Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Mumbling about Rain

Hello people :-)  Hope your all having a good week so far!!  Isn't that graphic the cutest??  I love teddy bears ~ have far too many of them lol  Thanks Donna xx

It feels like it's been raining here for forty days and forty nights ~ it hasn't obviously but it has to stop surely!!  Last night was horrendous ~ it started  just before I left work heavy rain and gale force winds.  Tonight in this entry I'm gonna do my recommendation early ;-)

Jen Recommends

NEVER go out in gale force winds with an umbrella if you happen to like your brolly!!

LOL seriously people ~ my poor brolly broke :(  I'm not amused!!  The one month where I don't wanna spend any money and trying very hard not too I've already had to fork out for new work shoes and now I'll have to pay for a small bag size brolly!!  Unless I carry my golfing umbrella to work I'm gonna get wet if it rain's again (which no doubt it will ~ grrrrr....)  I bet your gettin' the impression I don't like the rain huh?  It's funny really coz I walk to work and it's lovely and dry and I walk home and it's pouring down with rain!!  Still I'd rather get soaked on the way home then on the way to work ~ nothing worse than sitting there in wet clothes!!

Because of all the damn rain ~ we have the main river, a canal and a 3rd river has formed.  The main river spills out into this dip which when dry is just a field type place ~ good for dog walkers!!  It's funny to see all the ducks and swans on this new part, don't ask me why it just is ;-)

Can you guess that I have nothing of interest or value to say??  I can't be bothered to do my 'heavy' entry today!!  My adventures in hospital I guess it will have to be called.  I bet your all riveted to find out what that's all about but you'll have to patient my friends!!

Do you remember me moaning about the old flat when it rained heavily?  It caused a problem with the loo??!!  Well that flat was on the ground floor so I wasn't surprised that it caused problems.  This one's on the 2nd floor and it apparently gets clogged up in the kitchen when it rains heavily.  The loo freaks me out but tends to lower it's water level eventually!!  The kitchen pipes were making a lot of gurgling noises last night.

Jeez this is a boring entry..............Work is getting back to it's ol' crappy self (what do I mean gettin' back too??)  I was actually considering starting my entry moaning about it but it's not worth it lol.........

I seem to have gone back to playing Guitar Hero 2 ~ all thanks to Trina!!  I'm trying to master the medium level but getting my little finger to correspond with the blue button is proving to be quite problamatic ~ don't know what I'm gonna do about that, can't will it to grow anymore!!

So the Queen convention is about 16 days away :-)  Trina has arranged our transport to and from the venue.  I don't think I've told you but this year it's being held at Brean Sands in Somerset.  The previous 10 years that we've been going it's been either Southport or Prestatyn ~ it's gonna seem odd not travelling up North ~ well I suppose it is north from here but you know what I mean!!  She was trying to organise our costumes today too..............Less said about that the better me thinks!!  LOL...............I know it was fun dressing up last year but I feel against it this year don't ask me why!!  Lookin' forward to it all though ~ so many good friends going!!  Plus time off work and you can't beat that lol

I'm not really sure what else to say and I probably could've used this entry in a more positive way but my brain isn't co-operating with the fingers right now!!  So I shall leave you here..

Keep smilin' peeps xx

I can't remember who did the tag for me!! Whoever it was thank you xx *embarrassed look*


oddb0dkins said...

We've had plenty of rain here too. What with that and the trouble we've had with leaks lately, I think I'm developing webbed feet! B. x

rdautumnsage said...

If I had a choice I think I would prefer the rain to the bitter cold we have right now. I swear my fingers are not going to thaw out until mid June at this rate. I can read the excitment in your entry about the Queen Convention. Perhaps the lack of interest in dressing up for this one, has to do with being comfortable with who you are, not feeling you need to dress to impress. Sorry work is such a bore, one of these days something better will be in the mix for you hon. (Hugs) Indigo

mrsm711 said...

Queen convention sound like it will be fun.  Hope you post some pics of that.  :)
http://journals.aol.com/mrsm711/LatteDah/      Tracy

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen - me thinks your entries are never boring :o)   A tip for not having your brolly when its raining .......run inbetween the rain drops ;o)  tee hee!
Luv Jayne x

jeadie05 said...

Certainly not boring ,you can get some quite cheap brollies now ,I hope you cease to keep getting wet ,it is so uncomfortable ,but like you say better on the way home ,if it has to happen ..love Jan xx

jaymact1 said...

Didn't think that was boring at all you pack a lot more in than I can. With all the rain you have been having in the south you maybe won't get a hosepipe ban in the summer.  We have had a lot but that not unusual for here. Have a good week Love Joan.

rachealcarol said...

Lolol you and pipes have got a rapour, I hope it don't happen too many times Jen.  I love the little teddies.

We've had bad rain too......got the cleanest shoes around though.  I bet you're looking forward to the convention, that's a bit of sunshine for yer. Rache

cherry2sweet2eat said...

donnas graphics are always gorgeous.

jlocorriere05 said...

Donna does do great graphics and I love teddy bears too! I heard from my friend in Newton Abbot today, she said it was a beautiful sunny day down there so hopefully you didn't get wet! It has rained a lot lately and so heavily too! Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

salonrose123 said...

Rain's crap....I hate it.  Hope the sun was shining for you today.  
At least you've got the Queen convention to look forward to....that should cheer you up.
And yes....I did mean you!!
A xxx

gazker said...

I hate rain, it's been lovely here today though.......... Gaz