Sunday, 9 March 2008

Neighbours, should be there for one another (not in this case!!) grrrrr

Hello all ~ how are you?

Things are alright at this end, this will probably end up being a bit of a bland entry compared to last weekends lol........Main reason??  Well I've been a bit lazy :o) 

So the end of the week was fairly uneventful well at work anyway!!  The open window guy doesn't work on Friday's so I have to say that was my best day of the week lol......Not much else has been happening at work, although I would like to thank you for the comments regarding the last entry, I would ask him to shut it but you can't do it EVERYTIME can you ??  Nope my usual way of dealing with things is put up and shut up and moan on here :o)  Aren't you all lucky lol.........

Friday was also a brill day coz Trina, Wayne and myself went to see the Editors in Plymouth :o)  Not gonna say too much coz there is a write up coming ~ was doing it earlier actually.....You guys always ask me how i remember things, well I make sure to make some rough notes a day or two after the actual gig and then when I type up the notes it helps to jog my memory for the whole thing......see I'm not really clever or anything, just got a good system that works lol

The next day we watched the film 'This Is England' which I have to say is good but has a crap ending!!  I'm not going into my views regarding the subject matter of this film as I shall probably come off worse than what I want, but I am very vocal on the subject as Trina found out after the film finished!!  We were talking politics and everything...quite a deep conversation for us.

After that we went shopping in Scumerfield in Torquay.  Not my usual shop but I still managed to go £2 over budget ~ woops!!  Trina and Wayne then drove me home, helped me in with my bags of shopping and played Guitar Hero.

Once they left I had my tea and browsed the internet for a while.  I made sure to download the songs that i had heard Friday but didn't know!!  Eventually I made my way to bed about 1am.  Mainly because I had been watching Parenthood, good film.

What happened next can almost be described in an entry I wrote over a year ago!!  (link here) Yep the (excuse my language) BLOODY neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Only last night was 10 times worse.  It started off with me drifting nicely off to sleep all cuddled into the duvet, quite happy and warm.........when I suddenly heard someone trying to open a door.  I realised it was the main door to the flats.......So that was it, thinking back to the potential break in to the other flats across the way, my heart was pounding and I lied there listening to this!!

Then there was the great "trying-of-the-doorbells"!!  As explained on the link entry the door bell system can be heard throughout all the flats in the block, so of course when they tried their own I could hear it, then out of desperation they tried mine.  Freaking out even more by this point I came to the conclusion that unlike last time I was NOT going to help them out.  Why should I??

Somehow they managed to get in, got up the stairs to the flat below me and knocked on the door, then came the WORSE thing of all.....They started kicking it or possibly throwing their body weight against it, which made my whole flat vibrate!!  So of course my mind is working over time and I start thinking that it could be my door that they are knocking...........This makes my heart beat even faster.

Well he gives up with this and goes outside again and has an argument with someone, who I don't know but possibly someone on a this point he has walked away from the flats so I can't hear the conversation very well!!  He comes back to the flats shouting for someone to let him in again, which they do.

So he's back up to the door and again he's kicking/throwing his weight into it!!  It does go quiet eventually and I managed to get out of bed quietly and open my bedroom door to see if I could hear what was going on and to make sure it wasn't my front door!  By the time I was confident enough to go back to bed it was 2/2.30am GRRRRRRRR........

I am not amused!!   Must we go through this everytime!!  I have to admit I was very surprised no-one called the police the way he was kicking that door.........I wouldn't do, I don't wanna get involved.........Mind you I half a mind to go down there and ask them if I could keep a copy of their key so that if this happens again, I could just give it to them and that would be that!!

I have no idea if two people live down there or what??  They have been extremely quiet today.........needless to say I played some loud music today!!  Thanks to them I am knackered..I lied in bed at 11.30am this morning quite happy to go back to sleep (I had woken up at 9am and was having a lie-in).  Please don't start at me about half the day has gone etc...........where do you think I get my energy from?? LOL

I did hoover today but apart from that I have not done anything adventurous and today's cook from fresh was good old chilli con carne which I know I can cook already!!

So that's my weekend, a brilliant gig, followed by annoyance on a higher level than I could ever have imagined!!

Of course now I'm bracing myself for the storms, should make an interesting walk to work tomorrow better remember to take some 'emergency socks' with me!!  I used the ones that were at work last week, when I realised the pair I was wearing had holes in them :( 

Hey, ho!!!  I better go and read some journal entries.............will i ever be up to date?  Nah I don't reckon so either!!

Till next time xx

I forgot to add Trina has my mamoth teddy (if you've seen ice age, you'll know the one I mean) she kidnapped him from the top of my TV.  grrrrrrrrrrr @ her!!


pamal3 said...

Hey lady. You be careful tomorrow and check in with me to let me know you are okay at the end of the day. As for those neighbours...Grrr. Do you want to borrow my garden tools? lol. I think you should pop down and have a quiet word though and explain It's not fair, If they cheek you, give me a shout!!. Flaming carry on anyway. That really winds me up. Wohhh. Deep breath! lol I'm better! Love Pam xx

jeadie05 said...

How awful for you Jen I lived in a flat once next door to a guy who was lovely most of the time ,but when he got his dole money once a fortnight he would get drunk and come home late at night singing and cussing ,I used to be scared ,but like you I kept my head Jan xx

oddb0dkins said...

We used to live in a flat. I well remember the noisy neighbours and their friends so you have my sympathy.

B. x

cayasm said...

I watched Parenthood as we have a new annoying neighbour however unlike you I went out Friday night and told them to give him his due he did pop round on Saturday to apologise so all is ok again, glad you enjoyed the concert, will wait for the write up, also glad open window guy took a day off hopefully to some more fresh

Have a good week


jjdolfin9 said...

Some neighbor's you have there Jenny.  Living alone and hearing all that racket would make me a wreck.  Glad you got to sleep in and collect yourself for the week ahead.  Hope it's a good one.
Hugs, Joyce

louiseb411 said...

Nasty neighbours! I am a put up and shut up sort of person but there is only so much someone can take especially if their sleep is disturbed! Glad you had a good concert...Louise xx

rubychalluby said...

I remember you mentioning your noisy neighbours before, must be a right pain in the backside.  They sound very inconsiderate.  it's a shame that most people these days tend to put up with people like that rather than make a fuss.  Personally I'd have to say something, though I know it's not easy, especially when you're on your own.  I think a vat of boiling oil to drop on them next time they start is a way of making sure they don't do it again, lol.  take care, Rubes xx

peccarylover said...

ugh, neighbours can be such a pain! I used to have horrible nightmare neighbours....they'd play loud music until 4am and set fire to things outside our I moved! LOL If it was me I'd have called the police....but I'm like that anyway and I can understand you not wanting to get involved.

Hope you didnt get blown about too much on your way to work!

Amy ~X~

breakaway1968 said...

Oh boy your neighbors sound like real winners there!  I bet that can't be so fun.  Glad you had a warm Friday at work - open window man!  Have a great week!~  :)

jaymact1 said...

Hope you have come through the storm OK. Love Joan

labdancer51 said...

Hi Jenny,

You should ask him to shut the window or you can threaten to throw him out of it...or is that going a bit far?!

Love Sandra xxxx

elainey2465 said...

I remember you talking about your neighbours before! Hey dont faint yes Im in your journal again - Ive actually sorted our my alerts and I think Im all organised again. Love Laine xx

gazker said...

I nearly watched this is England on Box office last night. I still might watch it, even for the crap ending LOL.
Gaz xxxxx