Sunday, 29 April 2007

Wow over a week with no entry LOL

Why hello people?  Have you forgotten about little ol' me?  Fear not I am still around, I've taken a break from writing entries because I am behind in alerts as usual *rolls eyes* tee hee hee.........

I have 35 emails in my inbox and it's a slow slog but I'm getting there slowly ~ so instead of my usual entries you can hear more about my adventures such as the convention.  So here's part two:

Saturday (continuation from Part one a few entries ago lol)

I can't actually remember what time we woke up, I think we were the last chalet to stir as I could hear voices coming from the next doors. It was so cold in the chalet we had to turn the heater on before we could even consider getting up. As we had to pay for electricity cards, we soon found this was used up pretty quickly damn it!! Trina kept on about how she wanted to go to the market place. She asked me to go with her but as I didn't have any money I said that I wasn't that bothered about going. Claire and Pam appeared and Fairy and Mr Kev did eventually. I think Mr Kev made breakfast but it might have been Claire!! (My memory is terrible) The tea towel was moved from the sink after Claire rung it out and hung it on the door handle outside to dry off. Sarah popped round to say hello and get some breakfast. She wasn't part of the group booking unfortunately but wasn't too far away from us. She too wanted to go to the market place so after some breakfast and people having showers, Trina, Pam, Claire and Sarah made their way to Lunars. I stayed behind with Fairy and Kev.

I had a shower and got ready for the day and was going to make my way to the market place when Trina walked back in the door. She showed me some pics she had brought *yum* they were of roger!! She dropped off what she had brought and we went over there together. She was still searching for convention t-shirts. We bumped into quite a few people and bid good morning and a few pleasentries to them, one of these people was Wendy who was giving out DSR leaflets. (DSR is the shortened name of the tribute band that played last year!) She too was looking for convention t-shirts, lots of people were wearing them. After Trina had chatted to a few people and taken pics of the stuff that was in the Auction, (I liked the little guitar with stand that was signed by Brian!) we started looking at a few stalls. We brought some stationary (I'm a sucker for the stuff and even more so if it's got something to do with Queen), and a little bear that carries a heart that says I love Queen!! Me and teddy bears!! Half way round I stop a lady who was wearing a convention t-shirt and asked her where she'd got it from, she very kindly told me. So after we'd looked at the market place we made our way to the main ballroom as the stall was in there. We got our t-shirts and some raffle tickets. At the time the eliminating rounds of the tug of war was taking place so we stayed to cheer on our mate Sheila. Unfortunately they lost but hey, at least they try!!

The auction took place that afternoon, after the Qfactor auditions which I think the people were very brave and the judges did well not to tell them they weren't very good but that it was interesting interpretations. Trina had to liaise with Jules like she did every year. If Jules sees something she likes she will bid as she has lots of money!! Charlie won quite a few of the brian items, Trina got Roger's baseball boots and Roger's tie went for £500 pounds or something like that!! Most expensive tie I've ever seen that's for sure. Sheila got the small cardboard cut out of brian and there was even some items gone up for auction from the fan club to make them some money which was a good idea. Every year any money that is raised from raffles, auctions etc it goes to charity. The Winged Fellowship and the MPT.

We made our way back to the chalet and stayed there for most of the afternoon. Whilst we were there the Tea Towel story came to light and much fun was to be had about this. Apparently Mr Kev and Fairy went back to the chalet early the night before as they had been drinking quite a bit on empty stomachs, and weren't very well. Mr Kev had used the tea towel to mop up his sick and tried to wash it out and therefore left it in the sink. Claire had come back and touched that, rung it out and everything. We all made fun of Mr Kev and Claire for this and when everyone found out it was actually Trina's towel and not just one that belonged to the chalet it caused more hilarity!! We turned Stone Cold Crazy into Tea Towel Crazy and Pam came up with a dance to go with it!! We had a group chalet photo taken as it was a good group that we were sharing with. I can't remember if we did this on the Saturday or the Sunday but we watched Trina's birthday DVD that Sam had made during the fake party. It was embarrassing watching myself dancing and Trina was moaning about her weight!!

That evening the fancy dress was an Easter theme so we had all ordered bunny ears. They came with bow ties and tails, mine fell off as I was making my way over to the ballroom. Fairy's bunny ears flashed they were really cool. Many pics were taken!! We got to the ballroom and found some seats. We stayed in that area for most of the evening. Many, many more group pics were taken as more people turned up in their outfits including Loretta and Parky. They were dressed up as a bunny girl and hunter it was very amusing, any excuse for Loretta (whose real name is Steve) to get in drag!! There was some fun had with changing their sign after they had won the fancy dress contest.


The tribute band was up next. They were called 'Queen for a day' and we were told a story that this band come from America and Jacky had booked them in good faith. Here's what she's posted on the fanclub website: "Queen For A Day are from Texas, and I had booked the whole band to come over. For many and varied reasons, all but one Gregory Finsley, lead singer, had pulled out. I had found him a bass player and guitarist from Exeter - my friends Alan Long and Stilly (note from ed:  Found out he has a local band ~ may go and see him :-), who had played in a tribute band called Mercury. And then a drummer, my soon to be relative Tom Tunney, from the tribute band Queen Rocks. Before the Friday of our event, the only ones who knew each other were Stilly and Alan - the others had never met each other! They had 'rehearsed' using MP3's and the internet! I was a little worried, but not unduly - ALL are excellent musicians, and Gregory a brilliant frontman.... and to say that they 'pulled it off' is ian understatement! they were FANTASTIC and had the entire ballroom and bar on their feet!" Alan actually play's for my fave local band Cover'd so it was good to see him there!! The band were really good but whilst sat in our group we were having quite a laugh. Such as Mr Kev being silly and air-drumming along and getting one of his pretend drumsticks stuck to the roof. Trust me it was funny but clearly a moment where you had to be.

The disco followed and we moved down closer to the dance floor. Well if they play roger then we need to be close enough to get there on time!! More fun was had with our friends and silly things like writing on arms with Parky's marker. Pam wrote I love roger taylor on my arm. Nat and Wendy came over and asked if we had seen the Roger doll!! We all went over to look and basically this girl had stuffed some sheets and stuff into clothes and printed out Roger's face and made a doll out of it with hair!! It was sooooooo odd, trust me when you see the photos you'll be agreeing. She kept stroking it and kissing it which was even freakier!! When they played Great Pretender she stood up with it and danced. Everyone was looking at her. I have to say it made me feel very disturbed, this was the oddest thing I had ever seen at a convention and there is usually quite a lot of odd stuff at the convention but this takes the biscuit!!

After the disco was over we all made our way back to the chalets. Mr Kev and Fairy had gone back earlier again, so Claire, Trina myself and Sheila made our way to our chalet and as we opened the sliding doors we were greeted by not being able to get in!! The sofa had been pushed up close to the door and the chairs were piled on top of it!! Claire and I walked in a moaned quite loudly about Kev and Fairy doing it, but when we all spotted Dan and Gav looking out of their chalet laughing it was fairly obvious who had done the crime!! Dan kept trying to get in and claim that it wasn't his fault. It was quite funny trying to keep him out and we were quite loud at this point and the party had started in Andy's chalet so I didn't think there was much chance of sleep that night!!

We joined the main party for a while, watched whilst the lead singer of the tribute band started crying as Danielle and Siobhan had given him a picture of a drawing of Freddie that they had done. We watched Kelly and Parky getting close *nudge nudge* and followed them when they disappeared just to wind them up. We freaked out when the smokers had gone outside the chalet and shut the door but nobody could open it again!! Whilst we were trying to fix the door Loretta got his arse out and it was not a pretty sight, but Wendy took pictures anyway!!

I think we went to bed around 4am ish??!! The party was still going on at this point, but I couldn't hack it anymore.

Part 3 coming and photos :-)

I think Emmi made the sig ~ thank you xx


jeadie05 said...

What a wonderful group of friends you have and what fun you all have together at these gatherings Jan xx

xxroxymamaxx said...

it's sounds like such a great time.  I love your stories and you have funnest friends ever!  Hope you have a great week!  Love, Shelly

louiseb411 said...

Sounds like you all had a ball. Glad to see you back. Louise

jules19642001 said...

sounds like you are all so close and have real fun when you are together. Thank you for sponsoring me.................Jules xxx

oddb0dkins said...

It's a good job you all get along so well - especially with the tea towel sick - BLEUCH!
Don't think I need to see a pic of that. B. x

seraphoflove9001 said...

I'm glad your back! :o) And wow! I love to hear how much fun you and your friends have! :o) You guys rock! :o) Oh to be young again! lol :o)

ally123130585918 said...

Nice to see you back ~ Glad you all had such a good time ~ thanks for such an interesting entry ~ Ally

gazker said...

Ya just can't keep a good Queen down!
Gaz ;-)

rdautumnsage said...

I love hearing about the convention! It's obvious your close with your friends and you definately share in your love of Queen. (Hugs) Keep on rockin' Indigo

springangel235 said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this have been busy...the convention sounded awesome.  Hope your week ahead is the best ever.
Hugs and love,

rogsmistress said...

You quoted Jacky with "soon to be relative Tom Tunney" Is it someone from Jen’s ( relatives? They are called Tunney and someone of the family (I think the son) is playing in that tribute band. So what’s happening there? Please enlighten a dumb blonde woman from Germany…

Trina had her birthday and I didn#t know anything about it?!? Can I look at the DVD sometime? *ashamed....*

P.S. Trina bought Roger's boots? *shocked!* What size are they? ;-)

sarajanesmiles said...

Sicky tea towel... ewwww!
Sounds fun Jen :o)
Sara   x

acoward15 said...

Are we going to see the "arse" pictures?