Sunday, 6 March 2005


Hi Everyone

Well as I said yesterday this entry is dedicated to my mum!!

When I was 3 she divorced my dad and brought me and my older brother up by herself.  It's not until now when I look back I realise what she had to go through!! 

In my younger years I used to say she was my best-friend.  I loved spending time with her because it made me feel close to her, like a proper family.  She can't drive so we used to go out for days when the sun was shining and we could all cycle there.  I remember one day we cycled from Musbury to Colyford, caught the tram to Seaton, came back to Colyford and cycled home.  I also remember cycling up to a car boot sale in Rousdon.  That was a night mare coz the hill to Rousdon is as steep as anything, but it was a good laugh coming home.

I'm not sure we were a very close family unit but we got through and that's the main thing.  When my brother moved out and it was just mum and me, we argued a lot more.  Eventually she got me a job at the supermarket and that put more tension between us.

Mum became pregnant when I was about 19 and this brought us closer.  She asked me to go to the scan with her.  Before Megan was born though mum moved away and I moved into Trina's parents house.  Since we don't live together things are certainly a lot better between us and I would say we are slightly closer.  It's the little things that she does or says that makes me smile most I think.  Such as when I split with my boyfriend I'd rung her a couple of times and on that second occasion she said that she felt guilty because she couldn't offer me a place to live with her.  I felt touched by that!

The other thing was recently she sent me a text asking if I had managed to buy some tickets for the Queen concerts.  I know that's a strange thing to get touched by, but it goes to show she thought of me when she heard it.

She's a lovely person and she's my mum.  Everyone who knows her likes her and she's a very joyful person.  Plus she's being a mum all over again to Megan and I'm sure that can't be easy - I think Megs is more of a handful then me and greg ever where LOL

God bless you mum - and every mum around the world coz you just don't realise how appreciated you really are!!

I forgot to mention the swans yesterday.  Every day when I walk to and from work I see these three swans, (I think it's mum, dad and baby), and they look at me when I walk past.  Every day I swear to myself I'm gonna feed them.  So yesterday with some old bread I went out expecting to have to walk half the river to find them and there they were right near the flats.  When I russeled my bread bag they came swimming right up to me.  They are lovely and I think I shall make that a regular thing at the weekends.

Today I've been for a bike ride up to St David's and back with a little detour in between.  There's a track that I've always wondered where it went so I followed it.  It goes to this little grassy area with seats looking out over a waterfall.  Me thinks I might visit there again LOL.

Well I've tried calling mum and she's not answering grrrr.........

Hope you all have had a good day :-)

Jen xx  


labdancer51 said...

Great entry Jen, lovely dedication to your Mum :-)  Sandra xxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Lovely entry :o)
Happy Mothers Day to your Mum!!
I was roughly the same age when my little Brother was born!
Sara   x

shadp said...

A lovely tribute to your mum - she's obviously a wonderful woman.


rachealcarol said...

Aww Jen that's a beautiful entry. Right from the heart.  Swans are great animals, I'm told they mate for life........they'll get used to you feeding them and will give loads of pleasure in the summer, specially if your sat down somewhere reading a book, they've a calming influence. xxR

irisclyde said...

Ahhh.....speaking as a mum, I like to see appreciation for us! :o) Hope you got through to her in the end!