Tuesday, 22 February 2005

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Hi everyone :-)

I wrote some things down earlier at work to mention on me journal today so here they are:

Earlyish about 10am - I've always thought of snow as a magical thing.  Probably because it doesn't happen that often, in fact the last time I remember snow I was at primary school.  Then it was deep enough to go sledging.  Mum used to get logs delievered so that provided enough large sacks for most of us kids.  :-)  Well to get back to the present day I was getting ready for work and looked out the bedroom window and thought 'is that snow?' Got all excited and ran into the living room, just to confirm my suspicions.  It was!!  I started looking forward to the walk to work in the snow.  Needless to say when I left it wasn't snowing anymore!!  Grrrr...... It's been on and off for most of the morning but not when I'm out there!!

I felt totally miserable when I got to work as I'd forgotten my vicks inhaler and couldn't breath properly.  (Well not through my nose anyway!!) grrrr...... Don't let me forget it tomorrow folks!!  Send some vicks thoughts to me around 8.15am would ya?  Thanks ;-)

Then I wrote an update at 2pm - Still no snow!!  Grey skies are coming so hopes that I may be able to walk home in it!!  Really weird could breath quite well around this time but I have chocolate on standby if I can't ;-)

So that was all I wrote at work!!!  Richard leant me Shawshank and I lent him Saving Private Ryan.  I'm telling you this coz if he doesn't give it back you can have a go at him lol...............

Did you watch Richard and Judy?  It was the competition of the potential authors.  In the end apparently the publisher liked them all and is giving them all a contract how amazing is that for them!!  God I wish I could have an opportunity like that!

Not much else to say - currently trying to watch 'Cherished' very good so far :-)  Poor woman but bless her child.........

Well take care everyone

Jen xx 


sarajanesmiles said...

Oh I couldn't watch that Cherished thing, I'm getting much too emotional over things in my old age and that would probably send me over the edge!!  We had snow on and off today, though nothing major :o(  I would love for it to snow, and for it to settle and stay around long enough for snowmen!!  Fingers crosses aye!!
Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

We had a few flurries and although they seemed quite hard they were not enough to even cover the grass.  They keep saying we are going to get it but it does not seem to come.  I want to take some piccies so that is probably why!

rachealcarol said...

.............Jen DON'T FORGET INHALER!!!! I feel the excitement of snow every time it appears, lovely stuff.  Hope your day goes well. xxR

irisclyde said...

I couldn't bear to watch 'Cherished', too sad. Snow is still coming and going here!

shadp said...

"but I have chocolate on standby if I can't." Lol - that gave me a chuckle. Never realised chocolate could help you breathe, lol. Interesting to hear about the Richard & Judy thing - I wonder how many finalists there were. That publisher must have a lot of surplus cash - each person they give a contract to gets £50,000 under that competition, if I remember rightly!