Sunday, 6 February 2005

It's gone again.......

Hi - hope your all ok?

Well again the weekend is nearly over.........Where is the time going?  It's terrible when you look back and ask yourself so what've I achieved - nothing!! 

I'm feeling down this weekend!!  Yesterday Trina came round but first I had to meet her and her finance's family at the bridal shop so the other bridesmaid could get fitted for her dress.  She's 7 years old and looked lovely in the dress she finally chose.  I don't think she could get her head round that it was her choice which dress she wore, plus every one was fussing round her and Trina wasn't taking control.  It annoyed me a bit coz it's her wedding and other people were making the decisions.  What also annoyed me was that I really didn't need to be there!  Trina was gonna show the family her dress (the groom and his brother had gone up town to find a suit!!) but unfortunately its not in the shop anymore!!

So we finish up in there and I'm thinking cool now I'll get to spend some time with Trina.  Huh!!  All of us (groom and brother included) wonder down to the new Weatherspoons.  Don't get me wrong it's not that I didn't want to be there I think I just felt as though I shouldn't be!!  I'm soooooooo useless in social situations.....I'm more of a people observer than a people talker if that makes sense!!  I felt uncomfortable and I didn't need too.  I was also kinda reminded of how alone I am or at least feel, when it hits me.  I know I am I just try not to let it win most of the time.  I think I'm feeling very lonesome and that's why I'm down!!..........but I'm rambling so I apologise!!

Eventually we left and I did get to spend some time with my mate.  Am I being selfish?  I don't know!!  When we only get to see each other every weekend though, it does make you wonder!!

Anyway we did have a laugh in the end!  I showed her my game....ha ha....for xmas she gave me one of those capsule gym ball it's called from Boots.  Well the game is to see how long you can last balancing on it before toppling off.......Yes I know I have too much time on my hands LOL...........She fell off head first when I told not too and I've never laughed so much in all my life.  Then when Wayne came to pick her up we showed him the game, but he ruined it coz he's really good at it LOL........... :-(

Today I've done not a lot except my food shopping.  As I was walking back I saw my ex's parents in their car.  I swear his mum stuck her nose in the air as she thought I was looking.  Seeing them didn't help my mood.  I was nothing but nice to them and they turned on me.......grrr........It was after that I swore never to bend over backwards and be nice to people coz that's the thanks you get!!

I went for a bike ride.  Was quite nice.....damn those people who don't move when they see a bike near them!!  See what I mean about being on a downer...........

I'm currently watching the 100 Greatest Videos on channel 4.  Some great memories watching these!!  They showed Call Me Al by Paul Simon that was the first song that I learnt all the words too........

More on this tour saga.........there's been a dropped hint that they'll play the 25th and 26th June at Hyde Park.  Trina and I are hoping they do coz the Linden Hotel is just round the corner from there and we love that place.  They still send us xmas cards :-) Definitely recommend it if your going to London.   It's just down the road from paddington station.

So the week ahead.........nothing going on in my life until next weekend.  Although the landlady wants to come round for her rountine visit on Wednesday keep you posted about that.  There was oil on the carpet but I think (thanks to Vanish) I've got rid of it ;-)

Have a good week xx 


sdrogerson said...

Great read again Jen

jmoqueen said...

Thanks Stu :-)

sarajanesmiles said...

I'm a people observer too Jen, I don't even feel comfortable at my own family gatherings!!  Sorry you're on a downer hon, will send you all my orange creams to make you smile ;o)
Sara    x

shadp said...

Is there a gym/sports/leisure centre anywhere near you? Why not join one of those - go round each evening after work. You might get to know all sorts of nice people there - and guys! And you wouldn't have to just sit being sociable - cos you'd be doing stuff together, and just chatting while doing it.


quartrlyfecrysis said...

Sorry you're feeling down, I hope things start looking up soon :)  I'm no social butterfly either, I just keep to myself and watch what people are doing.  I'm much more comfortable being outgoing with a close group of people.  I'm glad you got to spend at least a little alone time with your girlfriend, that's a plus :)
Take it easy doll!

irisclyde said...

What about doing an evening class in something that interests you? Then you're doing something that you want to find out more about.......and there just happen to be other people there!