Sunday, 13 February 2005


Hi people :-)

The title has come from the TV show I'm watching.  My ex-line manager Stuart once asked me if I'd watched Rocky and I said no.  He asked me then to say 'Adriene' like Rocky does at the end of the film.  It eventually became this thing between us coz I would never, ever say it LOL...............

Anyway sorry - that was a little trip down memory lane!!  I've been doing that a lot this weekend.

Back to reality I went to mums for Roy's 50th birthday bash.  I actually had a good time :-)  Megan was lovely throughout the day sitting on me lap and holding my hand as soon as I came off the train.  (She's not usually like that - she's a bit like mum's shadow usually)!!   Anyway we decorated the skittle alley of this pub with banners and some small embarrassing photos LOL and spent the afternoon back at mums.  At about 7.30pm, eventually my uncle turns up with a couple of other people and the 7 of us climb into my uncles van for him to drive us to the pub.  That was quite a laugh!!  At least we didn't have to walk down in our heels though, mum and I were thinking ;-)  We were the first people there and settled down for the evening.

I won't bore you with all the details and I can't even share my photos with you coz the batteries gone in my camera grrr......We had a good evening though.  Megan, mum, roy and me all danced, my brother did not!!  At one point some woman on Roy's family came over and talked to mum.  Mum pointed out that I was her daughter and Greg is her son, this woman said that she'd thought that Greg was my boyfriend......eugh LOL

The food was good - a hot buffet, it all went except for some quiche!!  There were no good lookin' blokes there unfortunately so I remain a single gal for now anyway LOL ;-)  We all got a lift home and I stayed up chatting with the grown ups!!  Mum's coming down next weekend and as Roy said he was gonna stay in Exeter that same weekend I invited mum and Megs to stay with me!!  What a muppet I am!!  We shall see what happens..............

(oooo born free I watched that with my Nan when I was little and cried :-( )

Ooo I've just remembered I haven't told you about the 3 month thingy.  Well Richard went in first, which at the time I wished he hadn't but never mind...........He was in there for nearly an hour :-0  Then it was my turn.  About 5/10 minutes later I was out of there ha ha.....No not the job, just the meeting!!  All they did was ask how I thought I was getting on, I replied with all right!!  They reckon I'm fitting into the team ok, and if I'm unsure of anything I ask.  It was quite a boast to my confidence coz they had given richard a list of things he had done wrong or at least things he needs to take into consideration.  It dawned on me though that this was probably coz he's a permanent member of the team and I'm not!!  Still it was ok and that was the main thing :-)

Apart from that I was on a downer from Friday night to Saturday afternoon, but I ain't going into that!  So as there is nothing to left to mention I shall leave you here. (ooo the colour purple - good film!!)

Have a good week people

Take care xx



sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, I caught the last bit of that 100 greatest tear jerkers thing.  Wished I'd watched more now, I lurve the Rocky films, Adriiiiiieeeeeeennnnnnnneeeeeee!  
Glad you had a good time at the party, hope you saved that bit of quiche for me ;o)
Sara   x

irisclyde said...

I nearly watched that, but in the end I didn't! Looked quite good. Good that you had a good time at the party & that the 'thingy' went well!

rachealcarol said...

Lolol you do a good Adrienne Jen.  Seems you had a thrill of a time at the party, shame about the pics.  Very pleased the three month assessment went ok, all that worry for nothing tut!!!. xxR