Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Excitement, judgement and private stuff

Yo, how's you?  Me??  I'm dead excited :o)  No more work for me this week WOOHOO coz Trina, Wayne and I are off to Londonium for Foo Wembley :o)  Go on join me in doing the happy dance ;)  You know you want to lol

So with a short week there isn't too much to report or so you would think???  Don't be fooled by this journal's exterior lol

I'm going to start off with a bit of a warning first.  This journal may have to go private!!!!  Why? I hear you cry.............Firstly calm down you know I would add you as a reader ;)  It's just the father unit is online but unfortunate for me he's on AOHell.........I've asked my brother who is guiding the parental unit through all that is good and holy about the internet not to show him my journal.  He's also just joined Facebook so I have removed my link from there.  At the end of the day as I keep telling people in the comments that I leave these journals are here for us to rant and rave as we see fit and we shouldn't have to care what others think or feel about it!!  What's written is personal to the writer and that's all.  Maybe he should read what I've written so he could finally understand what I'm thinking but I'm not sure this is how he should find out.  I'm not saying for one second he will find the journal but I'm just making you aware ;-)

Secondly I've had a bit of a strange one at work yesterday.  The two girls that have moved behind us were moaning about P again, which in all fairness is fine, but they were questioning how I put up with it considering I sit next to her.  So I joined in with their conversation.  Now I don't know why I did it but I may have inadvertently started a rumour about P :(   Trust me I don't feel happy about's no better than those little ejits that used to make rumours up about Trina and I when we were growing up.  I just mentioned it and it may have been a little misconstrued.  Luckily today though P has been nice to them and even chatting to them about life, so perhaps they may just forget about it!!!!  I feel utterly guilty.........................

Another thing I feel slightly guilty for, when I was talking to them, they said that they were annoyed that P had gone to the team leader about the fans and that if she had just said they would've turned it off :(   It wasn't P that had moaned about that to the team leader it was me :( :(   I knew when I was moaning about it to the TL that I should've confronted them and they probably would've been nice about it, but I was an emotional wreck and couldn't handle life at that moment.  I can't confess it was me though...............I want them on side LOL..........  Plus she was the one that had shut the window without asking them if it was okay so I figure that's where they have got the impression it was her................Oh well!!!!

Anyway now that I've got that off my chest I can breath a bit of a relief ;) 

So what else?  Oh yeah Jayneeeeeeee asked me if non-computer night had gone well.  I am happy to report that whilst the computer was off on Monday night I did start concentrating on my creative writing :o)  I am hoping beyond all hope that I can carry this on, but I have such a talent for starting something and not seeing it through till the end :(  But I guess we shall have to wait and see.

One thing that did put a smile on my face today was as I was looking through the local paper for jobs.  I came across the stars and as much as I don't believe them it was interesting to see what it said for Gemini.......................

Writing a book, screenplay or poem will be a welcome outlet, (blah blah blah randomness about something not important to me) If you've ever thought about submitting your creative work for review do so today.

That's pretty cool huh?  Unfortunately I don't have anything substanial to submit, so let's hope that comes up again ~ cross those fingers for me peeps xx 

I was gonna start the next gig diary but perhaps I'll do that next week ;)  Something for you all to look forward too............juicy stuff in the next one ;) lol

I'm still behind in alerts and as I'm heading to Londonium tomorrow night I shan't be here to hopefully catch up :(  I may just delete and start a fresh from Sunday ;)  We shall see...........

So for now hope you all have a fab weekend xx  and I beg you all, please don't judge me..............


pamal3 said...

Hey my jenners. Judge you? More like slap you for being daft! lol. It Is so hard to work with other women In that kind of enviroment. I get where you are coming from. No wgo and stand In the corner and think about what you have done! rofl. You make sure you have a fab time in Londonium. (one of my fav places...check out my entry one day, you will laugh! lol) When you get back you can get all creative again. Love to the troops. Have loads of fun. Take Care. Love Pammels xx

oddb0dkins said...

Forget about all the troubles at work and go enjoy your Foo gig.
Hope the weather behaves itself for yas.

B. x

swmpgrly said...

Oh I love juicy

specialadyfink said...

youknow I ain't gonna judge you
You is you and that's yer bizz
Now listen I want on the top of the list if you go private...
Have a great time-can't wait for tales n pics
be safe

jjdolfin9 said...

Forget work and enjoy your weekend.  And if you go private, I want in...thanks.
Hugs, Joyce

louiseb411 said...

enjoy your weekend...someones you can't help but gossip at work however hard you try not to. I am coming if you go private! Louise

jeadie05 said...

Jen ,I dont judge you ,and yes I can see why you would decide to go private ,but Iwould like to come with you ,As a member of the same group as you it occurs to me ,you are getting really clever making your tags ,clever girl Jan xx

cayasm said...

I don't judge I let peoples actions speak for themselves, and don't worry about work, if you do decide to go private add please, hope you enjoyed the concert..I'm behind with alerts too.

Take care


mortonlake said...

jen   i  would  never judge       think  you are  right   it  maybe time  to go private hun      just  make sure  ya  add  me         theres an award  for you on my journal   sent ya  mail hun    tc  mort xxxx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen........ who are we to judge you ?  none of us are perfect (even tho we think we  Jen your fab and thats official :o)    Quite understand if your journal goes private..... i still wanna be one of your fans !     Hope the Foo's were fab and look forward to hearing about it - the girl who sits opposite me has gone to see them too...... i'll ask her if she saw you
Stay fab, luv Jaynee XX

luvrte66 said...

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


jlocorriere05 said...

I understand you not wanting your dad to read your journal. I went private when an evil work colleague read and told everybody at work what I was writing. Have a good week, I hope you enjoyed the gig! Jeannette xx  

quartrlyfecrysis said...

Whatever you choose to do with your journal is up to you.  I kicked my family out of mine too...nothing personal but sometimes we all need to get something off of our chest and we wouldn't necessarily discuss it with everyone we know.
I hope you keep me along if you do :)

I wouldn't worry about the stuff at work too much...I don't think you're terrible for it!  I probably would have done the same.  If anyone says anything, chalk it up to a bad week ;)

Have a good one~