Thursday, 15 March 2007

Today's Banned Word is Passport

Hiya ~ sorry about yesterdays entry!!  I wanted to play online games and knew I should update the journal I just couldn't be bothered.  It would appear that you enjoyed reading the questionnaire ~ don't see how you learnt new things about me but hey........we'll just let that go lol

*big sigh*  Today I feel stressed ~ I don't know why can't pin point the reason!!  One of the reasons is my damn passport application.  To stop Trina from nagging me to get it posted I have decided to use my convention money to pay for the damn thing and get it posted.  One of the reasons she was nagging me to get it done was because of cause it said in the news that after April 2007 you would have to have an interview if you were applying for your first passport.  I've just been reading the application to see if I have to send off my birth certificate (wonder where that is!!) and it says that interviews started happening from March ??!!  Oh dear lord!!

I was panicked enough about my photo.  See I went food shopping tonight (Trina's coming round to stay tomorrow night!!) and I knew there was a photo booth in Sainsbugs so I could get them done there.  Well I was worried all day at work thinking of how much it was gonna cost me (it's all about the money this month!!  Still have a xmas debt :-( )  Anyway so I think about going to the cash point at work during the morning but decide I'll go at lunchtime.

Casually playing an online game at lunchtime with about 8 minutes left of lunch and the damn fire alarm goes!!  Evacuate the building....Marvellous!!  It's not just a usual drill though coz usually after the fire searchers come out we are let back in...this time the alarms continue to ring for 1/2 an hour!!  I was just glad it was nice and sunny outside!!  As there is no benches though my legs weren't amused.......LOL  So I can't go to the cash point when we get back in as there are so many people coming back into the building!!

So I eventually leave early (problems with faxes grrrr...) and get round to Sainsbugs.  Buy my TV mag and get some change.  These photo machines tell you where to place your head's all very clever and technical ;-)  I come away thinking that's £3.50 down the drain coz I'd done it wrong.  However since I've come home and studied their examples and my photos I don't think it's that bad!!

Just gonna get someone to sign it all and post it off on Saturday ~ wish it luck people!!  This is causing me so many headaches!!

I've been feeling stressed at work today but that's only coz all my colleagues are jumped up twats!!  I'm sorry but they are and the biggest jumped up twat of them all is a temp for crying out loud!!  I don't know what it is about him but I don't like him, I put it down to the fact that once he laughed at me ~ and I just thought how dare you laugh at me you don't know me!!  Today when I was at the fax machine I could see his computer screen and he was on his myspace page during work hours for crying out loud!!  It wasn't just once either..........

Alright I admit I hardly do any work during two weeks of a four week period but that's coz we haven't got any to do :-P  This jumped up twat has a project to do I'm sure of it!!  Can you tell I feel strongely about this LOL ~ sorry peeps but if I don't get it off my chest it festers and that's not good!!

Anyway onto happier stuff Trina and Wayne are staying tomorrow!!  We are going to see local band Cover'd.  As they are playing in a different town I suggested they stay at mine for the night ~ we're going for a meal before hand :-)  Should be a good night!!  Trina's asked if I will go and see local band Morph on Saturday night but I have declined.  a) It's the convention a week tomorrow (WOOHOO!!) so I need to conserve energy and what little money is left lol.....and b) it's the final of the ice dancing (see how I saved the saddest reason till last??) I can't help it if I'm hooked and it just won't be the same to see the final on the Sunday!!  Where would the nervous tension come from??  Well probably me waiting for my damn passport to come back LOL.........

I'll be glad when Fame Academy finishes so programmes can get back to normal on TV.

Don't know what else to say except less than 100 pages to go in my book WOOHOO!!

Have a good one peeps xx

Opening graphic and sig by Shelly :-)  Thank you xx

Please keep Jeannette, Indigo, Lisa and Sugar in your thoughts xx  *hugs to them all*


jeadie05 said...

Imagine that geezer being on my space during work time ,Huh !! you didnt show us the passport photo Jan xx

oddb0dkins said...

Those passport photos come out scary. Well, mine did. ;O)
B. x

gazker said...

So we aint gonna see the photos huh?
Gaz ;-)

coopscruiser said...

Don´t you know that 'passport photo' and 'scary' are synonyms? ;)  If I think of mine  *shudder*    

I wish you a lot of fun with Trina and Wayne at weekend. Say 'hello' from me, ok? :)

funnyface0s0 said...

Hellooooooooooooo Jen
Good news that you are doing the passport thingy - now you have to plan a trip overseas ....heheee!    I know exactly how you feel about that temp as we have a very annoying one here grrrrrrr and grrrrrr and more grrrrrrr !!!!    Just let that stress out girl, it does you know good, i release mine on the way home while driving i do a little shoulder dancing ..... hehee !
Have a fab weekend - Luv Jaynee x

elainey2465 said...

Jen - must let you know that you must take your passport to the post office and let them do their send and check service - they can tell you if your photos are ok or not - then you dont have the danger of your passport being sent back - I did it that way. Love Laine xxxx

jlocorriere05 said...

Well I always say if you look like your passport photo you're probably too sick to travel!! Lol! Glad you got yours done and ready to send off. I get bugged by people at work too, seems like they come in and expect an easy life there! Have a good weekend with Trina! Jeannette xx  

jaymact1 said...

Love playing online games too they do keep you back and not let you get on with things.  What do you play and where.  I agree about Fame Academy roll on the end of it but am looking forward to the final of the skating.  Have a good weekend Love Joan.

katie39041 said...

Just think nice thoughts regarding passport. The guy you have taken a dislike too just drop him some laxitive in his morning cuppa. And sit back and watch the guy run lol.I hope you have a brilliant weekend
love and hugs

gazker said...

Gawd Girl, get that passport done, once youv'e been away, you will get the bug!
Gaz ;-)

sarajanesmiles said...

I've never had a passport... don't need one for the Isle of Wight :o)
Hope yours comes back ok though Jenny, luck luck luck little passport!
Have fun with Trina and Wayne tonight m'dear.
Sara   x

xxroxymamaxx said...

OH no, what's wrong with Indigo?  I'm going to check her out now.  I'm sorry it's been such a rough week for you.  I'm sure the weekend will be relaxing and fun! : )  Love ya, Shelly

rdautumnsage said...

Your a gem stressed out to the hilt over your passport and still worrying over me.
Sounds as though you have a bunch of (blanks) working with you. (Hugs) Indigo

irisclyde said...

The passport thing sounds quite stressful, but you're obviously nearly there! At least you'll have it for a few years!