Sunday, 20 March 2005

Total Update!!

Hiya everyone!!  So a lot to update you on........... (Queen playing Tie Your Mother Down LOL) Music's playin', now all I need to do is remember what I was gonna tell you lol.......

Good place to start would be Friday!!  Work was ok.  I had decided that it was gonna be the day I was gonna ask for two weeks off in May for the tour.  I had about 4 days leave to carry over which would be alright for the first week as that includes the bank holiday but I wasn't sure what I was gonna do about the second week.  The words 'unpaid leave' had entered my head!!  So I was doing this complicated stuff and called our team leader to check I'd done it right.....and mentioned about leave.  She said 'have you got your new leave card yet?'  I was like no, she said 'go and get it from Janice and then we'll sort it out.' I was like ok!!  So I trundle off to see Janice with my old leave card and she sorts me out with my new one.  I look at it and it says 24 days.  *shock*  I mention this to her and she explains that as we have no idea when this girl is coming back from maternity leave she thought it was best to give me a years worth of leave.  To say I was ecstatic was an understatement.  It meant I could have time off without hearing the words 'unpaid leave' again woohoo!!  So then I asked team leader if two weeks in May was fine and she said as long as no one else is off - which there isn't it was fine!!  So it's on the board, and it's official tour here I come

What followed next is just embarrasing!!  Team Leader asked what I was up to and I said I didn't wanna tell them.  Richard persisted so I told them that I'm a Queen fan and their touring so I'm going to their gigs.  Richard said aren't all the gigs the same......and I said yes I suppose they are.  This is not the point and it's hard to explain to someone whose 'thing' in life isn't going to gigs.  There's a thrill to it and I guess unless you've done it - it's hard to imagine!!  Anyway then he went and told Pete what I was up too and then to make it even worse is he started telling me all about the bicycle race video shoot.  It annoys me when people tell me things like that I'm a huge fan with every book every video every album and every fan club magazine and they try and tell me things like that........I know he's just trying to be nice but......oh I don't know!!

Saturday - I wake up to find a letter from the property company I rent the flat from telling me to cancel my standing order with them as the landlord is back in the country and they want to manage the property themselves.  I started worrying about this - I don't know why, I guess I'm just scared that they may want the flat back.  I shall have to wait and see and worry about it then!!  I'll keep you updated.

Last night was the first outing for Queen + Paul Rodgers at 46664 in S.Africa.  They were showing it on the web but guess computer wouldn't play the video or the audio.  *rolls eyes*  I went onto queenonline to see if other people where having this problem.  There were a few but they had got it working.  So I watched what they had to say but by the time Queen and Paul came on I logged off and went to watch the TV instead and have a I felt sooo much better after that LOL  I logged back on line a while later and they were all moaning about it - that does not bode well I hear you say but when their main argument is that Paul forgot the words to we will rock you I shall reserve judgement till next week!!  I mean even Roger's done that once in his live career.  Then there's this whole thread about Roger!!  Most of it is about how old and ill he looks - made me very angry!!  I had to post something there I mean at the end of the day it's wether he can play or not that's the important thing isn't it??  Stupid people!!

Sunday - Today is a quiet day!!  I've listened to a Roger special over at rock and shall probably do nothing for the rest of the day.  Isn't this weather superb??  Well I hope your all enjoying it!!

That's the end of my rant for today ;-)

Take care xx



labdancer51 said...

I`m so glad you got your leave and nothing can get in the way of your plans.  We used to be in the Queen Fan Club and hubby was invited to be in the `Radio gaga` video but he couldn`t get the time off work :-(   Sandra xxx

jules19642001 said...

glad you got your leave and hope you enjoy yourself..........Jules xxxx

rachealcarol said...

Lolol Jen will you stop bobbing about you'll run out of energy, love that graphic it's so crazy.  Keep us informed on the flat saga, hope it turns out ok in the end.  Wheyhey for the leave.........always good to have holiday days.  xxR

irisclyde said...

Love the graphics! Great news about your leave and I hope all will be well about your flat. I'm really curious to see & hear Queen with Paul now. Will go & find something about them!

sarajanesmiles said...

Yaaay for no unpaid leave!!!
Glad you got the time off.
Do you have a rental agreement with the property company - I mean a lease?Fingers crossed that nothing will change but who you pay rent to!
Love the dancing smiley by the way :o)
Sara   x

shadp said...

Excellent news about all that paid leave - and being able to have it when you need it too! Shouldn't worry too much about your flat. I'm sure you'd get plenty of notice if they wanted it back - but it's unlikely they'd want it back anyway.