Thursday, 3 February 2005


Hi guys!! 

I wasn't gonna update today until I read Sara's journal and she was discussing memorys with her hubby.  It made me think and I thought I'd try and turn it into an entry :-)

I don't remember a lot from my earlier childhood, apparently I broke my arm when I was very little coz I kept banging it on the back of my high chair!!  Also I don't remember mum and dad splitting, but I was only 3 at the time!!  I do remember living with Nan and Grandad for a while, and when mum found out she'd been given a council house and we moved (don't remember the actual move though!!)

Then my memories are not hazy but I remember snippets here and there!  We lived in a village which was fantastic, coz everyone knew everyone and as I grew up in the 80's there wasn't any of this worrying too much where you were and what you were doing like there is today.  Or at least it wasn't as well reported!!  Still there were quite a few kids living there and we were roughly around the same age.  I was a bit of a tom boy but only coz the girls wouldn't come out to play :-(  I remember spending time at the castle mound at the top of the village making camps, going on private property, riding our bikes a lot.  The most fond memory I have is on summer evenings all the kids would gather up the park and play football.

I also remember getting a letter delievered to my primary school, I was invited to spend the day at my secondary school and that was quite exciting.  I remember that day too, these girls (older than me) showed me round the school at lunch coz they all knew my mum (who worked at the local supermarket LOL).......

I remember quite a bit really, which surprises me coz if you asked me what I did an hour ago I couldn't tell you LOL!!

My favourite days have to be when I was at primary school.  Just the carefree attitude, being able to do what you want all day, fab times!!

I also have memories of when my appendix burst and being off school for ages and then riding in an ambulance, and being in hospital for 3 months.  Not being able to eat at xmas :-(

Tons of memories really - one day I should tell you more!!  I guess we'll see.............

Sorry this entry is a bit here there and everywhere, with no structure but I was just seeing what I could remember!

My day wasn't too bad, still busy!!  Wicked witch has left, shame really I was just getting to like her :-)  She brought in home baked cakes, sponge with cream and jam, death by chocolate with big strawberries on top, carrot cake and my fave....Lemon drizzle cake.  I had a slice of the sponge, mmm....that was nice, and some lemon drizzle.  They used to sell that on the tea trolley when I first started working there and we all used to try to get to it first coz it was heavenly LOL......The trolley used to stop outside Trina's office first so if there was any she'd buy two pieces one for her and one for me......she really is an angel you know :-)

I forgot to tell you Brian May now tells me I have email and says goodbye to me, it's a shame it's not Roger, but still that's pretty cool - thanks AOL!!

Hope you all ok!

Take care

JEN xx


sdrogerson said...

great entry................

sarajanesmiles said...

You did it!!  Excellent :o)
It's funny what you can remember once you start walking down memory lane isn't it.  You reminded me of 'playing out' with the other kids in my street, it was a friendly street, with lots of families, kids everywhere.  Happy days :o)  And riding bikes!!  How I never broke anything I will never know, with the races we used to have and stuff.  Loved reading about your memories.  Looking forward to more if you get a chance.
Sara   x

jules19642001 said...

it is surprising what you can remember isnt it. All those cakes sound lovely and are making me hungry...........Jules xxxxx