Tuesday, 8 March 2005


Well today has been the kind of day when I can finally use this graphic and mean it :-)  I snapped at Richard at work today.  I couldn't help it, he's just getting on my nerves again.  It's so typical coz I knew when I was having my good week last week that this week things would go down hill and I'm trying my best not to let them but it's hard!!  I did feel guilty afterwards but there is no ending with that bloke.  Why can't I make a joke with him? Jeez I know what I want to moan about him but I can't even put it into words.  Grrrrr.........

Been slightly busier than yesterday with the team leader being back.  Just gotta keep smiling I guess and muddle along the best I can!

Gary asked the other day in my comments how the writing was coming along?  It's not is the short answer!!  (There is no long answer!! LOL) The exercising is still coming along and you'd all be really proud of me, Dave brought cakes in today coz his birthday was yesterday and I didn't have one!!

Onto my fave subject :-) - Queen are adding more and more dates to their tour.  I wish they wouldn't I can't afford to go to anymore.  There's some big news supposedly coming on Friday, maybe sooner!!  I've sent a self addressed envelope to the fan club so hopefully I'll find out what that news is soon!!  We have a feeling it may be an open air gig in England during the summer but who knows?!!  I just hope and pray whatever it is I won't miss out!!

I'm coming to a decision about these gigs though, doesn't matter where I stand I think I'm going scream and shout as loud as possible so they'll hear me :-)  Wouldn't want to go unnoticed would I?

Brixton is in less than 3 weeks now!  One of the girls from the message board I go on won tix so I'll be able to meet her in person for the first time :-)  She actually runs the website and I've been posting on that board for over a year now - yes this is the one I've knocked up over 2000 posts!!

Oh there was something else I was gonna mention.  For one of the tasks I was doing today I had to look up a postcode in the book they have.  Whilst I was doing that I thought I'd see if I could find some other addresses too and went to see if I could find 'higher doatshayne lane' which is where I lived when I was little - Oh my goodness it's not there anymore!!  I must ask mum about this coz her mate still lives there so they'll be able to shed some light on the subject.  I just can't believe it!!

Well that's all my news for today.  If you haven't already done so please go and visit Jeannette (link in faves) coz she needs some love and support!  Thank you :-)

Take care everyone

Jen xx



rachealcarol said...

Aww I love the graphic Jen, knows the feeling well.  Hope you get noticed at the concert.....lolol sure you will if you scream loud enough, sore throat time afterwards.  Have a good day. xxR

sarajanesmiles said...

I'm sure that screaming and shouting as loud as possible will get their attention ;o)  Good for you, not eating that cake!  I'm doing really well too, though it's only day three, anyone can do really well for three days can't they!!  
Excellent blinkie!
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

I love the graphic, its cool. Well done on not eating cake. \o/ yay at how soon the concerts start...........Jules xxxxx

shadp said...

Wonder what it is with this Richard bloke - why not make him go to the pub at lunchtime, and get him pissed. Then you might find you can you can crack jokes with him in the afternoon! Love the name - 'higher doatshayne lane' - very unusual and distinctive!


labdancer51 said...

Sorry to hear it`s a bad day for you. I know the feeling too well. Before I was made redundant I had at least one day a week like that.  Some people are just impossible  ....grrrrr !  When you feel down just think of Queen !   Sandra xxx