Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ranting, Shopping, Recycling and Smiling

Hiya journal buddies ~ how are you all :o)  I'm quite happy for a change!!  Make the most of it, it won't last..........especially as tomorrow is Monday!!  Monday's tend to bring me down..............*groan*

Ooooo I forgot to say many, many thanks to Amy as she gave me a nicey award ~ that makes two :o)  Aren't i lucky tee hee hee.........Amy is lovely, if you get time check out the link and pay her a visit!! 

So thank you all for the comments towards the pictures and videos :o)  Glad you liked them all!!  I still laugh at that first video I posted, every never fails to make me chuckle lol

Have you all had a good week?  JE went okay apparently according to the fellas so that's the main thing!  She did reccommend it for a formal appeal and now we have to wait 6 months or more to hear the outcome *sarcastic yay*

Not much else has happened this week to notify you off so I shall just carry on and tell you about my weekend.  After I've had a good moan about car drivers GRRRRR.... On Friday I cycle round to Sainsbugs to do my weekly shop!!  This Friday it was raining which wasn't good, but as usual I cycle on the road, but that night EVERY car i was trying to go past would suddenly decide to move in closer to the pavement!!  A builders truck did that when I was alongside him........ooooo I was so angry!!  I could've been knocked off or anything!!  Damn you car drivers.....look out before you swerve!!  No offence to you lot unless you live near me ;-)  and drive that road on a Friday night!!

Saturday I got up early *shock* and went to the hairdressers.  I love walking up past the quay on a Saturday morning nice and early, coz there is hardly anybody about!!  As you can imagine at weekends it gets very busy!!  Anyway luckily the hairdressers weren't busy either!!  I sat down after telling them what i want and expected to sit there for at least half an hour which I sometimes have to do and the lady came over to me and started off.  Her name (according to the book she wrote in was Rach, just in case I want to ask for her again).  She was nice and chatty, in fact we chatted the whole time about cooking LOL.........Apparently she was going to cook a meal for her mum that night and was using all fresh ingredients, so I started telling her about 'cook from fresh sundays' :o) 

After the hairdressers (my hair looks so much better, it's still in the same style hence no piccies) I went to wait for a bus into town.  Unfortunately I just missed one and sat at the bus stop with an elderly gentleman who decided to inform me the new seats at the bus stop where much better coz homeless people can't sleep on them and how there is a homeless guy he sees every morning when he gets his paper.  Trust me not to put the MP3 player on!!

In town I brought a new bra (ooooo, which is actually hurting me so that's not good but I'm living with the pain lol) and two new pairs of trousers!!  One of the pair was marked in sale at £25 and when she put it through the scanner it came up £20 :o)  Yay to savings lol  I also went to Poundstretcher and brought myself a wok for £3, as I shall need it for the next 'cook from fresh'.  I was supposed to do that this weekend but without the wok I thought i would swap the weeks around ~ confusing LOL

Then I came home (walked all the way) and sat down, watched some more 'Cutting It' and then hoovered.  I spent the rest of the day trying to be creative and catching up on the journal alerts ~ it's down to 20 ish woohoo :o)

I dyed my hair later (same colour as before hence no pics), cooked tea, watched casualty, spoke to Trina on the phone, watched Gavin and Stacey as BBC 2 where showing the whole series, which was good :o)  Then at 12.40pm I watched the highlights of the NME big gig.

OH MY GOD.......................I am so glad I did and this is gonna sound so Pathetic to you lot!!  Basically when I like bands I try to find some link between them........For example The Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins is a BIG Queen fan :o)  So I have been waiting patiently for a Queen reference to come from my new obession The Kaiser Chiefs :o)  I know they are big Beatles fans and you can hear that in the songs but there must be something..............anything????!!!!!!!  Up until last night i thought the only link was that they like the Foo Fighters :o)  Nothing wrong with that but...............Last night i was rewarded with my patience as there during the interview the singer Ricky was wearing a Queen t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One I have not seen before, how is this possible!!!!  lol  So today I have searched for it ~ yep I am THAT sad lol (damn it the link to the pic isn't showing grrrrrrrrrr) I rung Trina (yes at 1am!!), needless to say she didn't answer and i ended up sending her 4 texts, not just on this matter lol........I had to be patient again as i had to wait for her to a) get up and b) ring me about this lol.......she did eventually :o)

So I have spent mothers day with a little smile on my face (yep that sad) and didn't really do much!!   I walked round to the clothes recycling bank at Sainsbugs as i forgot to take some when I did my shopping on Friday night.  On the way back I was nearly home when I took out my MP3 player and realised the back had fallen off :(  This is not good news as without it sometimes the player won't recognise the battery is there........I thought to myself well I have time let's go back!!  So I walked all the way back to Sainsbugs, passed the place where I figured I could've dropped it but no sign!!!!  Dejectedly I walked back and guess what.................yep it was right where I thought it would be!!!  I had gone passed it LOL........................who said i need the exercise lol

Came home, had a nap :o)  then spent the rest of tonight on the computer.  Today's cook from fresh is Tuna Pasta Bake, which I have to say is the most delicious thing I have made so far!!!  Looking forward to tomorrow for the rest even though it includes the burnt bit *groan*  The only problem with cooking it was the continual stirring!!  I've just had melon for afters!!

Anyway enough from me.............Happy Mothers Day to all you mums  :o)  here's a link to whatI wrote in 2005, which I still stand by coz my mum is lovely xx  She received her earrings which she likes, so that's good :o)

Well till next time x  Have a good week peeps x  This week should be good, we are going to see The Editors on Friday :o)

How cute is that sig :o) 



cayasm said...

Wow busy weekend, making me dizzy just reading about I woke up today thinking it was Monday and I'm still not completely straight, luckily you found the back to your MP3 player otherwise that would be a pain. Glad your mum liked her earrings.

Have a good week


pamal3 said...

Hey, Ladyyy. Good to see you are happy. You should take that bra off and swing It round that nasty pensioner's neck at that bus stop for being mean about the homeless! Grrr. Anyway Well done of the nicey award, Fantastic entry dedicated to your mum, I loved It and well done for making me laugh yet again with you and your bike antics, as a fellow push-biker, I know exactly where you are coming from!! lol. Hope you have a great week. Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

Hi Jen yes I agree about the drivers in the rain ,I found that when I cycled ,you sound as though you got alot done this weekend ,your first video made me chuckle too and jump lol did Trina help out with the tee shirt info ? ..pleased you very nice Mum liked her earings Jan xx

louiseb411 said...

Busy weekend! Puts lazy old me to shame. Glad you found your back bit! Louise xx

ally123130585918 said...

Jenny you packed a lot into your weekend ~ I agree about drivers getting too close to cyclists it scares me to watch them sometimes ~ glad you found the back to your MP3 player that really was a bit of luck finding it exactly where you thought it would be ~ Ally x

labdancer51 said...

Cyclists are well catered for here Jen, we have cycle lanes all over the town which is as it should be. Thankfully our council is very big on Health and Safety issues so that is something we can thank the town planners for if nothing else. :o)

 Love Sandra xxxx

jaymact1 said...

You  put me to shame with your busy weekends. Being retired we are apt to stay at home at the weekend and go out on Monday as it is nice and quiet. Have a good week. Love Joan.

stewielad1 said...

I always keep an eye out for cyclists.. you should try it in London..they're all mad!!
Glad your well!!

helmswondermom said...

Glad you found the back to your MP3 player.  I didn't know it was Mother's Day in the UK today.

mortonlake said...

thanks  for kind comments  jenny  on  my  journal.   omg       you  busyyyyy        lol          you  sound  like you know how to  have  fun,     never  lose  that   love.           you  take  care         mort  xxx

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Wishing you a happy late mothers day!!!  Hope the rest of your week goes good for you!  Hugs,TerryAnn

rubychalluby said...

Where do you find all that energy at weekends??   It takes all my energy to get out of bed on a saturday and Sunday!  Tuna pasta is my speciallity, I love it - I love any kind of pasta dish though.  take care, Ruby xxxx

breakaway1968 said...

Saying hello from Wisconsin.  I just wanted to say I ran into your journal through a link on someone else's journal.  I had to come check it out and found your side bar pretty interesting.  Love your humor!  I have you on alerts now so I will back to read again :)  Have a nice day today.