Monday, 7 February 2005

Monday Blues

Hi :-)  Hope your all ok?

Thanks for your comments once again a few things to ponder on I think!!  I have always considered doing an evening course but on what is always the tough decision!!  I'm sure something will come to mind.

Not such a bad day today!!  Work has been absolutely manic.  These new forms that the accounts are printed on has sent everyone into panic mode.  My ear hurt by midday coz of the amount of time it'd been up against the phone!  LOL.........Mind you I much prefer to be busy coz the time goes by so quickly and I don't think I did too bad on answering the queries *beams with pride*....still at least thats monday over with :-)

Had a phone call from Jacki my ex-colleague!  I miss working with her, but we were chatting about our meet later on this month.  Can't wait to see everyone again!  Jacki and I are going for a drink and something to eat on Wednesday so I've got something else to look forward too!

Well I don't think there's anything else to tell you!!

Take care xx



jeanno43 said...

Have a wonderful evening on Wednesday Jen!

sarajanesmiles said...

Glad you had a good day at work :o)
Have a great night out with your friend on Wednesday, have a drink for me!
Sara   x

sdrogerson said...


ghwt9996 said...

hectic work schedules, dont you just love them?  Hope you have a good old boozeathon on Wednesday and don't do a sickie on Thursday!
Gary ;-)

shadp said...

A course on coping with singledom maybe? I bet you'll find they do a course on those sort of things these days. Glad you've got something to look forward to on Wednesday anyway.


irisclyde said...

You're very patient to answer all those calls cheerfully! Here's another could cycle round the world......(sailing's been done reently!) .....:o)