Monday, 17 March 2008

Rambles, mobile pics and stuff

Heywooooo everyone :o)  So second time lucky *touches wood* I can't believe how flippin silly I was grrrrrrrrrr...god knows what I pressed to make me loose the entry but here I am a sucker for trying again LOL.........

So I was saying that I don't have any news and thought I would post the random pics I've been taking on my mobile and some have been sent to me from Trina ~ more about that later.

Firstly I wanted to tell you about Thursday!  I am usually moaning about my job but I thought for a change I would tell you about the fab day I had on Thursday.  It started off well with a bacon sarnie :o)  Mind you I had to pay £1.50 for the privilege and there's a temptation to have one again this week damn it!!  Anyway then at some point during the morning I received a phone call, answered it as my usual cheery self *yeah right lol* and the bloke on the other end asked to speak to me.  This is not uncommon seeing as how I'm the only one whose ever there and letters are going out in my name I prepared myself for the usual "your-wrong-and-I'm-right-and-we-don't-have-to-pay" conversation and instead he said 'I'm Mr blah blah and I wanted to thank you for sorting out Mrs blah blah's account and thank you for the cheque you have sent.'  To say I was stunned is an overstatement.............nobody EVER does that!!!!   I wanted to tell everyone in the office that he'd rung me up to compliment me, but I managed to save it and only tell a couple.

Later in the day I had to ring a funeral directors which I've never had to do before but they were very helpful :o)  We had cakes coz one lady was retiring that day, and I wrote a letter to someone who had rung me up saying I was wrong and he was right when in fact it was the other way round and I had proof :o)  So a good day was had by me and now shared with you all!!

I didn't spend the weekend running here there and everywhere as the weather was just too awful :(  I did spend Saturday shredding though and in amongst my shredding there wrapped in a receipt was a 5 pound note!!  Woohoo I'm rich ;-) 

SundayI watched more Cutting It thinking the 4th series isn't very good and I'm up to the 3/4 episode and I've never cried so much over a TV programme in all my life LOL  Then I did go for a walk as we had a break in the rain and went to Matalan in search of pin stripe trousers but had no luck!!  Need them for the gangsta outfit for the convention, should be good :o)  Trina and I are gonna hit the shops on Saturday (with no money) to see if we can come up with some final ideas for Halloween costumes which we also need for the convention!!  We have head gear and party packs but nothing to wear lol....I bet that created some lovely images for you all lol...........

Oh and I wanna moan about my bike coz last time I did that bicycle repair man turned up!!  My bike was REALLY bad on Friday night.  So bad I almost had to get off and push it round to Sainsbugs coz it's missing the link every peddle I made!!  I think some of the cars were getting annoyed with me, but probably coz there was a diversion in place and I was in their way *evil laughter*

Anyway enough of me rambling about nothing so let's ramble about the piccies :o)

1, 2 & 3 - obvious enough!!

4 - to hide the cables on my computer desk I thought I could use my flag to cover them!!  I just need to buy another one now to put over the TV when I'm not using it, hopefully I can find a Queen one at the convention :o)

5 & 6 - I've been taking pics of my fresh cook sunday meals to send to Trina.  So that's them.  This weeks was Lasagne and I have to say it was quite nice and didn't take very long at all :o)

7, 8 & 9 - These are from the Virgin Radio website!  I logged on there as a VIP at some point and coz I've been using it I am now showing up as one of the four top fans for T'Chiefs, Foos and Queen ~ yay me :o)

10 through to 17 - Ok bare with me there is a story behind this!!  Whose seen Ice Age?  Well I have a teddy of the mammoth from the film which I found in a bargin bin at WHSmith and thought he was alonebut he wasn't.  Still I brought him anyway coz I think he was a £1 or something like that.  Anyway he usually sits on top of my TV until Trina came round one weekend and took him home with her when I wasn't looking.  Number 10 is the first pic I got through asking me if I was missing anything.  Well since then I have been getting these picture messages and it's been winding me up so I got her back!!  During my lunch break on Thursday I made up a petition asking for the release of the 'mammoth one' and signed it by all these famous people..........t'chiefs signed it as did the Foos and Brian and Roger from Queen, plus some others.  It was hysterical and i wished I could've been there when she opened it lol.........

Anyway long story short and all that I have bargined a way for him to come home, only Wayne was supposed to bring him into work today and he didn't coz he's ill so I get numbers 16 & 17 today :( 

It's all funny really :o)

18 through to 23 are drawings by myself!  I like to have a creative outlet, I write stories and sometimes when the mood takes me I draw :o)  Number 18 is an idea I have for a song called Retirement, don't ask about number 19, 20 & 21 were drawn when I was on the phone to Trina one evening, 22 is from the coffee and TV video by blur, and 23 is ok but I'm not happy with the way the bloke turned out!

So there you go :o)

Oh just before I go another little moan about my neighbours.  I was drifting off to sleep last night and at some point something woke me up and all I could hear afterwards was them talking...this carried on till 2.15am :(  Needless to say I have not been a happy bunny today at work!!  I'm not sure if I prefer the kicking in of the door or the talking to god knows what time of the night!!  I know they are only talking but come thin are these walls for crying out loud!!!  I must be tired coz I was falling asleep watching TV earlier LOL

Well I think I have rambled on enough for one until Wednesday take care peeps and if you celebrated today ~ Happy St Patricks day to you all xx

Queen tour dates are supposed to be revealed this week yay cannot wait!!!


jeadie05 said...

Great pictures Jen ,even better graphic lol ,Enjoyed hearing about your good day ,erm ''rang undertaker '' what fun you have lol Jan xx

cayasm said...

Erm..Jenny isn't Halloween 6 months away...... but if your out on Satuday try the charity shops for the pinstripes, It's nice when ppl are nice really can make your day your week even.

Take care


pamal3 said...

Hey lady! You crack me up! That little flasher will be In my dreams tonight tormenting me! lol. I adored the pics. My wee treasure called me Manny! after the Ice age mammoth. Hmm nice eh?. I, do love him though, he Is so sweet. Get that broom handle whacked of the walls when your noisy neighbours are sleeping! lol. I feel so sorry for you that you deleted your first entry. I have done that also and I was not amused! Hope you have a fab week what's left of It. Keep up the drawings. I love them all. Love Pam xx

jjdolfin9 said...

I love the mammoth from Ice Age.  I would buy it too.  Love the pix and especially the drawing you made.  Have a great week girlfriend.
Hugs, Joyce

princesssaurora said...

Glad that you had a compliment at work!  I bet that made your day!  Good on ya!

be well,

oddb0dkins said...

Nice to get a friendly customer occasionally ennit? Doesn't happen too often working with the public.

B. x

louiseb411 said...

Make the most of the nice customer. Have a good week Louise xx

ukgal36 said...

nice customers make up for all the bad ones...well almost...;-)

jaymact1 said...

Hi Jenny, it is nice for someone to say thankyou for a job well done.  Love your mammoth he is very cute. Love Joan.

ally123130585918 said...

Isn't it nice to be paid a compliment at work ~ and I loved your pictures ~ Ally x

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Jenny i suck i read all of this and soon i got to the comment part i forgot everything i read im having a bad morning i woke up to early dammit!!

elainey2465 said...

Well its nice to know that some people do appreciate things and how nice of him to ring up and say so! Good for you Jen! Well done! I wasnt offended by your comment hun - I do understand I shouldnt involve my kids - I didnt intend to - its hard sometimes! Love Laine xxx

gazker said...

Don't ya just love it when you get some one phonig up with thanks? I'm so glad you had a good day.
Gaz xxx

funnyface0s0 said...

Hi Jen
Fab pics !   and isn't it nice to get compliments - well done you for being so nice and helpful to this lady (we know your lovely and nice ;o)
Luv Jaynee X