Saturday, 5 March 2005


Hello everyone!!

You'd think as I didn't write anything yesterday I'd have lots to talk about today but I really don't think I have.

Yesterday was ok at work, quite a laugh actually especially in the afternoon.  Apparently my team leader had that Friday know the one which makes you feel immensley happy and you don't know why!!  Also there was news that they had put some kind of bars in the gents loos....(they are trying to become disabled friendly so we wonder if that's the reason)........and that became the joke of the day!!  Goes to show what kind of people I work with huh?  lol...........The people I used to work with are 10 times worse than that.  Anything you would say they would take to mean something else.

Today I haven't done much.....Had my haircut at long last woohoo.....Usually get it cut once every six weeks and my sixth week was the weekend of Roy's 50th, so you can imagine how long it had got.  I've also been thinking of colouring it.  I would love to get it done at the hairdressers but as I'm on a budget can't really afford that!!  So I've brought one from Boots.  Ever since I was 18 I've been getting grey/white hair and everyday at work when I look in the mirror in the ladies I see more grey/white than brown, and I also saw it when my hair was getting cut.  It depresses me - I mean jeez, I'm only 27!!  So I'm gonna take the plunge next weekend.....I'm gonna do it then coz I gotta take the test to see if I'm allergic to it 48 hours before hand.  So I'll do that Thursday........I'll keep you updated :-)

Walked home the long way, all the way round the river.  I just felt like it, I didn't feel a great need to get home and do stuff :-P  I think I may have lost some weight or at least what I was doing during the week has done some good.  I put my jeans on and my stomach looked flat.  It's not but at least it looked like it lol...............

Watched Monsters Inc earlier I like that movie!!  Can't say I've achieved anything today.........Well I did reach 2000 posts on a message board I go on (not all in one day :-P) but that just shows I have no life so it's not really achieving anything!!

So tonight I've been watching TV.  Are you watching Fame Academy Comic Relief thing?  I want Adrian Edmondson to win!!  He's soooo funny and a good entertainer.  Mind you that girl from Eastenders is a blomin' good singer isn't she?  I can't stand Edith Bowman as a person I don't know why, but there you go!!

And tomorrows mother's day!!  I wonder how many of you will dedicate your journal entry to your mum...........I'm only saying that coz I probably will.  I remembered to post the card thank goodness........

So three weeks Monday and Trina and I shall be at Brixton Academy in London.  I'm really getting excited which is ridiculous and i should calm down.  I mean look at what happened at the We Will Rock You thingy in January!!  Perhaps if I try and go with the 'I don't care attitude' I may be lucky.......or maybe the 'who cares attitude' should be the one I adopt.  I've been watching Live at Wembley '86 and I have so much respect for Freddie - bless him :-)

Nothing else to I shall leave you here for today!!

Jen xx  


rachealcarol said...

Happy new haircut.  I smiled at Monsters Inc, I do at all those really. The trip sounds great....countdown time.  Have a good Sunday Jen. xxR

dancemad15girl said...

great journel i forgot to leave a comment sorry mate xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Love Monsters Inc :o)
I've had my hair cut once in three years, and that was just a trim!  
Am thinking about getting mine coloured too, but can't afford the £1000's it will no doubt cost at the hairdresser, so let us know how the one from Boots works out.  
Sara   x

ghwt9996 said...

Let your hair grow...maybe you could have the Brian May cut that never changes over 30 odd years!  Yep I'm still around and thanks for worrying about me lol!  Have you started your writing again yet as you did mention it in a previous entry?

labdancer51 said...

Most of the home hair colours you can buy now are excellent, though I go to the hairdressers to get my roots done.  I hate to think what a mess I`d make of it.  I`m not like most people, mine would probably go purple or something weird !  I first saw Queen live the night John Lennon was shot. 81 or 82, I can`t remember now....what an experience !   They were fantastic.   I was deaf for a week afterwards !   ;-)   Sandra xxx