Sunday, 4 March 2007

Weekend Delights and Thursday Moanings

Hey People ~ I have quite a bit to tell you so I better get on with it if I want to get to bed early (well early for me ;-)!!  Just one thing is it EVER gonna stop raining??

Let's start with Thursday and the infamous meal with my dad and my brother.  I won't go into it too much ~ perhaps save it for an entry during the week.  It wasn't too bad!!  I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you and say it was the best meal ever and I wish we'd done it sooner.   I personally think that my relationship with Dad is such a sparse thing that pidgeon steps is the best way to attack this.  However I found myself sat there with arms crossed not wanting to say anything to him.  Besides the fact that he didn't shut up for more than two seconds for Greg and I to get a word in edge ways, I didn't actually want to tell him anything.  I could've regaled him with amusing stories from my life of gigging and the crazy friends I have but he wouldn't have listened.  Instead he told us the family tree he's working on (which was quite interesting) and told us stories of when we were kids.

Greg was lucky he heard stories of about times when he was a baby and how he pulled the wallpaper off and found it highly amusing, and about this cockney woman who thought he was adorable and would babysit him at any given opportunity!!  Me??  I heard all about my life in hospital.  I will tell you about it but perhaps another day.  Let's just say it freaked me out what I heard and I felt very uncomfortable about it all day Friday.

Afterwards it was decided that we should do it again (could hardly say no could I??) and we are meeting for a carvery at a very posh place on the 4th April.  Well a good meal out of it can't be bad.

Apart from the stories of me in hospital the one thing that freaked me out again was when he asked me if I would like to stay at his some time  ??   Mmmmm... hello ??  I'm nearly 30 not 10!!!!  I think I've grown out of that!!  But I said I don't know.  Of course he caught the know part and latched onto it!!  If he is trying to build bridges he surely has to know that you can't just bury the past behind you.  It takes time and if one isn't as willing he has to be patient!!  I'm sorry to go on about this but he winds me up!!

Anyhoo ~ happy times!!  Greg came round afterwards and loaded his music to my machine and gave me the old stuff back.  I now have just over 4,000 mp3's on my computer ~ told you this thing was amazing LOL.................*happy Jenny*  Such a hard decision as to what goes on the mp3 player!!

Ooooo and Trina managed to secure the V tickets WOOHOOO The lady who came to see the Foo's with us 1st time is coming with us to V :-)  Sarah and I shall be festival virgins ;-) tee hee hee..........I'm looking forward to it though and on Saturday in town I pointed out some wellies to Trina (colourful ones) and said that we should get them coz you never know what the weather is gonna do in August!!  At least we are going to the one where the Foo's are the last band of the weekend ~ something to look forward too!!

Friday ~ Trina came round to stay!!  Things have been funny between us, not that you would notice but we needed to spend some quality time together.  So eventually she gets to mine and we have to go food shopping.  It's pouring down with rain and the wind doesn't help (got soaked on the way home from work) so Wayne gives us a lift to Sainsburys.  We decide to have food in their cafe *chips* and have a good ol' natter.  Then we do the shopping but not before we freak out coz there's a board that says closing at 7pm and it was 7pm when we finished in the cafe.  We work out that was the time for the cafe not the main shop *phew*

After shopping more good ol' nattering whilst waiting for the taxi and back to mine.  We have to take it in shifts to get the food shopping up to my flat lol.................Once all the shopping had been cleared away, the bin bag emptied etc.........we change into PJ's and watch some girlie films and munch on stuff :-)  Played some guitar hero 2 too!!  Eventually get to bed at 1.30am!!

The next day we get up and have a cuppa in bed reading trashy mags and eventually get up and venture into town.  The reason my foot was hurting was because of my work shoes :(  so with no money I have to get new one's!!  I end up getting an £8 pair of boots (me think's I'll need them in this weather!!)  they are really light and crappy but let's hope they do the job ;-)  I shan't be walking far in them I wear my trainers to work and change when I get there!!

We get home and have our fried breakfast for lunch LOL.........and then Trina tries to get all my mp3's onto her walkman.  I decided to stay out of her way and played more guitar hero.  I hate it when she does that coz the machine never works and so she gets stressed and coz she doesn't know much about computers she has to ask questions which gets me stressed coz she wants to know why something isn't working etc..........It does actually work this time with little interference from me :-)

About 6.45pm we decide we better get ready to go out and at 7.20pm our taxi arrives to take us to the centre spot in town.  We've been there before and found the people really nice and friendly so although we were nervous we still went!!  Once inside (it was packed) we got a drink and found a quiet place to stand.  Two drumkits??  Must mean there's a support act ~ cool!!

Eventually we stand on the other side of the room right next to the speaker ~ bit of a mistake!!  The first band come on and I've never seen or heard of them but they were really good...............I decide to go to the loo whilst they were playing and can you believe there was a queue??  I thought queue's in loos don't form until the breaks??!!  Clearly I don't get out enough LOL...............

During the break the announcer asked if we could move forwards coz there wasn't any room at the back!!  It was packed ~ I couldn't believe it!!  EvenGa Ga doesn't get a crowd like that!!  Queen Mainia (I'm not sure if that's how they spell it!!) were REALLY good :-)  They are an italian band who were playing their first UK gig and the freddie looked very much like Freddie ~ so much so that Trina couldn't stop oggling him ALL night!!  Everytime he had a costume change out came the mobile camera and this man changes costume nearly EVERY song.  They played such an electic mix (I don't remember them doing A Kind of Magic woohoo!!)  Here's a list of the one's I can remember:  Last Horizon, Mr Bad Guy, Love Kills, Living On My Own, Breakthru', The Miracle, Radio Ga Ga, Killer Queen, We Are The Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Dragon Attack, Another One Bites the Dust, etc etc............The drummer did some kind of weird solo to like a freaky version of It's a Beautiful Day.  It was soooo good :-)  The crowd seemed to enjoy it too.  There was a group of drunk teenagers who were jumping up and down and singing loudly to the ones they knew :-)

At the end of the show Trina and I moved spaces and the Brian wannabe chucked his plec out.  I put my hand up and caught it :-)  Yay me!!  Some kid of about 10/11 perhaps older was looking for it though and spent about 1/2 an hour searching the floor where I had been standing.  I felt guilty and probably should've given it to him but I couldn't be bothered to be fair!!

It was a great gig and a brill way to rehabilitate ourselves to Queen (who rule by the way!!)  It had been a fab weekend too and I can't wait till we can do it again but it did feel slightly odd without Wayne at the gig.  It's his first weekend smoke free everyone give him a round of applause ~ he's doing so well ;-)

Today I've had to catch up on my alerts there was 76 to start with lol............Think I've done pretty well !!

That's it from me for now ~ sorry if I've bored ya..........but at least I've saved the depressing stuff for a weekday entry ;-)

Have a good week xx

Ooooooooooooo I'm forgetting something!!

Jen Recommends

Today I'm recommending two things!!  The first is the support band, they are a local band and although they played some really good rock covers they also played some of their own stuff and it's really good :-)  Their website is  I've already been on Myspace to find them and added them and got a comment asking if I enjoyed the gig last night ~ how cool is that :-)

I also wanna recommend one of the films we watched on Friday called The Wedding Date.  It stars Debra Messing from Will and Grace and she's split up with her bloke and hires someone to be her date for her sister's wedding ~ set in England during glorious sunshine it's definitely a rom com worth seeing !!

Ok that really is it this time LOL

Thanks to Chris at Cabs creations for one of the graphics I've posted tonight xx


jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Jen, sorry your dinner with dad wasn't too good. I hope the carvery's better. The band sounded good, glad you and Trina had a good time together. Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

Well what can I say about your meeting with your Dad ? ,well at least you met ,hopefully the carvery will be better ,pleased you had a good time with Trina ,,,love Jan xx

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds as if you had a full and exciting weekend. Your dad was probably speaking non-stop from nerves. From what I gather from you he has a lot of amends to make up to you and your brother. Time will tell if you can work things out with him or not. Awesome on scoring the tickets for the festival. I used to bounce all over the country doing festivals. Course I used to be a dead head too. Now I tend to go for bands with a deep bass. Simply because it's the only way I can feel the vibrations since I can no longer hear. (Hugs) Hope you have  a great week hon. Indigo

mrsm711 said...

Sounds like you and your friend needed some good quality time together.  Love your graphics.  :)       Tracy

louiseb411 said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Family things can be a real trial cant they. Really glad you got your tickets, you can borrow  my flowery dog wellies if you like xx louise

katie39041 said...

It sounds like you had a brilliant weekend.The group sounded ok too such a blessing lol,would have been worse than death if they had have been rubbish taking were you was stood into account. Glad you and Trina had a good old chin wag. Girly gossips the best lol.Where is it your going for the V fest? Baby steps with your father,It sounds like he might have been trying too hard. It will get easier if you want the relationship with your father to continue.Just takes time.
love and hugs

labdancer51 said...

Hello Jenny,

I can imagine the meeting with your Dad was really hard for you, it was that way for me when I met my mum after many years and for us it didn`t work out. Hopefully yours will and I agree that small steps is the way to go. In answer to your question about will the rain ever stop, probably not and I`m starting building an ark as we! ;o)

Love Sandra xxxx

stewielad1 said...

Ive only seen Magic play and i laughed most of the way through the first bit. Someone should do a Queen cover band that just does the old stuff..hmm Queen Rocks it could be called...I might do it myself!

oddb0dkins said...

Could be your dad was talking so much because he was nervous. Just a thought. Glad you had a good weekend. B. x

funnyface0s0 said...

Hello Girlie ..... wow, what a fab time you and Trinny Trina had .......big smiles at you catching the plec and even bigger smile at you being asked thru the MySpace website if you enjoyed the gig ... woooo hooooo !!!!
As for your Dad, well just let things take their own course - if he is being genuine and regrets the past then this is gonna be really really hard for him.   No doubt you have your concerns...... jus follow your heart and your girlie intuition and you won't go far wrong.
Queen rock !!!!
Luv Jaynee xx

jaymact1 said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me. Maybe next time with your Dad will be a bit easier hope so.  That group sounds great love Queen too. Love Joan.

salonrose123 said...

So pleased you managed to get tickets for V.  Jealous, but still pleased!  Have a great time for me!
Glad you and Trina had such a good weekend.  Girlie nights like that are fun.  Sorry things didn't go so well with your dad.  It might be better next time.  Hope things turn out the way you want them to, anyway.
Hope you're having a good week.
A xxx

doloresola said...

Hello just checking out your blog and I enjoyed it so needless to say I will be back.
I can really relate to the relationship you have with your father... Anyway, thanks for the good read.  


gazker said...

I hope you sort things out with your Dad, me thinks it may take a whiel though!

Gaz :-)