Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Hugs, Beer, Birthday and Graphics

Hey Peoples xx

BIG BIG Huggles to the 16 people who left me lovely comments with birthday wishes xx  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I wish I could hug you all in person but alas this will have to do for now ;)  I really did appreciate that though :o)

So another year has gone and passed me by........And although I was still suffering from the previous weekend (BEST GIG EVER), I got a lift from Wayne Friday night to go down to Torquay.  He's not been very well and neither has Trina so we've all been suffering.  Wayne actually took time off from work though so he's the wimp ;) LOL  Anyhoo we listened to the gig highlights that someone had very kindly downloaded and reminisced.  Once we got to Trina's house, we had to leave soon after so that she could do her food shopping.  This is always fine by me coz it means I can get some bits and pieces and they'll help me back with it, especially as the bike is still out of action :(

We got back to theirs and had fish and chips for tea, or in my case a portion of chips.  Wayne watched the footie upstairs and Trina and I ended up watching a programme about best before dates and how this woman ended up chucking £50's worth of food each week ~ isn't that ludicrous???!!!!!  If only I could afford to chuck away £50 lol

The rest of the night we didn't really do much, think I might've surfed the interweb, but we stayed up to watch the Kaisers on the Isle of Wight highlights :o)  Went to bed afterwards.  I did open a couple of cards before I went to sleep.  One from the Assessments team at work and one from Sarah one of our Queenie buddies :)

Next morning I woke needing the loo and on my way back, Trina asked what I was doing up!!!  I went into her room and stayed in there for a bit.  She brought me up a cup of tea, and gave me some cards from friends who had asked her for my address so she had told them to send the cards to her house coz I would be there :o)  Some lovely cards.  Then we tried to decide what we were gonna do, obviously Wayne wouldn't be joining us as he has 'man flu'.  I mentioned I would like to go to Plymouth as I hadn't been there since I split from my ex.  I never mentioned it before coz Trina and Wayne don't like the place.  But she said she wanted a bus journey so I thought it would be perfect.  She rang up for times and apparently it was a 2hr journey.  We decided we better get up then. 

She made me a bacon sarnie :o)  and I got given my pressies which were:  Royal Family DVD (the comedy series not the actual royal family lol), Gavin and Stacey DVD, Waterloo Road DVD, and in her card was £40.  I had told her whilst we were food shopping that mum had given me £40 to fix the bike, so when I saw this in her card I felt bad.  I should've told her earlier so she wouldn't spend so much on me :(  Silly girl!!!  She then told me to follow her in the corridor, which I did.  She opened the door to their porch and there in a box waiting to be made up was my new desk :o)  I finally have a desk dedicated for writing YAY I love my bessie mate and her hubby!!!

After some more pottering about, she looked up train times on t'interweb and it only took an hour to get to Plymouth so we decided that was a better way and we got ready.  I think it was about 11am when we finally left the house.  Wayne needed more petrol though and this caused hassels!!!  Of course with the shortages at the moment there were queues everywhere so we missed our train :(  We did make it to catch the something past 12 though.  We were expecting the train tickets to cost somewhere in the region of £10 but it actually cost £5.50 for a return!!!!  How cool is that?!!

We managed to catch the connecting train at Newton Abbot fine and enjoyed the ride.  Once arrived at Plymouth a slight disagreement reigned as neither of us knew how far the train station was from the town centre so did we catch a taxi, take a bus or walk it??  My argument to walk won :)  and surprisingly enough it didn't take that long.  We were so happy about it, we started dancing in the street lol..............

We spent some money first in Wilkinsons, then we found a cafe and got a muffin each (best muffins EVER) and I had a cheese and onion panini which was gorgeous :o)  Then we brought some DVD's, I got Outlaw, Wild Hogs and Run Fat Boy Run ~ hadn't seen any of them but wanted to watch them :)  Then I got a bag from Claire's Accessories which I love and really suits me.  Trina brought me some badges to put on it.  Then we treated ourselves to pic n mix from Woolies.  Mine was the dearest :(  but I also got Watership Down and Day After Tomorrow on DVD's.  Trina brought me an Indiana Jones mag as it had a notebook and pen with it :o)  Bless her............lol.............Please no comments about obsession, we could've taken it a lot worse but we didn't ;) LOL

Then we had to make our way back to the train station.  We were trying to decide whether we were gonna eat out or not.  I said I would prefer to coz I don't very often and it's a nice treat, but with Wayne and his man flu this was probably not gonna happen.

He surprised me though as when he came to pick us up, he was all raring and ready to go out :o)  So we went to the Brewers Fayre down by the harbour.  I had a pint of lager and a chicken tikka massala and sat there thinking does it get any better than this?  Came to the conclusion probably not *grin*

When we got back we watched Run Fat Boy Run which was good, if a little predictable, but it was funny :)

Next day Trina and I had an Indy fest :o)  We watched Temple of Doom and Last Crusade before they brought me home.

Wayne set about putting the desk together and Trina started turning up my trousers ~ it was my own little sweat shop.  I did feed and provide drinks for the workers though :)  Bless them both they did grand jobs!!!

My desk looks fab and I've changed the room around so it looks much tidier somehow lol...........

Trina and Wayne are great and made the birthday weekend fab, bless them both :o)

I had a few more cards when I got home from family members, so that was nice.  I also received birthday emails from the Foo Fighters message board team and the Kaiser Chiefs with a video message wishing me happy birthday :o)  I love that ~ I know it's just a general thing to send out to their fans but it's the personal touch that gets me lol

Anyway apart from that I received quite a few emails from my fellow members of the DSD graphics group and one in particular came from one of the managers Debs, (some of you might read her journal or seen her graphics before :)  Well she made my sig that I'm gonna leave you with tonight and I CANNOT thank her enough.........

Debs is a legend xx

isn't that the best????!!!!!!


cayasm said...

The graphic is terrific so glad you had a good Birthday and such lovely prezzies, your going to putting in some hours watching all those dvd's, so lucky to have best mates like trina and her hubby.

Take care


luvrte66 said...

Very cool signature, Jenny!

Sounds like you had a fabulous time--good for you! Trina and Wayne sound like wonderful friends.

All my best,

swmpgrly said...

oh I cant wait to see the desk

jjdolfin9 said...

Glad you had a good birthday Jenny.  I love the Siggy Debbie made you.  It is so you...lol.
Hugs, Joyce

specialadyfink said...

You 'do' have the best buds in the world,you lucky gal.
many hugs you guys

louiseb411 said...

Glad you had a great birthday, you have great friends. Louise   x

jeadie05 said...

So pleased you had such a good birthday Jen ,what fantastic friends Trina and Wayne are .I knew Debbie had excelled herself when I saw the graphic she made for you ,Bet you will use it often lol ...love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Jen glad you had such a wonderful birthday ~ and what lovely friends you have ~ Ally x

jlocorriere05 said...

Sounds like your birthday was brill! You've got a great bunch of friends there. Jeannette xx  http://journals.aol.co.uk/jlocorriere05/Welcometomytravels/  

pamal3 said...

Oh Wow! My Jenners that sig Is fabulous!. I am so pleased you had a brilliant birthday. Trine and Wayne are proper lambs. How sweet of them. Next year I want a reminder okay??? lol. Love Pam xx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

So i have a few questions lol whats footie? Its so many different terms around the world pertaining to one thing :)

jaymact1 said...

What a great birthday you had so happy for you and all those gift lucky you.  Love Joan.

funnyface0s0 said...

Jen Jen...... what a fab weekend you had and how throughly spoiled you were - its great to have such caring friends, Trina & Wayne are fab -yay !!    By the way how is the IVF going for Trina ?
Great entry - what happened to your bike?  i seem to be missing that bit of news!
Luv Jaynee X

mortonlake said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  LOVE.  not  read many journals  lately   so  didnt  see entry    and  bloody  alerts  dont.        alert  lol.    you  rock girl  lol   sounds  like  the perfect  birthday  to me         take  care  mort  xxx

oddb0dkins said...

I missed this entry somewhere along the line so now I'm playing catchup.
Glad you had a good biirthday Jen. You're so lucky to have such great friends.

B. x