Thursday, 10 March 2005

Thursday........Feelin' Blue

Hi Everyone!!

I'm feelin' blue this evening and I can't figure out why!!  I'm feelin' frumpy too and it's ridiculous that at the beginning of the week I think I'm losing weight and at the end of the week I feel frumpy......what's going on??

Work was okay.  Pauline's back from her cruise - she didn't do the camel ride which is the one thing I was looking forward to hearing about.  You may remember that I took the week off work so she wouldn't catch my illness before she went.  She's only come back unable to talk, she's ill!!  Typical huh?

Still enough talk about work!!  Trina managed to get the tix.  She called in sick which is a half truth coz she isn't feelin' a hundred percent at the mo!!  And we got the golden circle - she rang dead on 10am!!   As I'm feelin' blue the smilies can show my enthusiasm instead lol......  One of you asked how many gigs we are going to now (sorry can't remember who asked!!)  8 at the last count!!  All uk dates!!  Possibly mad you may say - ah who cares!

Capital radio are having a Queen day tomorrow if any of you fancy listening.  I can't coz like most 'normal' people I have to work........Why can't they have days like that at weekends grrr......I mean their having competitions and stuff, I wanna be in with a chance of winning but can't coz I won't be able to listen.   That's what I think of that!!

So will Adrian go through?   I doubt it!!  It does my head in those flippin' judges on that show, I mean coz it's for comic relief you'd think entertainment would be what it's about - you know havin' a laugh!!  Talking of comic relief I went to town after work to find something red to wear.  I've brought a comic relief clothes nose lol (a badge to you and me :-P) and a big red lollipop (which has broken grrr......more reason to feel down!!)

I've done my hair test tonight, even cut off a strand to see how long it would take for the colour to patience wore thin and to be honest with you I have no idea.  I think the sensitivity test has gone ok.  I did it on the inside of my elbow so I'm not sure if I should've done it behind my ear.  I'm having second thoughts about this dying hair business............

Jeez I need a real pick me up.............

off to find one

take care xx

Jen   (will just have to have a cuppa tea me thinks!!)


irisclyde said...

Of course Adrian will stay in tonight, he's got to win! Hope the test works out ok, it's wise to do one, just in case. Good luck with the colouring!

rachealcarol said...

Aww shame you can't hear the Queen day, I like the stomping smiley.  A broken lollipop.......not good is it, no wonder your having a blue day.  Hope tomorrow goes better and I'm sure it will.  Try to sneak in a listen to the Queen day, that will cheer you up.  Take care. xxR

tommytickla said...

Your hair is dying? Sounds tragic.....

shadp said...

Well done for getting the tickets - and in the golden circle too! That's going to be a fantastic day - something to really look forward to! Feeling frumpy, and actually being frumpy, are two very different things.


jules19642001 said...

bet your hair will look great when you have finished. I used to get blue feelings but they are a lot less severe since I started taking Agnus Cactus, it really levels my mood out........Jules xxxxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Awww hon, sorry you're feeling blue :o(
Hopefully a nice cup of tea cheered you at least a little, there's nothing better for when you feel blue.  Great that you got those tickets, and for the golden circle, just what you wanted!!  
Hope you feel lots better today.
Have a (((((hug))))).
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Sorry to hear you`re feeling down. It`s horrible when you feel that way, especially when you don`t know why.  Never mind, I hope tomorrow brings a better mood for you ;-)   Sandra xxx

ghwt9996 said...

What's these tix, little bugs that flit about, marks on the papers...oh those tix!  Don't need to feel frumpy my dear you look fab :-)
As for dying your hair stay eau natural, don't want you having a green hair day now do we :-O

Take care