Sunday, 27 March 2005

A Plea

This is a desperate plea!!  If any of you lovely people knows what the + sign means for the code to Germany then please let me know!!

My friend has given me her mobile number as + 49 but the '+' key on my mobile doesn't want to know grrrr..........Please help!!

Thank you :-)


sarajanesmiles said...

Sorry, not a clue Jen.
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Don`t you just key in the 49 and ignore the +.......  I`m not sure though you can give it a try....good luck !   Sandra xxx

sdrogerson said...

The way it works is like this

if my phone number was 01416478585  the interanational coding

+441416478585   note this will often be written as
+44 (1)4146478585

You don't dial the plus and you replace the first number (in our case a 0) with 44

So do  the same for Germany.

dan123re said...

When you dial a foreign country, the first thing you need to ring is the 'international access number', which tells your phone company that you want to ring a telephone number that is abroad. The international acess number is different, depending on what country you're calling from, so it is always show as a '+', which really means "ring your own country's international access number first". If you are ringing from the UK, the 'international access number' is 00, so the number you'll ring is 0049 etc etc etc.