Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Getting Worse

Hello :-)

Thanks for the symapthies!!  I decided today to take the day off work.  I went in yesterday and nearly fainted at lunchtime.  About the same time Pauline tells me I look pale.  (She's the sarcastic lady ;-) Well I've had a thought about this and I don't want the guilt of knowing I made her feel ill before she goes on her cruise (she's going next week) so I stayed home!!  She was happy and relieved when I rung her........

I'm gonna stay home tomorrow too if I wake up and my throat feels like this.  I've had lemsip and sore throat sweets and it's still bad.  In fact it felt better yesterday when I'd spent the day at work grrrrrr........... Oh well rest and recuperation that's what I need!!  Hopefully I will feel better before Friday coz it's the old works do!!  I will make it bowling even if it kills me!!  Then Mum's supposed to be coming down on Saturday....I swear this is all my sister's doing, she had a cold last Saturday when I went up to see them......grrr.......(why do we always look for someone else to blame when we have a cold?)

Right the batteries for my camera finally arrived and I've uploaded me photos from the b-day party from Saturday so I've pulled a selection of the best for you guys to see.  I know what a nosey bunch you are LOL ;-)

1) The cake - great huh? 2) Megan, mum and me :-)  Any comments about how I look like my mum you can **** off right!!  (Sorry I know that's harsh but I get fed up hearing it)!!  3) The birthday boy  4) Blowing out his candles - my brother thinks I should add a straw to this one LOL  5) I've added this one coz Megan looks so funny in this one throwing a misery  6) Mum and my brother - trust them two to close their eyes when the photo gets taken.  7) Megan and Greg - Mum noticed them two sitting there and said about getting her camera so I obiliged.  I like this photo one of the rare moments I'll see brother and little sister being nice to each other.  LOL

Not much else to tell you!!  I shall hopefully finish reading the Shawshank Redemption being home ill :-) It's annoying though when you live on your own and you need shopping but your ill.............what are you supposed to do?  I guess I'll figure something out ;-)

I know all my readers visit Stuarts journal but I hope you've all left your message about the alerts.  Something must be done coz their doing my head in grrrr.............

Well till next time

Take care xx



sieblonde said...

yes, the alert thing IS a pain... but I found some more journals from everyone adding their name to Stuarts..   lol.   A silver lining.  ~Sie

sarajanesmiles said...

Love the photo's, yes we are all sooo nosy aren't we!!
Wow, you look so much like your.....sister ;o)
Take care of you, hope you feel lots better soon hon.
(((((hugs))))) for poorly Jen!
Sara   x