Monday, 9 April 2007

Trina's fake birthday party

 Telling you all that I'm gonna post the convention details soon has got me thinking that I haven't told you about a lot of stuff that I've been too in the past six months or so, such as Paddy McGuinness in Plymouth, Paul Rodgers, etc for now I'm gonna start with Trina's Fake Birthday Party which happened back in February!!  Mainly because the rest of my write up's are on the computer at work and not here.  tee hee hee..........Anyway enjoy part 1 and photos will be coming soon ;-)  Hope you all had a good Easter by the way.

Trina’s fake birthday bash 9/2/07 ~ Torquay

All week Trina had been panicking about who was going to turn up and who wasn’t. By 3pm she figured that everyone was coming but as snow had fallen quite heavily up North she was still panicking about Pam and Sam. However Wayne and I still left work at 4.30pm to go and pick them up from the airport. Trundling along in traffic I get a text from Pam to say they’ve been delayed by an hour and do we mind waiting, sent one back saying no ~ so we continued to make our way to the airport. Shelia arrived in Torquay fairly early so was managing to calm Trina down quite a bit.

Wayne drove to the airport via the back lanes. As it had been raining all day we did come across a couple of HUGE puddles. The car managed to get through them fine and the last one a car was going the opposite way so it got soaked as we went through. This provided much hilarity!! When we finally reached the airport we parked up in the short stay car park and waited. After about 10/15 minutes, Trina rung. The girls were delayed a further hour or so and they weren’t even sure if the plane was going to take off. They had said the plane was being de-iced and the runway was covered in snow.

So we left the car park and started to make our way back to Torquay. We had to stop off in Newton Abbot to pick up Sarah and Jamie who were travelling down by train. Exiting the car park was proving to be a hassle for Wayne and I was on the phone to Trina at the time, but we figured it out in the end. What we couldn’t understand was there was nowhere to pay the money too but it let us out without having to pay anything. Very odd!!

We got down to the train station about 6.30pm (Party was supposed to start at 7pm), and Trina rung Sarah and Jamie to tell them to wander outside coz we would see them. After a few minutes I couldn’t see them so got out of the car and stupidly rung Trina to find out where they were!! I rung Sarah and after a few minutes trying to describe where we were to each other I found them!! We got back to Torquay not long after.

Trina was still panicking and we all had to get ready immediately. Wayne drove Sheila, myself and Trina down to the venue and went back for Sarah and Jamie. Fairy and Kev had arrived at Trina’s house by this point so they waited for them before coming down.

The venue was a pub called The Royal (well it was rather posh to be honest and certainly not a place that I would consider drinking in every week), the name made Trina laugh as she was having her Queen friends join her. Anyway there was a separate room at the back with a notice above the door saying ‘sorry no entry Private Party’. I meant to get a picture of that but totally forgot!! Damn it!! There was lots of room including a pool table but the dance floor was titchy!! The DJ was already set up, so Trina, Shelia and I made ourselves comfortable. Eventually more people turned up. Wayne was going back and forth for the majority of the night to pick people up and drop them off. Pam and Sam arrived eventually after a 4/5 hour delay!! They were not amused.

The DJ started off quite slowly considering Trina had provided him with a detailed list of what to play and the albums which they were on!! It didn’t seem to make a difference though as people went up to request things (which were already on the list) and he only played ONE Foo Fighters track ~ which was WRONG!! I found it funny that once the Queen music started playing all of us sung along and Trina’s work colleagues just looked at us as if we were mad!! Which we are but still………………….lol

Some of the guests that arrived were: Sarah, Jamie, Fairy, Kev, Bev, Sam, Pam, Dave (trina’s brother), Emma (Dave’s misses), Emma’s mate (can’t remember her name), Sheila, and most of Trina’s work colleagues, especially the one’s she didn’t want to invite.

Eventually a buffet was set up. It looked yummy!! There was cold pizza slices, sausage rolls (mini ones), sandwiches, roast spuds, quiche, chicken etc etc….

The whole party was a good laugh, people got up and started dancing after a while. The Breakthru’ train made an appearance which I think some of Trina’s work colleagues joined in. I just stood and watched. NEVER do the breakthru’ train ~ you could get injured!!

The time soon ran out at this venue and we were due to move onto Ejay’s, Trina was hoping for a lock-in!! Being the organised person that she is, she had arranged for several taxi’s to come and pick us up. We all bundled into them, including a few of Trina’s work colleagues and got dropped off at Ejay’s. By this point it was actually Mr Kev’s birthday so I made sure to buy him a drink. Unfortunately when we walked in they were playing dance music!! I don’t mind some dance music but being with rocker friends I don’t think they were enjoying themselves very much.

Trina’s brother was getting on well with some of the Queen friends. His girlfriend and her mate were very, very drunk and Trina was not amused as they were staying at hers. Rumour has it they also asked one of Trina’s work colleagues for drugs??!! Poor Wayne sat in the corner in pain. He couldn’t dance or move about very much. He said it hurts to sneeze, cough, hiccup, laugh etc.

Eventually some Queen was played, but not without the DJ mentioning that Trina thinks A Kind of Magic is rubbish. The manager decided to close early that night, so we ventured outside and waited for more taxi’s to take us back to Trina’s. Some people stopped in the kebab shop next door, but the rest of us were too cold to wait so carried on without them!!

Once we got back we had to figure out who was sleeping where but that didn’t take too long, so we just sat around talking and watched a couple of stuff on DVD’s too.

The majority of us went to bed around 4am I think!! In the spare room where I was, were Bev, Sam and Pam. Trina came into talk to us at some point and they ended up showing her how to play Uno (great game) and Pam and Sam were reliving the horror of their journey to us, it was very funny.

Trina went to bed when the girls mentioned something about the sun coming up in an hour’s time. Pam kept burping though and I asked her if she could burp the alaphabet and she attempted it ~ it was really funny. We couldn’t stop laughing!!

Part two coming up soon xx

yet again my memory fails me on who gave me the tag ~ but thank you people xx



elainey2465 said...

Sounds like good fun!! Burping ABCs!! LOL That would make me sick I think!! LOL I used to play Uno alot!! It is a good game  - looking forward to part two!! Laine xxx

oddb0dkins said...

And a great time was had by all. Never heard of uno. B. x

wobblymoo said...

Why was it a fake birthday bash?  Sounded like a right laugh though :)

louiseb411 said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! Louise xx

ally123130585918 said...

Jenny that sounded like a really good night out and fun was had by all ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Sounds as though a good time was had by all. once you got everyone together Jan xx

katie39041 said...

I hope my invite gets posted early for the next party, sounds like it was a good do.
Hope your weeks going well.
lots of love

seraphoflove9001 said... sounds like alot of fun!

irisclyde said...

Burping the alphabet?? Now that's what I call an ending to a party!

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like everyone had a blast!! Thanks for sharing with us!! (Hugs) Indigo

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you finally got everyone where you should be and had a good time! Don't think I could even attempt to burp the alphabet!! Jeannette xx  

sarajanesmiles said...

Jenny Jenny Jen Jen... am catching up at last :o)
What is the breakthru' train?
Am I very sad for not knowing?
Sara   x