Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Friends Will Be Friends

Hello - thanks for your comments!!  I'm still not feeling great mood wise!!   

It doesn't help when you get to work and everyone in your team is giving off the impression that if you talk to them your head is gonna get bitten off.

Anyway not that I want to take the words from a song but I sent an email to Trina yesterday explaining what was wrong.  I kept thinking it was weird coz she was acting like I was ill but I wasn't and had told her so.  Didn't think much more about that until this morning when she emails me saying that she received the message (which told her what was wrong) this morning.  Errr....bit late!!  At least she understood and made me chuckle a bit.  I tell you we were meant to be best mates coz she thought exactly the same things as me LOL.....

Thought I'd give a small entry for three reasons......

Firstly to thank Iris (I think your real names Claudia - forgive me if I'm wrong!) for my cuppa!!  <----- look evidence of me drinking it :-)

Secondly to let you know I've finished Apt Pupil - wasn't the ending I expected and certainly wasn't as good as Shawshank!!  Now onto the body which if you've seen Stand By Me is the short story off :-)

Thirdly big thanks to Gary for his journal entry - still making me smile!

Jen xx 


sdrogerson said...


rachealcarol said...

I've seen stand by me, great film, great song.  Grumpy will turn to grimpy today and then back to smiles later............it will, honest. xxR

labdancer51 said...

Enjoy your grumpiness!  ;-)   Sandra xxx

ghwt9996 said...

Happy to oblige :-D  Wear a tin hat with diamond sharpened edges when they try to bite your head off next time...wont do it again in fact probably wont talk again lol.
Gary :-)

irisclyde said...

There seems to be a lot of grumpyness around at the moment.....must be something in the air......the thunder might be evidence of it!!
Glad you enjoyed the cuppa, stick around & it'll be something more sparkling at the w/e!

sarajanesmiles said...

Well I hope you didn't wake up grumpy again today :o)
Some days you just can't help but feel grumpy, but it passes, you'll be back to your sunny self soon Jen I'm sure!
(((((hugs))))) for the grumpy.
Sara   x