Wednesday, 9 March 2005

Wednesday.....A Lot Better

Evenin' all - how's your week going so far then?

Today's been a lot better than yesterday!!  It started off being a pretty good day coz I heard about 3/4 Queen tracks on my walkman.  At the moment I'm going through my mix tapes just for variety.  So that was a nice surprise - so of course I kept thinking about the gigs and well a big grin was on my face for most of the walk :-)  I was determined to keep it that way.  My team leader went through my queries with me for the first hour and the rest of the day I've been really busy which I love!!  Less time to think you see ;-)  Left just after 5pm with more stuff piled on my desk for tomorrow.  That should be an interesting day as Pauline is back.  Those two weeks have gone very quickly and I'm not looking forward to having her back.  She's gonna be in a foul mood - wish me luck!!  Her postcard arrived today LOL Can't wait to hear about her trip though, she supposedly had a camel ride at some point (lookin' forward to seeing the pics for that LOL)

When I came home I noticed I had post (and it wasn't a pizza menu which I usually get once a week, I've only ordered from them once grrr.....) and it was my self addressed envelope.  So I rung Trina immediately and opened it and read it out to her.  Queen are doing an open air date and 2 have been announced in Ireland.  The one we are interested in though is the 8th July 2005 at Hyde Park.  When I mentioned it to Trina there was no questioning as to whether we can afford it or not LOL........she took the phone number for tix and I had to book the hotel.  Tix go on sale tomorrow at 10am so wish us luck that we get the golden circle coz that way we are guaranteed to be close to the stage ;-)  I'm sure we'll have fun whatever we get though!!  Feelin' nervous and I'm not the one ringing.......eeek!!

Booked the hotel.  We're going to the Linden House Hotel which is just down the road from Paddington station.  We know full well it's just round the corner from Hyde Park coz when we were students we often went to London for weekends away and stayed there every time.  Once we went there and went for a walk to see how far away Hyde Park really was.  We were there in 5 mins.  :-)  It's a family run hotel and everytime we went down to breakfast the guy there used to make us laugh by commenting on our t-shirts, (often Queen ones :-)  They send us xmas cards every year.  That's a really nice touch and yes their marketing ploy does work coz we go back.......LOL

Not much else to mention........hope Adrian stays in the Fame Academy - he probably won't coz he can't really sing but he's a darn good entertainer.  Is it me or when it comes to the student votes, you can tell who they are gonna vote for!!  So much for the suspense LOL

Well take care everyone

Jen xx 


irisclyde said...

I want Ade to win! You're a true fan, such dedication!

jules19642001 said...

hope you have a great time at hyde park..........Jules xxxxx

shadp said...

Glad you've got lots to do at work at the moment - it'll make the time pass quickly til 8th July, lol! Should be a great session! Wonder if it'll appear on tv news that night - have to keep an eye out for two crazy young women from the Linden Hotel, shouting their heads off!


sarajanesmiles said...

Fantastic news about the open air concert at Hyde Park!!  How many does that make it that you're going to now???  Ooh, just re-read the bit about having to ring for tickets, fingers crossed that you get those golden circle one's that you're after!!  
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

The open air concert sounds great !   Sandra xxx