Wednesday, 26 March 2008

One More Day To Go wooooo.......Travel Diary

*singing* "Only one day to go, only one day to gooooooo........"  WOOHOO I only have to work till 1pm at the latest tomorrow and then I'm off till Wednesday.  Cannot wait..............Queen convention here I come :o)

I have to laugh though because P who is never at work and always on leave so I'm there on my own, may very well find herself on her own for the next couple of days.....well from when I leave tomorrow anyway ;-)  Our team leader has called in sick for the past couple of days :(  Poor thing............she's had one of these bugs that is going around.  It just makes a change for P to be there on her own.  I'm not being spiteful honest, hey I even laughed about it in front of her today..........She did get her own back, I said something about working hard for the last half an hour and she said 'that would be a first'.....We do get on a lot better now.......which I must say I am thankful for!!  I can still vividly remember the days when I didn't wanna go to the work in case she was in a bad mood.  She used to be one of those people that would take it out on you :(  Not fun to work with, trust me!!

Anyway enough of this miserable talk...Convenssssssssshhhhhhhuuuuuunnnnnnnnn :-)

An update regarding the tour front....Trina has booked us tix to Paris, which is ironic considering that's the one I said I would drop if it came to it!  Germany sounds like it is gonna be fun coz we are organising meeting up with our fabulous German ladies and to stay on for like an extra day to make the most of it, then if we continue to arrange the trip to Vienna too that would be a great tour :o)  Note to Indigo ~ I wouldn't want you to think I don't have any gigs planned ;-)

Anyway talking of gigs (as if I talk about anything else lol) it's Wednesday and that is tour diary day..........I left you last week scouring the O2 dome in London looking for a way to get to the Foo's.............let's carry on x

After about 20 minutes or so our food arrived (well let’s just say it was quicker than the 40 mins they had originally said). Wayne’s arrived first and looked yummy, then the rest, Trina and I had a chicken burger and it was warmish!! Sheila finished her veggie burger very quickly coz it didn’t matter if that was cooked properly or not. Trina and I were not amused with our burgers and left most of it. Even the chips were coldish!! Mark turned up and joined us having a drink and we chatted, gossiped and moaned about men and women. It was very funny and nice to catch up with him.

I have to tell you about the most disgusting part of Sheila and my day!! Some guy who was drunk and what I assumed was homeless but don’t quote me on that came into the pub and sat behind us. The whole time he was talking to himself and I think he may have offered Mark a sandwich. At one point he got up to leave and as he walked passed us Sheila and I (not that we were looking in his direction) caught sight of a rather unattractive sight of the gentleman’s bottom. Let’s just say it wasn’t very clean!!!!

Grossed out completely we agreed that as it was 7pm, Trina, Wayne and myself had to make our way to the arena. Sheila offered to take all our bags back to hers. We felt extremely guilty about this. I had a rucksack, Trina and Wayne had a suitcase and I think they may have had a rucksack too, plus Sheila had her own bag, but she was willing to do it, so we said our goodbyes at the train station and made our way back via the underground to the arena.

As we had seating tickets we didn’t really mind getting there a bit later. As we made our way out of the tube station there was crowds and crowds of people. We joined this crowd and made our way up one of the three escalators that were open to get to the arena. From there it was a bit of a walk to find the door H that we were due to go through. Up some more escalators to the seating area and then we had to find Wayne’s seat. Unfortunately when Trina had booked the tickets she had been in such a panic that she had booked two and then had to go back and book another one. We went through the door where Wayne’s seat was situated and we were relieved as we weren’t in the top part. We were worried that we might be coz we wouldn’t be able to stand up and jump around. Wayne’s seat was slightly to the left of the stage.

Trina showed him to his seat and I stood at the top watching Serj Tankian. He was singing a song I knew so that was okay. I took a picture to see how it would come out from being this far away from the stage, as I had zoomed in quite a bit, it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t that great either!! Eventually this woman (security) asked me to move away from the area, as Trina had returned; we went to find our own seats. We were about 3 or 4 doors away from where Wayne was seated. The security bloke on the door had joked about us ‘joining his area’ which was mildly amusing. We then had to find our seats in the dark, which did not turn out to be very easy. Tried one way, no such luck went down the other side still no such luck but we gave up and went through on the other side. The problem was I couldn’t work out the seat numbers. Whichever way we went though we had to disturb people. We find our seat numbers and sit down, making ourselves comfortable. It was actually warmer in there than I thought it was going to be which was good.

We were both quite happy with our seats. We were dead centre and had a fantastic view of the stage and the sound was pretty good, but the seats were quite small and there wasn’t much room to move. Serj finished his set and we then waited for the Foo’s to come on stage. During this break Trina kept texting Wayne and eventually she could spot where he was sitting. She tried to point it out to me but I couldn’t see him. A bit later she tried again and I spotted him. He was chatting to the person sat next to him. (I think he said they were American!) We heard Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age tracks which were pretty good. Wayne apparently missed the Nails track which was a shame coz he loves the Nails. The bloke sitting next to me asked if I knew what time the band were coming on but I didn’t know and only guessed!! We also spotted Dave’s little girl Violet playing around on the catwalk before the band came on stage, bless her!!

I can’t remember exactly but I think the Foo’s came on around ten to nine. Dave walked on strumming the sounds of ‘Let It Die’ and the excitement for Trina and I started to build. Only a couple of people in front and to the side of us stood up so I felt too self conscious to do it as well. After about a couple of minutes though Trina and I couldn’t resist it and stood up, that made everyone in front of us stand up as well!!

Next was Pretender and that was brilliant, it was so hard not to jump around, but we were worried we might injure ourselves or something as there wasn’t much room to move. The whole set list was just awesome!! A lot of the same songs from Cardiff were played. During the first break he had Dave asked if they could play 100 songs so the crowd cheered. He laughed coz he said they don’t have a 100 songs!!

They played quite a few rock songs and Trina and I ended up spending a lot of the gig laughing at the blokes in front of us. There were four of them and between me and you I think they were slightly drunk!! But they were jumping up and down and generally being a bit silly. They kept turning round to look at the crowd so Trina and I would smile at them, which made them start giving us high fives. They were funny though and we didn’t mind. I later said to Trina that if it had been any other gig, I think they would’ve annoyed me so much!!

Right i shall leave you just to remind you I am away from the computer from tomorrow till Monday possibly Tuesday.  I am not turning off my alerts but I shall probably delete most of them xx  Sorry peeps but no doubt I'll have a few to read ;-)

Hope you all have a great weekend xx

I made this as part of a tube challenge for the DSD group that I am a member of :o)  Yay me!!


cayasm said...

Love your tag, bet you can't wait until your time off, for the Queen convention hope it will be fun, and of course leavin P to her own devices at

Have a great time and try not to work too hard at work

Take care


jeadie05 said...

Now I bet you feel rally guilty leaving poor A all by herself hee hee Your tag is lovely ,you are clever ,Debbie has tried to explain it to me so many times ,I just dont get itt ,durr....  My daughters and Granddaughter went to see West life in Shefield last night Jan xx

specialadyfink said...

Cool tag-and yeah boy I'm jealous cause you gettin to see Queen.I was jammin to the tune at
but you can embed it-change your text to html and paste this & save....

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>

Hugs-& have a GREAT time

ps.thanks for stopping by my lil grandsons blogs they be 9 & 10 yrs. young,LOL

rdautumnsage said...

Damn right I'm jealous I'm not you right now (winks). Lets see with Paris and Germany in the works, your becoming quite the world traveler. In all honesty I did the same thing up until I was 38 going to music festivals almost every weekend. Using up all my sick days to push it for more 3 day weekends. At 38, I became the free roadie for Doc's blues band. (Didn't you know thats why they bring the gf along?) These days I'm more than content to sit back and enjoy living the Queen conventions vicariously through you.....

As for P she says with an evil grin: She had it coming! (Hugs) Indigo

jaymact1 said...

Great to own backon someone like your team leader.Have a great time . Love j

sunnybethe said...

HI sweet Jenny...I finally found your journal and you are leaving?!  Just kidding~ Have a wonderful, wonderful time at the Convention!

hugs,  Bethe

jjdolfin9 said...

Following along once again.  You do know how to have fun Jenny.  Love your tag, by the way.
Hugs, Joyce

oddb0dkins said...

Have a cracking time at the convention Jen.

B. x

pamal3 said...

Hey Ladyyyy. Don't you dare delete me! lol. What have I told you about looking down men's trousers aswell? Hmm. We will talk about that later! lol. You just make sure you have a fabulous time. Take care mind. There Is only one of you. Love Pam xx

princesssaurora said...

Sounds like it was a great concert!  

be well,

helmswondermom said...

I hope you are enjoying your time off to the full!!  Take care!