Sunday, 20 February 2005



How are you all?  I've still got my cold but I am daring to go back to work tomorrow!!  Only one more day before Pauline goes on holiday so hopefully she won't catch it ;-)

So how's your weekend been?  Mine's been.....well I can't think of a word for it!  Friday night was the old works do!!  What a pile of crap!!  I wasn't feeling great but I was not gonna miss out on seeing everyone and seeing what they are up to these days.  So I went to the bowling alley by 7.30pm and Jacki and Carol turn up.  Julia's called off sick, Ann's working, Angie can't make it.  Out of 12 of us 3 turned up :-(  Just couldn't believe it!!  Went into the bowling place had a couple of drinks and game of bowling (I came 2nd LOL) I came home.  Jacki and Carol were going to find somewhere to eat but I decided not to join them.  Mainly to save myself some money but also coz I was feeling low with the cold!  It was the first time I'd walked home that late by the river.  Got a bit freaked but made it home ok!!

Saturday - Mum came down.  Got annoyed with her as she had texted to say 10.30am at the bus station.  By 10.45am she wasn't there and I was cold!!  Had to pay for a top up on my mobile to find out where she was grrr......Eventually she turned up with me sister Megan (who held my hand nearly all day!!) Had a good day - mum brought me a great jacket (I never have a jacket to go out in!) Mum said I could wear it to the gigs, I said this wouldn't be possible as it doesn't have pockets LOL.... Had a good laugh with Megan, I kept stealing her 'Baba' and running around the shop with it LOL - sometimes I had to remind myself as to how old I am and shouldn't be acting like this in my home town.  After a while though you suddenly think who cares!!  It was a good day though!

Today I've done nothing.  Went food shopping at last and now have some food in the place ;-) I wish I could report that I've done something practical something I've always wanted to do but nope!!  I never seem to have the inclination to sit there and do what something I could feel proud of even if it's just writing a letter.  I need to discipline myself more I think but how is always gonna remain the big question for me!

Well I don't know what else to moan onto you guys about ;-)  I hope you all have a good week (it'll be interesting to see where Queen is in this programme as quite a few big acts have been and gone!!)

Take care everyone xx

Jen    isn't that great >>>>>>>> LOL


rachealcarol said...

Happy new coat even if it has got no pockets lolol.  The little graphic dosen't annoy.  You got further than I would at the bowling alley, I still need the buffers.

Have a good day at work. xxR

sarajanesmiles said...

Little brothers and sisters definately make you a bit daft don't they!  It's a good thing though :o)
My little brother is growing up fast these days, and doesn't want to hold my hand anymore, but he still seeks me out at family things, which is kinda cool!
Hope you feel loads better soon.
Sara   x

shadp said...

Shame about the old works do - but at least you went, despite your cold. Hope things went ok back at work today!


jeanno43 said...

Very nice entry, Jenny, as always. Sorry to be brief but I have so very many alerts to catch up on.  I have read your entry, I promise.

irisclyde said...

Well, you're managing to keep up with your entries, so that's good! I'm always having ideas that I don't put into practice....... Hope you enjoy your new jacket!