Tuesday, 8 February 2005

I was thinking.......oh no!!

Hi everyone :-)

wow another entry in so many days whatever have you done to deserve it - or not depending how you wanna look at it LOL ;-)

Sometimes when I'm at work my mind wanders and I think of some good stuff for my journal and then by the time I get home I've forgotten it - isn't that typical!!  Well today I decided it would be a good idea to write down what I wanted to say then I wouldn't :-)  - not just a pretty face LOL

Well it stems from last nights conversation on the phone with Jacki.  She was telling me about this bloke in her office whose been working there for 15 years.  Fine your thinking - well what if I said to you that in those many years he's been coming to work the same way, dropping off his kids, gets to the roundabout by 8.15am everyday at the same time and gets to work.  Leaves at the same time and probably has lunch at the same time!!  I've been thinking about this non-stop since she told me!  I mean how could he let himself get stuck in that never-ending routine.  Blimin' ell if I'd been doing that for the last 15 years I'd want someone to shoot me!!  Is it no wonder suicide deaths are high when we have to go through that?  And for what?  Where's the enjoyment?

I just don't wanna end up that way - suddenly turn round one day and find life's passed me by!  Yet when I think of all the things I wanna do I conveniently come up with an excuse not to do them - so what's the answer?  Is there another way?  I can see why it happens, especially where I'm working at the moment!  It's flexi time, not bad pay (considering down here pay is worst in the country), and pretty much job security!!  I know what your all gonna say that no job is secure but trust me there is a little bit more with this place ;-)  I started thinking about my own life and I think in the mornings yeah I am stuck in a routine but only coz I can't drag myself out of bed for a couple of days just to break the minotiny!!  (I know that's not spelt right!)  The office I work in though, my colleagues said and I quote 'no two days are the same in this place' and they are right, and for that I am thankful because that would grind me down if it was!

So what about when we get home then?  I guess we do try and vary our evenings (or at least I do :-)  just to break this routine but do we ever achieve it? 

I guess what I'm trying to say I just don't understand why people put up with the same thing day in and day out!  Alright it might be 'cosy' but there is more to life and isn't it about time we saw that?

What do you guys think?  What do you do to break up the minotiny?  Let me know your thoughts :-)

(Day was ok!! Managed to check to see if I can have the 29th March off work and I can woohoo!!  Tidy flat as best as I can - unfortunately the oil stain is still in the carpet damn vanish carpet cleaner!!  Hope and pray she doesn't see it!!  Unfortunately I won't be here but if I suddenly tell you I have to move out I guess you'll soon know LOL ;-) 

Take care xx



sdrogerson said...

monotony is a state of mind I think Jen is it not?
Unless your work is a vocation it is always going to get in the road of real living.
My life circles around getting up surviving and going to bed.
It is not monotonous (sp)however............
My head life is great.
Maybe the guy writes poetry in his head while doing all those things.
Who says he doesn't have a great life?
My life is a mind type of life I don't need to be DOING something for it to be great.
I can spend all day thinking about things. I don't mean day dreaming I mean actually thinking about abstract problems and ideas or about concrete things like calculations of interest rates or dwelling on chaos theory or thinking about word patterns, what if 2+2=5, what about counting in binary mode? etc..........
How to shoot a scene fora  film?
sorry I'm rambling.

sarajanesmiles said...

We have to keep to routines a lot in our house, because of Jason and his autism, but I do try and vary things during the day when he's not here, and in the evening once he's gone to bed.  You're right though, it tends to be the same kinds of things, just done in a different order!!  I'm lucky, I have lots of things I enjoy doing, so while it may be routine, it's still fun :o)
Sara   x

shadp said...

The paradox in human life is that, actually, a regular routine suits us far better than anything else - and yet we're forever seeking stimulation from change and novelty! I guess that's why we never became extinct as a species - never satisfied, always pushing back the frontiers to make life better!


quartrlyfecrysis said...

I always forget what I was going to write in my journal by the time I get there to write it ;)  maybe i should write those things down too!  good idea :)
I have a 'routine'...it's not exact science or anything but I'd be really thrown off if things didn't go the same.  I suppose once you have kids you have to settle into a routine to provide them stability.  It sure would be nice to not have to watch the clock and get things done at a certain time!  At least things change up for you at work, that's good...I hated those jobs where I'd do the same thing every day, how dull!
Have a great week doll!

irisclyde said...

I think it's quite easy to get stuck into a routine, especially when you have to earn the money to survive. Changing jobs or a way of life can be so difficult for some people. Yet for others, change is a way of life! I think it's all to do with confidence. It's good to push yourself to do more and not waste your life, so long as you don't stress out too much in the process!