Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Answers and Foo Sweatiness

Hello everyone ~ ooooo two entries in a row??  I know I'm spoiling you ;-)  and please no comment references about how it's like buses thank you very much xx 

So it seems I stumped you with the mathematical question huh??  Well I think my dear friend from Germany, Coops was the closest with the here is the answer as provided by mathematical genius Trina ;-)  If it's wrong blame her lol

Yep 7 girls x 2 legs = 14

7 girls has 7 bags = 49 bags

49 bags with 7 cats = 343 big cats each with 4 legs = 1372 legs

343 big cats x 7 little cats = 2401 each with 4 legs = 9604 legs

Add up the legs 14 + 1372+ 9604 = 10990

(sorry for this font below blimin AOHell is messing me about!!)


So there you go...........mad huh?  I would NEVER have taken the bags into the equation!!!!!!!  No wonder I ain't a genius lol.........

Anywayenough of this maths journal is supposed to be fun not about studying subjects I can't stand lol........So how's your week going?  Jeez can it please stop raining!!  I'm sick to death of getting wet walking to and from work.  Guess what the weather forecast is for tomorrow...........yep rain *yawn*  I reckon it's just gonna do this for the rest of the year....oh how i long for summer and believe me I can't stand summer lol.......but anything would be better than what we're getting now....silly global warming!!

At work, it's going okay i guess!!  Getting a bacon sarnie tomorrow when I get to work.  Open window man is doing a bacon sarnie run from the kitchen so as long as you are there by 9am ish then you could order one.........I've wanted one since we knew they were doing them!!  Never got round to ordering them though lol and today it was S's birthday and S's mum always makes cakes for her to bring should've seen the chocolate cake, it had maltesers on top :o)  Well I couldn't resist lol.......

I don't think there is anything else of importance to tell you.....I've been downloading music this week and it finally finished yesterday so there was a happy jenny :o)  Also found some clips on youtube of the gig we went to on Friday so that made an even happier jenny...but now I'm pineing for gigs lol........

So let's cure this and carry on with the travel diary :o)  (which should be renamed gig diary - hey ho!)   Last week I had taken you to Cardiff in November to see the Foo Fighters and I think I had left you watching Serj Tankian the support let's continue.......enjoy xx


I think the Foo's came on about 9pm??!! Their first song was 'Let It Die' from the new album, a personal fave of Trina's, so that was it we were going insane, jumping, screaming and whatever else comes with a rock show. I tried head banging but after a while I had to give up because it was so hot in there I was sweating buckets. So everytime I headbanged my wet hair would go into my eyes and so I would end up with sweat in them which isn't nice. I tried also not to scream too much but when Let It Die was followed by Pretender it was hard to stop myself from not getting carried away. Problem is I get shattered during these two songs alone from jumping and singing, how was I going to cope through the rest of the set?

During the set, Dave did not disappoint and would often come down the catwalk. We could work out when he was gonna do it so that Trina could move across slightly and I could get closer!! It was amazing.....I love being that close to him!! Trina gave Wayne the camera everytime he came down the catwalk. Unfortunately mine refused to work when the Foo's came on stage. I was not amused!! My view for the stage wasn't so good, those tall people were getting further and further into the crowd. Everynow and then though I could see so I made the most of it and stood and watched. I kept thinking about how I had to work the next day so couldn't tire myself out too much!! Luckily for me, halfway through the set, Dave and co perform a little accoustic set. It was nice to have a break from jumping and going mad.

Dave did his usual hello to the crowd and said that we were a better crowd than what Sheffield had been.....................I've heard this before Dave!! He's full of crap but you gotta love him. He introduced the band and said something about how we were gonna get some kick arse solos from them all. Drew Hester (percussionist) was asked to do a solo on something, so he played a variety of his instruments that he had and ended up doing some kind of solo on his drum thingys, (technical term you understand!) Then it was Taylor's turn and Dave joked about how usually at gigs Taylor has his top off but tonight he hadn't. There were a few fangirls screaming for him to take it off. Trina was one of them, but I figured the only person who could hear her was me!! So I told her to shout it louder for him to hear her..........she wouldn't do it!! Especially when Dave asked who wanted to see Taylor's pecks!!

When they got to the part of the set where they played But Honestly (great song) Trina admitted she wasn't feeling all that great so she kept trying to get some water from the security guards. They did give out quite a bit which was good, considering the last time we were at that venue Sarah had been dying and they had refused!! Everlong was played as it should be played. I have since read that they had been starting off accousticly but getting heavier with it at the end and apparently they were going to do that, that night. Dave called everyone back to the stage though and admitted that he wanted to play it properly for a change so they did, it was AWESOME!!

One of the best parts of the set in my mind was All My Life. Just before the guitar solo kicks in Dave says 'Are you ready to dance?, Are you ready? Let's do it' and the place goes mental. Usually I would avoid moments like this but not that night it was brilliant...............I was jumping and headbanging and leaning on the girl in front of me and the bloke behind me was leaning on me, but I just laughed about this cause I just found it so stupid!! The whole crowd were okay to be honest with you, well apart from one girl near us who had the most out of tune voice EVER!! At one point I looked at Trina kinda accusingly which was a bit mean of me but she realised why I was looking and said it was the girl behind her.

When Dave introduced the band, he said that Chris wanted to say a few words. Chris gave out an annoucement that Joe Calzagie was in the audience and pointed him out in the top seats. Chris is a bit of a boxer so I think he was in awe that Joe was there watching. Dave apparently offered to fight him and Taylor told him to 'shut up'. Throughout the rest of the show we couldn't help but looking where he was sat as he was on our side, and we could see him head banging and really going for it. Looked like he was enjoying himself. The Foo's show wasn't that long after Joe had won some title or whatever right there in Cardiff, (see I do know some things!!)

For me the encore was the best!! Earlier in the car I had said to Trina that if they played 'Aurora' I would cry!! I thought I knew what the encore was having read someone's posting online but apparently I didn't!! First they played a song I hadn't ever heard live but knew from the first album called Wattershed. That's a heavy song, unfortunately I didn't really have the energy or the inclination to go mad but I tried my best!! I had a feeling Wayne would be going for it though, bless him. He was stood a couple of people behind us!! Then that song finished and Dave went straight into the next one. He played one chord on the guitar and I screamed - literally screamed!! It was Aurora!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really did choke up and figured I was gonna cry. I had been the only one to scream too...........Talk about obsessed! Trina kept looking at me too..........


Set List was: Let It Die • The Pretender • Times Like These • Breakout • Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) • Generator • Learn To Fly • Long Road To Ruin • Stacked Actors • DOA • Skin And Bones • Marigold • My Hero • Cold Day In The Sun • But, Honestly • Everlong • Monkey Wrench • All My Life • Wattershed • Aurora • Best Of You

When the gig finished, we made our way out of the building but first stopping for t-shirts. I didn't think I wanted one but was soon convinced to get one, gigs have strange effects on me!! It was a bit of a struggle to get to the merchandise but Trina and I managed it in the end. Once we had our t-shirts we made our way outside to meet up with Wayne (who had gone to get drinks) and Gareth (who had gone to the loo). Dave during the gig had said that when we get outside, because we were sweating so much we were going to be freezing. I thought at the time that I wouldn't care coz it would be so nice, to an extent it was quite nice. Eventually found everyone and we made our way to the car. Unfortunately it would appear that everyone who had been at the gig and had driven was also parked in this car park.

Got back up to level 3 and into the car which was fine. As we were heading for the exit, I said quietly about how it was strange that we hadn't paid yet. As we reached Level 2 we saw a huge queue of people and it was then that it hit us. They were in the queue for the ticket machine.............goodness knows where the machine was. So Wayne parked up on this level and Trina got out to go and join the queue and pay. It was whilst we were waiting that the cold started to hit me!! I was freezingjust like Dave had said!! I had my fleece on and hood up, put my beanie hat on and fingerless gloves. I couldn't stop shivering!!

Trina was gone for about an hour, it was getting later and later which was worrying me slightly coz I had to get up the next day for work..........I needed my sleep!! Gareth had gone to find her. Every now and then she had been ringing me or texting me and she wasn't that far along even after an hour. It was looking very grim, when all of a sudden Gareth and Trina were clambering into the car telling Wayne to go. Some very nice NCP attendant had gone up to the queue telling them they could pay by debit card at the gates. So we were off which was good news!! A lot of people had the same idea and we got stuck in a relatively small queue but laughed at the people still in the queue for the car park machine. This was something we were going to have to keep in mind for the other Cardiff dates that we had!!

We only took a wrong turning once trying to find the way out of Cardiff. This was because Trina's notes were in the boot. We ended up having to turn round and used some person's drive way. The journey home didn't take too long and Wayne stopped once just outside of Taunton for some fresh air. He brought a pasty which I ended up finishing - it tasted so good!! Gareth kept talking to Wayne, keeping him alert etc. I wanted to join in but I was too cold!! Trina slept the whole way!!

We had to stop back at work so Gareth could pick up his van to drive home and Wayne dropped me off at home after that!! I was buzzing and didn't think I would be able to get any sleep. It was 2am. Just as I was drifting off I got a text from Trina to say they had got home safely. What an awesome night................couldn't wait for London, even if we did have seated tix!!

(the next day at work wasn't too bad, I ached but I still had my voice, just wasn't too alert!! I had got up early to have a shower though as after all that sweating it was vital!!)

Sorry another long entry xx

Next week still more capers from November....

Till then xx

(can't leave a sig...........blimin' AOHell has blanked out the camera/video buttons!!  What the hell is going on??)


jeadie05 said...

Whoops I was way off with the girls and their cats and bags ,bacon sarnie ,and choccie cake with maltezers,it must help the day go by lol Jan xx

cayasm said...

The answer doesn't make sense, the question asked how many legs are on the bus as far as I know bags don't have legs, where is the link to check this answer, you got me puzzled


swmpgrly said...

Someone brought that brain teaser into work and I actually figured it
I think I deserve a raise.

elainey2465 said...

Hmmm Im jealous I like the Foos! xx

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louiseb411 said...

Sounds like a great concert! Louise x

jjdolfin9 said...

Of course, I have no idea who Foo is but it sounds like you had a ball.  Sorry you are having so much rain.  Hard to believe we had snow on the ground on Sat. and now it is 70's and gorgeous out.  Spring fever time.
Hugs, Joyce

breakaway1968 said...

Ya I was right! lol I Forgot the step that there was actually 7 bags not one! lol  You should add some more...those are fun :)

breakaway1968 said...

Ok you should have mathematical Monday's!  That would be fun AND keep our brains sharp as well lol

pamal3 said...

Hey Ladyyyy. Glad I never entered that math puzzler! I would've got a red face...Now If It was spelling!!!! I would love that! lol. The Foo's sounded amazing. Love Pammels. xx

princesssaurora said...

Wow!  What a concert!  I felt like I was there reading your entry!!!  Bacon sarnie?  Is that like a sandwich?  Anything with bacon has to be good~!  lol

be well,

gazker said...

I thought my answer was best.
Gaz xx ;-)