Sunday, 3 July 2005


Hi Everyone hope your ok!!

I've kinda cheered up but not much...........still I shan't go on about it anymore.  I don't really have much news to tell you.  I managed to finish my book on Friday.  I had about 10 pages left so I decided to stay up and read it until I finished it :-)

Saturday Trina came round and we sat and watched Live 8!!  Well didn't everyone??  I can't type that I was impressed coz I wasn't!!  It just wasn't spectacular at all........if you asked me what I thought the highlight was I would have to say Peter Kay getting the crowd to sing Amarillo, mainly because I hope he does it on Friday, when I'm there in Hyde Park............soooooooooo not looking forward to the run to the stage.  LOL  The one thing I did find moving was seeing the video of the africans that inspired Bob to do all that in the first place.  At the end was a picture of a child, Trina and I were convinced that minutes after that film was taken must've died.  No she was there, she's passed her exams, with our help!!  That was truely amazing and we were both in tears!!  I came on line a bit later and looked at the Live 8 message board and there was a thread which said the whole thing was a complete waste of time and that the africans should help themselves.  I couldn't believe that there were people out there that think like that...........but I shall stop myself there before I rant and rave about it!!

We did venture out and got some munchies and wine.  We managed to drink about a bottle and a half between us and felt slightly worse for ware!!  Needless to say I really can't take my booze, well not wine anyway LOL..........  So that ended up being quite amusing!!

Trina's wedding is not long to go now.......preperations are still under way for everything.  If anyone has any suggestions for a hen night please let me know in the comments :-)  Thanks guys!!  It would appear we are going as cowgirls.  Of course I'm only mentioning this coz Four Weddings and a Funeral is on and I like this film!!

I've finally watched Pirates of the Caribean.  Was given it on DVD ages ago and finally got round to watching it!!  It's alright I suppose!!  Shall have to watch it again and give a proper opinion LOL.

Today I flaked out in front of the TV, well what's the point of doing something just for the sake of doing it ;-)  I'm getting that dreaded Monday morning feeling and I am not looking forward to the week ahead at work.  The accounts aren't due for another week or so, so goodness knows what work we are gonna do!!  This week is gonna drag I can imagine it.................

Anyway I'm gonna leave you here and crawl onwards towards Friday......It's certainly come round quicker than I thought it would!

Take care

Jen xx 


jeanno43 said...

I watched some of Live 8 and that part that impressed me most was seeing the beautiful African girl.  I really thought that the last shot of her as a child, she was dead!  What a beauty she has grown up to be and it does show what help can do.  Hope your week at work is not too bad xxxx

rachealcarol said...

Very pleased you're a little happier Jen, they did mention next week and you came to's a long run!!.  I loved the concert, all of it, glued to my seat and that's unusual for me lately.  I like Johnny Depp and the film, jumped out my skin at the monkey though.  Don't know what to say for a suggestion for the hen night, wine has motorway access to my brain, seems it does yours as well lolol. Friday will come eventually, have a good time. xx Rache

jules19642001 said...

glad your feeling a bit cheerier. I watched live 8 as well........Jules xx

sarajanesmiles said...

That was the best bit for me too, when the young african woman walked out onto the stage.  I had tears in my eyes too, it was a very touching moment.  How can they say that it's a waste of time, when people are alive and doing well, that would have died if it hadn't been for Live Aid.  The same will be true for Live 8 I'm sure.  Better stop myself, I could rant and rave about it too ;o)
Glad you're feeling a bit cheerier.  Hope this week go's really quickly for you, so that you can get that run to the stage over with and enjoy the show!!!
Sara   x

tillysweetchops said...

It's good to know I wasn't the only one getting a tad tired and emotional on Live8 day - now I've just got to find someone else who pummelled their husband too(!) then maybe I'll start feeling normal again! Agree Peter Kay was a highlight!

shadp said...

Yes, let's hope the millions Live 8 has raised are used to better effect than in the past - and not simply swallowed up by corruption. There's so much suffering on that continent. Probably the worst war in Africa is the one that's been going on in Northern Uganda for 16 years - children abducted in their thousands, forced to fight, turned into sex slaves, made to murder their own parents, millions of people abandoned to years of appalling refugee camps and UN food aid - no land, no cattle, no pride in themselves left, no means of subsistence at all, etc, etc. And we moan if the telly packs up and we can't watch Big Bother!