Monday, 28 February 2005

A month to go!!

Hello it's me again!!

Today's been a bit of a non-starter so far as work is concerned.  Was fairly busy this morning but this afternoon was just a waste of time!!  Tomorrow should be better as the TL will be back :-)

I've been thinking about what to write today in my journal and there's been something I've been meaning to mention.  Adverts.   Don't you think there's a lot of army adverts?  There just seems to be more and more, (although they show less in the evenings.)  Also there seems to be more using haunting childrens tunes as the backing music.  Do you have a favourite?  Mine has to be the dancing car at the moment LOL I think it's for puegot.  (can't spell)!!

I thought that was gonna be something good to write about but it just sounds like rambling when I read it back LOL  (it's coz I'm paying more attention to the tv tut tut)!!

This morning when i was walking to work the canal near the flats looked like it had frozen over.  i couldn't believe it when I saw it coz I haven't seen anything like it.  I knew it was cold last night but that's insane!!

Not much else has happened today, still lookin' forward to the first gig in a months time :-)  Look out for a countdown peeps LOL

Till tomorrow then - take care

Jen xx  leaving you with the words of a great song


sdrogerson said...

colder and colder
the work of the ice queen


rachealcarol said...

I walked along a frozen canal each morning to school (before electricity :-)) it was great, I've actually stood on it, fingers crossed and all that, pretty stupid when I think now, but as kids you're more daring.  Adverts, I've two fav's.  The twins that do the car advert, you know the one 'someones forgot to go to the toilet' and I love the O2 the one with a human image running through water. There are a lot of army ones, they're good too.........just realized I watch a lot of adverts lolol.  Have a good day Jen. xxR

jules19642001 said...

gosh, it must be cold to freeze a canal! I like the dancing car advert as well, its cool :).....Jules xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Adverts aren't as fun as they used to be, I used to love that Kia Ora advert years ago!  Favourite at the moment has to be the dancing car, that makes me laugh every time, it's pretty groovy!
Sara   x

shadp said...

My fav advert is that black & white one of a WW1 Brit pilot hiding from the Germans in a French pub - only to be handed over by the landlord so he can turn off his Stella Artois tap! Love the faces - brilliant ad! Hope you're having a better day at work.


irisclyde said...

Some adverts are brilliant though! The dancing car (like a transformer?) is pretty clever! I can't think of a favourite at the moment! But...there can be only one instantly reminds me of Highlander of course! Who wants to live for ever.......(this bit has to be sung)

jeanno43 said...

I am like Iris, I like the car one as well but I also agree about the Stella Artois ones.  Adverts do not seem as good these days. Been trying to wrack my brains for a good one from the past, typical cannot think of one when you want one.