Sunday, 27 March 2005

The Great T-Shirt debate!!

 J-Land people!!  How are you all?  Happy Easter and thanks to those who sent e-cards.  Apologies for not returning the kind gesture!!

So just a few more hours to go well probably a bit more than that but you know what I mean :-)  And the great t-shirt debate is under way.  When choosing what to wear to a gig it is essential to get the right mix of feeling comfortable and looking good but and this is the big NO-NO your t-shirt cannot clash with your mates coz that's just sad LOL........We've both decided it's a band t-shirt gig rather than a brian or roger t-shirt and it would just be bad taste to wear a freddie one.  Well, ok, not bad taste but slightly unfair to Paul.  Oh you know what I mean!!!!  I think I have an idea what I'm wearing and I've already mentioned it to Trina so we're cool.  I'm a bit annoyed really.....I went to see mum yesterday and we did a bit of shopping :-)  and in one shop there was a t-shirt (2 sizes to small for me!!) and it said LOL how cool would that've been.  It was only 3 quid, I should've got it - if only to motivate me into eating less so I could fit into it :-) 

Wasn't the weather lovely yesterday, felt like a summers day!!  Like I wrote before I went to see Mum and my sister.  We went shopping, which I probably shouldn't have spent any money but never mind ha ha ha......Then we went back to mum's and played some games.  Piggy in the middle is a good one and Megs seems to enjoy playing the memory game.  She was quite good at it to begin with....then it all went downhill!!  It was a good laugh anyway. 

The train ride on the way home was a nightmare!!  First they tell us the one due after the one we're actually waiting for is going to come in first, to platform 3, so some of us make the trek to 3.  When we get there the train is pulling in to platform 2 which is where we were originally.  So finally get on the train and get a seat which is a slight improvement to the journey up, only for the train to get even more delayed between stations.  The ride up was great (sarcasm intended!!) they had a six carriage train and the last 3 carriages weren't in service coz the doors weren't working.  You'd think someone would have the sense to take them off or something.  Things like this don't fill me with great confidence about tomorrow!!  I think I'll check out Virgins website......hang on.........Well the good news is our train line isn't affected according to their website - fingers and toes crossed!!

It's making me laugh this is!!  I've just been on another Queen site called Queenzone and they're arranging a meet up in a pub called the Canterbury.  What's so funny about that I hear you cry.....Well somewhere in Brixton the Queen fan club is meeting up and another pub in Brixton will have Queenonline people.  Just makes me laugh when you think about it coz essentially they all like the same band so why not all meet in the same pub??  'Which one are you gonna be at Jen?' I hear you ask!!  Outside the venue is where I'll be  :-)  Queueing  (can't spell!!)  It ain't a gig unless Trina and I have queued for most of the day lol.....Sad I know but we may make some new friends in amongst that queue!!  Here's hoping anyway!!

I'm still not excited can you believe that??  I can't!!  I'm sure Trina will change that on the journey up.  It's best for me to be this way though can't get depressed whatever happens coz I won't be expecting anything!!  I know I've said that before just need reiterating.  Mind you every now and then I get a little flutter, like yesterday when I read this on (quote) rehearsals are INTENSE !!! We had a great day today ....all the lights, all the toys, and a complete set ready. It's BIG !!! Monday Night is coming !!

yo BRIXTON !!!

For those about to Salute ......

We Will Rock You !!


or something like that ! (unquote)

Right tickets, hotel confirmation (must print that out), go and pack in a min!!  Must remember a pen and some paper so I can write it down on Tuesday's journey home!!

Will update you then - aren't you looking forward to that LOL.........

Love y'all

Jen xx   (patiently waiting to be rocked ;-)

p.s found the fc card - good job I turned the flat upside down with my ultra super powers ;-)  otherwise I'd never have found it LOL.........


sdrogerson said...

Status Quo!

sarajanesmiles said...

Have a fantastic time Jen!!
Looking forward to hearing all about it :o)
Sara   x

rachealcarol said...

Have a terrific time Jen (as if you wouldn't).....T'Shirt pic after the event would quell the curiosity on what you decided.  Just in case you go overboard with the cheering and shouting (as if you would lolol) strepsils are good for sore throats.  Shout your heart out, have a good time. xxR

labdancer51 said...

Have a fantastic time Jen.  If they play `Love of Life`, sing loudly for me!  Happy Easter...:-)...............We will, we will rock you....... ;-)   Sandra xxx

irisclyde said...

Have a rocking good time Jen! Look forward to reading aaalllllll about it!!

jules19642001 said...

reading your entries reminds me so much why I hate trains and decided to learn to drive. Hope you have a brill time at the concert..............Jules xxxxx

ghwt9996 said...

Canterbury Arms in Brixton...confused!  Slight correction,
Think it was ACDC or summat, memory fails me hehe.