Thursday, 24 March 2005

5 DAY WEEKEND!! the way it should be!!

evenin' all!!  About time I gave you a proper entry this week me thinks!!

WOOHOO 5 DAY WEEKEND IS HERE!! I apologise to those of you who still have to work but I seriously can't help my enthusiasm!!  When the teamleader or Richard mentioned me having Tuesday off I replied with a woohoo.  Made 'em laugh anyway!!  Richard asked what I was doing - couldn't face telling him....I don't want all that "oh and did you know......." crap again!!  Of course I flippin' well know I'm a hardcore fan!!

Well the mood is not as black as Mondays although it has threatened to return!!  Luckily I'm managing to keep it at bay right now :-)

Don't know why I said I'd give you a proper entry coz I can't think of anything to write ha ha ha......isn't that just typical...............

Anybody got any exciting plans over Easter?  nah me ;-)  I'm going to see Mum on Saturday and of course there's the gig on Monday (yes you will be getting a report on Tuesday ;-)!!  Please all cross your fingers on Monday that the trains are running fine coz knowing our luck they'll be delayed.

The thunder didn't last very long last night but it certainly was noisy!!  I couldn't believe it coz I was sitting at my computer and the TV was on and I'd turned to watch it and out of the corner of my eye I can see the kitchen.  My kitchen doesn't have a blind or curtains coz the view outside is bushes so there's not really any need for them!!  Anyway so as I look over at the TV I see the flashes of lightning in the kitchen.  I start to panic I can't stand it!!  When I was little I remember staying up late coz it was thundering and I'd been upset, my brother hugged me and talked to me......arrrhhh the good ol' days!!  When I lived with Trina and her family, it thundered once or twice.  On one occassion, Trina was cleaning out the hamster cage and had him in her hand.  There was a clap of thunder and lightning and the electric went out.  I started to have a panic attack, Trina had dropped Spike (the hamster) and was trying to calm me down.........looking back on it now we can laugh coz the electric came back pretty quickly and Spike -bless him - hadn't run away or anything!!

I am gonna turn the flat upside down tomorrow (wow aren't I strong or is that wishful thinking ;-)  coz I wanna find my fan club card.  It's disappeared and I have no idea where - don't you just hate it when that happens!!

No other plans at this moment.  If it's nice I'll probably go for a walk or bike ride.

Have a good one peeps!

Jen xx 


rachealcarol said...

Fingers and thumbs crossed Jen for the trains to be on time.  Busy holiday you're going to have, enjoy. Amazing what you find when you turn the place upside down lolol, hope that card turns up. xxR

shadp said...

So glad the mood is better - well, heck, it certainly should be with a 5 day weekend coming up! Thunder is always a bit scary. But listen - statistically, you're far more likely to be hit by a bus than lightening. OK I know - that's probably the sort of thing Richard would say! Sorry about that, lol. Anyway, make sure you have a great time at the gig!


sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, funny picture in my head of Super Jen turning the flat upside down ;o)
Hope you find your fan club card.
Will remember to cross fingers on Monday, for the trains.
5 day weekend?  Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

hope the card turns up and you have a fab weekend........Jules xxxxxx

irisclyde said...

Hope you have a great w/e with everything going brilliantly! I'm 2 days short of such a w/e but that's my own doing, for having such a silly job! I wonder what else will turn up when you turn your flat upside down????

labdancer51 said...

Enjoy your five day weekend.  The sort that everyone should have every week! I hope you find your much treasured card  :-) Have a lovely Easter.   Sandra xxx