I'm still waiting to see Cranford recorded it but havn't had time to watch it yet ~ I too love these period drama's ~ hope you have a good week ~ Ally x

pamal3 said...

Hello Jenny. I sympathise when it comes to hair! That compelled me to write Going Blonde! lol. Thank You for your kind comment. Pam xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jenny,

I`m so glad I have a regular hairdresser. She knows just how to cut my hair to get the best out of it, I`d hate going to anyone else in case they messed it up! I know what you mean about spending money on yourself. I seem to do the same thing every time I`m out looking for!  I`d much rather it was cold than wet too, it`s more seasonal and less miserable. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

rdautumnsage said...

I'm fortunate to have found someone that does my hair the way I love without a problem. I've been having her do my hair for over a year, so naturally when she opened her own shop I was one of the first people to visit. (When your hair is as short as mine is, it would look butchered if it wasn't done right.) Sounds like you have more done Christmas shopping wise than I do. I'm hopefully finishing up mine, tomorrow....(crossing my fingers). As for dyeing your hair, I've had to do mine since my early 20's. One of the things I inherited from my dad I could of done without. His hair was almost totally white by the time he was in his mid 20's. (Hugs) Indigo

happysunshien said...

I only let one person cut my hair....she does exactly as I ask....and if I am not sure what I want?  SHe decides for me and always does wonderfully!  Love her....sounds like you had an eventful couple of  I been sleeping :)


oddb0dkins said...

My mate cuts my hair with one of those trimmer thingies. She's dirt cheap. I buy her a bottle of whiskey and a box of Lindor chocs every Christmas and that's all.

Hope you manage to finish the dreaded christmas shopping.
B. x

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen - i'm well behind with my journal reading is all over now, but can relate to the present wrapping bit
Luv Jaynee  x