Monday, 14 February 2005

Damn all the Germs!!

Hi everyone

I was fine today until lunchtime when my throat started feeling sore!!  Grrrrr.......LOL......and to top it off obviously alerts are screwed up coz I didn't think anybody had left any comments on yesterdays entry and that depressed me!!  But you have - thanks peeps ;-) Oh and if anyone knows where I can find rachelcarol's journal (if she has one please let me know!!) Maybe I already visit it without knowing.......I don't know!!  Damn feeling ill!

So Valentines day.....managed to pass and haven't felt miserable.  Just got something from Littlewoods telling me I've won a fab prize - yeah right!!  But thanks to Quatlylifecrysis (hope I've spelt that right!!) I did get a lovely e-card ;-)  Bless you hun!!

Not much to tell you about today.  Richard has been very quiet and apparently he's very upset with what was said in his meeting on Friday and the way it was handled.  I actually felt sorry for him!!  He's away tomorrow so I'll see how work goes!!  (If I manage to make it in lol)

This is a short entry just to drum up some sympathy :-)  Well a girl can try can't she!!

Take care everyone......promise I won't spread my germs too much :-P I'm off to have a lemsip and go to bed early :-)

Jen xx 


shadp said...

You poor old thing ('old' used in a purely affectionate sense, not literal, I hasten to add!). Here's a big hug ((((((jmoqueen)))))). Hope the throat is ok tomorrow, and you have a good day.


rachealcarol said...

Lots of sympathy sent Jen, fill up on the lemsips.  If the journal you mention is me, I do have one it's called Winter Fern but it's tucked away in the private zone with only one reader.........cos I'm kinda shy and it last longer that way, although I lurk in everyone elses (seems a bit unfair don't it).  I've been following you right from your flat tyre, you have a lovely lovely's a pleasure lurking here lololol.  Take care of that cold. xxR

sdrogerson said...

I'm doing my best to keep up and read

jeanno43 said...

Awww, hope you feel better really soon and I hope alerts come back as well. I am really fed up with it now, being going on too long. I am visiting all those listed on my page but there are many other journals I visit that are only on alerts so they must think I have deserted them.

sarajanesmiles said...

Awww, big poorly (((((hugs))))) to you hon :o(
Sorry you feel ill.  I sent you an ecard, but 'cause I did them all on Saturday, and ticked the box for them to be sent on Sunday, they seem to have all gone out at different times!!  Anyway, bucket loads of sympathy coming your way, you poor thing, poor poor Jen, awww, poorly Jen ;o)
Feel better my dear.
Sara   x

irisclyde said...

There, there, you poor thing, I hope you feel beter very soon! Is that the kind of thing you're after :o) ?
By the way, Queen didn't feature at all last night, but then I guess they're not really a love song band, are they? Hope the Lemsip works.

tommytickla said...


ghwt9996 said...

I've got a sore throat now, da,n strepsils aren't doing much for it :-(  Hug coming to you from deepest Kent.
Gary x