Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Woohoo and Brain Training

Hello everyone :o)  Just a quickie from me today *raises eyebrows* nudge nudge wink wink LOL.............Now now you people with the dirty minds I don't mean like that lol

I wanted to write an entry to celebrate and test your mathematical brain ;-)  and of course I can't do it tomorrow coz that's travel journal day!!!  See it's all routine stuff here at Boredom Eats Away...........

So let's start with the celebration :o)  Yesterday when I came home from work and logged on I found out I had won the DSD group's photo challenge YAY me

  That's my prize :o)  It's supposed to be animated but i think I've saved it wrong whoops   Anyway the subject was Pets so I figured there is only one piccie I could send as I didn't seem to have the one of my cat that I liked.....so here's what I sent:

  That is Sweep, our beloved Yorkie!!  To find out more about him please click this link   I just remember for this pic it took ages to get him to wear those glasses ~ how mean am I lol...........Bless him!!

Right now the mathematical test.  At lunchtime I read this on a forwarded email and figured it would be fun to test you lot ;-)  There was a link with it and you could only open it when you had the right answer.  Now I'm not much of a mathematical person but I attempted it and got it wrong LOL..........However I have been informed and been provided with the workings out by mathematical genius named Trina :o)  So see how you get along.........leave your answer in the comments section and I'll give you the answer tomorrow xx  (NB:  Mum if Titch has a go let me know what she got for an answer I know she likes her maths :o) 

Only skilled people can do this so why not have a go....

Here's the question:

There is a bus with 7 girls .
Each girl has 7 bags .

In each bag, there are 7 big cats . .
Each big cat has 7 little cats. Each cat has 4 legs .
Question: How many legs are present in the bus?

So what is the number of legs?

So don't forget to let me know how you got on and I'll catch up with you all tomorrow

Till then xx


cayasm said...

Answer =70
Such a cute picture of sweep!

Take care


elainey2465 said...

I think it is 72 because you got to add the driver! xxx

jeadie05 said...

Congatultions on winning the DSD pictures comp this week ,Iwent back and read the entry ,where you told us all about him, I see I left you a comment lol ,I won it last week ,and put the award in my side bar ....was the ansewr 91 ? ,....love Jan xx

jeadie05 said...

PS . No it cant be I've got an odd leg hee heeee ..love again Jan xx

jjdolfin9 said...

OK Jenny...Making me think now.  I got 2744 cat legs plus 14 girl legs for a total of 2758 legs.  Probably wrong...that seems like way too many.  Glad you won the photo contest, but didn't you think my kitty's in the sink were cute too...lol.
Hugs, Joyce

coopscruiser said...

Congrats for winning the prize! :))

Hm... my answer would be 10.990 legs... without a driver. If there´s a driver, add 2. ;)

oddb0dkins said...

I make it 2,758 - if you count the driver of the bus then it's 2,760.

Congrats on your win.
B. x

pamal3 said...

Hey ladyyy. Well done on winning the photo challenge. Sweep is a little darling. As for that answer.....lol. My brain Is fried tonight and I can't do It! lol. I am such a quitter! usually I would be up all night until I gor It, but tonight I need to sleep, so hurry with the answer Miss jenners! lol. Love Pammels. x

mortonlake said...

congrats  on  award              and  for  bril.picture  lol              good  one          take care   love mort xxxx

jaymact1 said...

I make it 238. Love Joan.

breakaway1968 said...

My answer 1,582 if one of the girls is driving...if there is a bus driver add 2.   :)  

Now if 7 girls were not IN the bus then there is 0 or 2 for driver

breakaway1968 said...

NOPE I'm wrong I forgot a step be back with "right answer lol

breakaway1968 said...

ok 10,990 is the right answer!~  :)  Have a great day and congrats on your win :)

gazker said...

Um, well, if they were drunk, they would all be legless LOLOL.
Gaz xxx